Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones...

I can't believe it...I had to preserve this memory and date forever in my mind...Davy Jones from the Monkees diesd today at the age of 66 from a heart attack....


I had such a huge crush on him!!!

Anyway, just had to put this in my blog so it is forever remembered.....



So, I took my baby girl to the rodeo last night. An awesome co-worker got me some tickets. I have another set, but it is on a night that I don't have her so I was able to get these. It worked out awesome because it was opening night AND featured one of my all time fav bands...ALABAMA.
Granny brought KJ to my office about 4pm so I wouldn't have to back track to get her. She came in and smiled that smile and wrote sweet notes for her friends here. We left out of here about 4:45 and were on our way to the park and ride. I don't love driving down there and fighting the traffic so we took the easy way out!!
We got to the rodeo right about 6. When we got there we went to this farm maze thing. It was cute. You got to feed some fake chickens, milk a fake cow, plant a fake seed, and some other stuff. They gave you something at every station and then at the end you sold your goods to the farmer's market and they paid you a pretend dollar. You could then buy something in their general store. They had rice crispy treats, chips, crackers, and capri suns. She got chips and I got her a capri sun. At one point, there was a corn station. There was a sandbox and it was filled with kernels of corn. She decided to lay down in it and make a "corn angel". Yep you guessed it, just like a snow angel but in corn....she is weird and I love that!!
Evidently during the time we were in the maze, we were filmed by channel 2 news and were on the 6pm news!! I thought that was super cool even though we didn't get to see it!
Next we hit the petting zoo. Here she saw an amazing sparkly pink cowboy hat. Which she had been dying for one in the past two weeks or so. It was there in front of her with a light shining down from Heaven...she was SO EXCITED and BEGGED to have it. I told her that we could mmaayybbeee get it after the petting zoo. OMG the petting zoo was awesome. We both love love love animals so we were in animal heaven. We got two things of food and it took her FOREVER to get rid of it all. I have SO SO many pics of this, but here are just a few...
This deer kept eating my clothes...
She found the sheep and was super happy!!!
these two little babies were ramming each other - it was HILARIOUS!
this baby lamb was only ONE DAY old!!! I so wanted to take it home...
After the petting zoo we got the hat...yes, I am a sucker! But I was raised a country girl so how can I squash her dreams of being one too??? I also let her go on the pony ride...she loves horses more than life itself so I that is one thing I will NEVER deny...
Here she is on Bullseye...I asked her what she was doing with her hand on her hat and she said that is how cowgirls say "Howdy" I about died. Did I mention this girl CRACKS me up on a daily basis!!
Here she is posing in front of the cute cut out horse.
After the ponies, I looked at the time and I realized that the rodeo was starting. I was sad because I really wanted her to see the grand entry...but we didn't make it. We were inside the stadium and waiting on the elevator to go up to our level (Club level section 307), she saw calf roping on the monitor. In her not so inside voice she bellowed..."WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT COW???" A couple of committee men were standing there with us and they busted out laughing. I asked her what she meant and she said they were being mean and ATTACKING that cow. She was SO MAD. I tell you, a laugh a minute. She was not laughing. She was indeed very serious! She told me she DID NOT like that part of the rodeo. We got to our seats soon after and she did get to see team roping, steer wrestling, bareback riding, bull riding, chuckwagon races, saddle bronc riding, barrel racing and mutton bustin (which she is now convinced she wants to do but is too big by about 7 lbs).
Here she is in her hat with the arena as her background...
Then it was time for THE CONCERT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I love Alabama! I was so excited! They did me proud and started off the concert with "You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band" which is my all time fav song of they are!
Here we are :) I love self portraits - it was a little dark and somehow by this point I inherited the coveted pink hat....After the concert we made our way back to the shuttle bus. I mad her lay her head down in my lap and here is what we had 5 minutes down the road...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Go TEXAN day!!!

Today is Go Texan day here in Houston. The rodeo starts today in Houston and the whole city is buzzing. There were trail riders coming into the city and all the schools let the kids wear their best "Go Texan" gear. As a native Houstonian, I never thought people might not know what this meant. I saw a post on FB last night from a friend that has only lived here 2 years or so trying to figure out what the heck this dress was supposed to be. I let her know that her daughter was essentially supposed to dress like a cowgirl. I don't really dress like I used to back in the day when I wore boots and Wranglers most of the time and spent most of my time in a country bar, but don't get me wrong, I am still a country girl who listens to country music about 90% of the time. I love putting on my boots and jeans and getting cute for the rodeo...and today I had intentions of wearing my boots to work...BUT, I was all dressed and I put my boots on (I had never work them with these pants) and the pants were not long enough. If you are a Texan, you know what I mean here. So, I was running late and I didn't have time to get the other pants on. So, off came the boots and on went the flip flops. I still have on boot cut jeans and a cute rodeoish shirt. BUT!!!! I did make sure my bug was ready to go for the day. She LOVES Go Texan day which makes me SOOOO happy!!!! Her dad is NOT country. Her momma SO is. I am glad she got it from me!! Here are a few pics. Oh, I can't figure out how to turn them so, just turn your head! OH!!! Today was also crazy hat day. She made an awesome choice for hers!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still waiting...

