Saturday, January 1, 2011

Accomplishments for 2010

After my depressing post yesterday, a friend suggested I list my accomplishments for 2010. I thought I would try that to cheer me up!

I read 26 books!
I completed Kendall's 2007 scrapbook and am about halfway through 2008.
I received my teaching degree.
I helped Kendall win a medal for the Reading Express at the library over the summer.
I pulled K's first loose tooth and she did not even cry!
I found an awesome couch online for $40 for our living room!
I sold a bunch of stuff online to help with some bills over the summer.
I am trying to reinvest myself to my extended family and be there more for them.
I tried and mostly succeeded being a patient mother. 99% of our mornings were drama free!
I worked on being a better friend.
I became a Girl Scout troop leader and am working on changing the lives of 8 girls!
I snuggled and kissed my baby girl every chance I got. She is growing so fast so I am trying hard not to let it slip away.

Wow, thanks J!!!! That did make me feel much better!! LOVE YA GIRL!!!! You are the bomb!

Now, stay tuned for my hopes for 2011.

Here comes the Sun!!!!!

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