Monday, January 24, 2011

WHAT am I thinking???

I look back over the weekend and I find myself asking myself "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??"

I have aspirations as a working mom to be able to do everything a stay at home mom gets to do. I KNOW I can't do it all, but I want to be there as much as I can. Case in point, I got my teaching certificate so I could be home with Kendall as much as a working mom can be. I know this does not always allow me to do all school related functions, but it lets me do a lot. Plus, it allows me to get home early and volunteer for things in the evenings.

BUT WAIT, I did not get a teaching job yet and it is looking grim with the grand Gov. Perry making EDUCATIONAL CUTBACKS!!!!!! Sooo, as sad as I am, I have to go back and get an office job...This leaves me way less time to be the kind of mom I have always dreamed of being. BUT, I am going to just do it.

So far, I have decided to be K's troop leader. It is honestly not a tough job so far and I REALLY enjoy it! We only meet two times a month, maybe three if we have an extra event so, so far, so good. Well, I had to be cookie mom because no one else volunteered. This is OK. I wanted Kendall and her friends to be able to sell cookies. Even though no one volunteered, I am not going to let them go without. That is how my mom was and in turn, me too. I will do anything for a kid :) This will only get stressful in Feb and March when cookies come in and money changes hands! I am good. I can do it. I am highly educated and easygoing. As long as everyone follows the schedule and dates...YAY!!

Now, Saturday, K tried out for softball. She was EVER SO excited and so was I. After having played almost my entire childhood, I couldn't wait to sign her up. Well, there we were, waiting on the tryouts to start and the division director starts asking for more coaches. I kind of walked away because I was SO tempted. I came back a few minutes later and he was still asking. GRRR!! I opened my mouth and this spilled out "OK, I'll do it."

Now don't get me wrong, I WANTED to do it, but with my above mentioned previous commitments and my impending job...ummm yeah, how am I going to fit this in???

SO, ok, I watch all the girls try out, rate them, come home, and think about my picks. On Sunday we had our draft. OH YEAH! Guess who drew #1!! This girl!!

So, I got to pick my color first - red for ladybugs OF COURSE!!! Then I got first pick. I got this AWESOME set of twins in the first round because siblings have to be on the same team! SCORE ONE FOR THE LADYBUGS. The draft went well, everyone was super nice! I am excited.

Near the end, the division director, J, tells us OK, the practice schedule will be sent out this week. You will be randomly assigned two days of the week. OH WAIT, I think - helloooooo Girl Scouts...He says if I end up getting a Thursday, I can see if another coach will trade me. So, now that is hanging over my head.

Then I hear, um ok there is a mandatory coahes meeting on Thursday at 7 - ummm heelllooooo GIRL SCOUTS MEETING THIS WEEK AT 6:30...OK, I can get my ever so fantastic co-leader to run this one and I will stop by for just a minute to rave to my girls how great they did on cookies!!

Then I hear we have to have a parents meeting by Wednesday and pass out fundraiser...OK, soooo Tuesday night, Service Unit for meeting for troop leaders for girl scouts, Wednesday night is now going to have to be my parents meeting, and Thursday I have girl scouts and a mandatory coaches meeting. OK, I can do this.

My heart is in the right place, I have not decided where my head is yet. And when I get a job! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

It is OK, I want to do this all more than anything! I am so thankful for the wonderful blessing that is my daughter. I will figure it out. I am a great organizer and planner, just sometimes a procrastinator...This will have to change!!

And, in case you were wondering, my girls did AWESOME! at cookie sales. Can't tell you the number yet because some of my moms read this and I want the girls to know first heee heee heeee

Until next time...



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  1. why dont you just sub 5 days a week? I bet you could stay busy and right now certified teacher subs are needed to help w TAKS and you can do long term jobs like when someone has a baby. I bet Humble ISD would keep you crazy busy!