So...a few months ago I went for a physical. My blood work came back elevated in one section. This section led my GP to believe I needed to see a rheumatologist because it suggested I could have Lupus. I had NO idea what this disease actually WAS, but I had heard of it before. I panicked. I read the internet (don't ever do that, it just freaks you out more), I talked to people (turns out one of my BFF's sister has it) and I saw the specialist. It was a rough time. I saw the dr. and he wanted to do more blood work and a lupus panel. So, I gave more blood and then had to wait TWO weeks to get the results. The lupus panel was inconclusive but he said that could sometimes happen. The ANA section was still WAY through the roof and I filled out a symptom sheet and between those 2 he believed that I had lupus. So, he prescribed meds for 3 months and a return visit. He told me it would take a good 6 weeks for the meds to get in my system and he wanted to give it another 6 to let them work before seeing me again.
WEELLLL, yesterday was the 3 month check-up. He asked me how the meds were working and I was honest and I said I didn't really think they were. We talked about all the things that were bothering me before. Sore joints, dry mouth, dry eyes, EXTREME tiredness, night sweats, and hair loss. I thought about it and realized that my eyes were still dry but not AS dry, my dry mouth had gotten better and while I am still losing hair, I am losing less and I do see a little regrowth. BUT, I am still tired all the time, in pain a lot and have crazy night sweats even when sleeping in a super cold house.
He told me that the three things that were getting better were actually three of the sicker symptoms and since they were getting slightly better then he thought the meds were working but needed a boost or more time. He prescribed prednizone (a steroid) to take in addition with the meds I already take daily. I take 10mg for 3 weeks and then 5mg for 3 more weeks. I go back to see him in 3 months. Here are the three scenarios he laid out for me that he think will happen and we will reasses which one and where we need to go in May...
A) I will take the prednizone for 6 weeks and feel better and the next 6 weeks I still feel good. In this case he will know that we are for sure dealing with an auto-immune disease and my regular meds are working good and they just needed a kick start.
B) I will take the prednizone for 6 weeks and feel better and then the 2nd 6 weeks I start feeling bad again. In this case, he will know that we are still dealing with an auto-immune disease and my regular meds need to be changed or I need to take an additional drug with them.
C) I will take the prednizone for 6 weeks and it will do nothing and I will still feel like crap. If this happens, then he thinks it is not auto-immune and is probably fibromyalgia. That is fine, it is just a different course we have to take.
I know one thing, I am just ready to feel BETTER!!!!! I can go to bed at 10 and get up at 10 the next morning and still be SO tired. My fingers and wrists hurt all the time and my lower back, neck, and knees hurt a lot too. Sooo, today I start taking all this other medicine and hope **FINGERS CROSSED** that they work. If not, then I guess in May I start some other drugs and have to see how those do. Like I said, at this point, I don't care what i have, I just want to feel better.
ANYWHO.....Kendall got her school pictures back yesterday for spring! Um can you say GROWN!!
I was going to make a bandanna skirt for GO Texan day tomorrow for my bug to wear but I had a sewing machine fiasco...I got a refurbished antique one for Christmas from my mom and it clearly did not get refurbished because the plug and cord came apart last night...sooo Granny was supposed to make the skirt last night and get it to KJ today (as Granny os volunteering at KJ's school 3 days a week). I have not heard if the task was a success. I am glad she will have the skirt, but sad I couldn't make it. There are some machines that are pretty decently prices at Walmart that I may end up just buying. I need an instruction manual LOL!! I will post a pic of my rodeo girl tomorrow!
Have a GREAT Thursday!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Whew! We were SO lazy this weekend...

Friday night we went to Pearland to see R's parents and Liana. We had cookies to deliver!! We met his parents at Casa Ole and had dinner with them. That is there weekly ritual. So, we met them and ate and chatted and delivered their cookies. After we went to Liana's (they are in Pearland now). We hung out and chatted for a while and then headed home.

Saturday we slept LATE. We got up and headed to the other bestie's house for a hang out day. KJ and Jayme's daughter are good friends so it works out perfect!! We really did nothing but sit and chat all day. We did make a roast and some brownies. KJ and I took a brownie to go and had to meet my parents for dinner so we didn't stay for the roast but it sure looked and smelled great.

