Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, tonight was a busy night! Girl Scouts at 6:30 and then a coaches meeting at 7:00 on the OTHER side of Atascocita...

It was hard for me to leave the meeting. I am a control freak. I can admit it LOL. Liana is great and I heard she handled it fine!!

Coaches meeting went well. Found out we will be practicing Mon/Wed which works out perfect because it does not interfere with scouts! YAY!! Can't wait to practice Monday!

I feel like a huge idiot because my stupid fingers would not work and I hit send twice before I was done! These parents are going to think I am a MORON!!! oh well...

Lets go Ladybugs Lets go!!!

Anyone want to buy some softball candy???? It is yummy! Yes I know I just asked my entire circle to buy cookies, but here is some chocolate :) It will sell, I just have to sell it! Door to door again...

OH YEAH!!!!! I have a big big interview tomorrow! I had a phone interview with them LAST Monday (1-17). AYE YAI YAI! I am nervous!!! I want this job bad! Soooo, pray for me tonight and tomorrow and keep them coming :) I will post as soon as I hear something!!!!

Here comes the sun...

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  1. Um, I ROCKED that meeting you control freak. ;) Seriously, I handled it, but I'm nowhere as good as you. Glad you are leader. hehehe.

    I really REALLY hope you get the job. Anyways, we'll talk more tonight - at our mommy/daughter PLAYDATE! ;)