Today we slept late again. We got up and made cinnamon rolls. They were YUMMY! Then we just picked up here and there and did some laundry. My mom is coming to pick up ladybug this evening so she can go stay the day with her tomorrow since she is out of school for President's day. I am sure they will have a great time!! BUT!!! I am going to miss my baby tonight!!!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


I try and be positive for the most part. I don't like being in a bad mood and I really don't like when others are in a bad mood. I don't want to be around them and I do what I can to help them snap out of it. During my marriage this was a problem. My ex seemed to ALWAYS be in a bad mood. Some of it he couldn't control, but some of it he could and chose not to. I always felt like I was in a bad mood or a sad mood when at home, but when I was at work or with family and friends, I was a different person. Now that we are divorced, I am that person probably 98% of the time.

Trust me, my life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Bad things happen to me just like everyone else, but how I deal with these things is what sets me apart. Here is the deal, things happen, most of the things that happen, you can't change. SO, instead of being down and and grumpy and negative, I just choose to be happy. Being in a bad mood is NOT going to change the things that have happened so what it the point.

I had something that happened recently and it made me SUPER MAD. I thought about it and thought about it and the more time that went by, the less angry I got. I talked to a good friend at work and we talked about positivity...I told him that I was doing my best to process what happened and knew there was nothing I could do about it so why be down about it. I know God has a plan (he revealed his plan for what happened this week). My friend is super positive and strong in his faith as well so it did me good to talk to him. It was nice to know there are others out there like me and he made me remember that while it is OK to be upset, to no let it effect my overall mood.

Well, this theme of positivity has been popping up all over. I get a daily email from this Methodist preacher in Houston. They are daily reminders about your faith and how to be a better person. I love this preacher and I wish his church was closer because I would be there with bells on!! Well, this is the e-mail I received yesterday...

I have lived through a bunch of bad stuff- wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan,
and Iraq; segregation; the birth of new diseases, like AIDS. Based on these and
other historical facts, it would be easy for me to say that things are getting
worse, that the next generation will have fewer opportunities than our
generation has had. From there it is pretty easy to prophesy future disasters.
Lots of futurists predict things like nuclear holocaust, world-wide depression,
famine and natural disasters due to global warming. But couldn't we just as
easily take a positive view and predict a positive future- a cure for cancer,
peace in the Middle East, and the Astros winning the World Series.. After all,
I have also lived to see things that would have once seemed unimaginable: space
travel, computer technology, and the fall of the Berlin Wall....
My grandparents taught my parents that tomorrow will be a better day.. My parents
likewise taught me to anticipate a brighter tomorrow. Why should I not pass
along to my children and my children's children the same word of hope? After
all, what we believe about the future often determines our destiny. They become
self-fulfilling prophesies.
Don't let the negative voices around you steal your faith in tomorrow.

It was so amazing! He is saying EXACTLY what I say!!!! I loved it! I shared it with all the people I love and all the ones I have been sharing my philosophy with!!

THEN...last night I saw this post on says it all again!

Just because I laugh a lot doesn't mean my life is easy.
Just because I have a smile on my face everyday, doesn't mean that something isn't bothering me.
I just choose to move on, and not dwell on all the negatives in my life.
Every new moment gives me the chance to renew anew.
I choose to be that!

SO, remember that when life gets you down, turn your frown upside down!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Heart Day!!!

Yesterday was Valentine's day. It is such an odd day. Some people hate the day and some people go overboard with the day. I have seen one extreme to the other by friends postings on FB. I think the day needs to be recognized. It is a fun way to remind the ones you love that you love them, but in all reality, you should be doing that every day. Valentine's day just gives them that extra kick!! One of my biggest things is to make sure I tell the people I love that I love them. I do this often. I want them to know how I feel. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

My family had a huge unexpected loss in early 2011. We lost my brother-in-law. He was an amazing person. A great husband, a wonderful dad and grandpa and just a great man over all. The one thing we all knew was that he LOVED his family! He loved his wife and daughters and he never let them wonder if he did. He loved us all. He left this world way too soon, but no doubt he was loved and he loved back!!! It was very unexpected. I don't want to take the chance of me leaving or someone I love leaving the world again and them not knowing where I stand. Rocky's passing had a profound effect on me in so many ways, but most of all how important it is to tell people I LOVE YOU!

Living in a different city than your Valentine isn't fun, but luckily we both had our babies last night so even though we couldn't be together (we celebrated this past weekend), we each got to celebrate with the most important people in our lives. I know how he feels and he knows how I feel and we were both right where we needed to be. Plus, next weekend he is giving me the rest of my gift ( a fun little day trip).

KJ was supposed to have practice last night but because of the rain on Monday it was cancelled. As much as I love softball, I was so thankful for the cancellation. This meant a whole evening with nothing to do but snuggle my baby!!!!! We were going to go visit the new baby (more on that momentarily) but it made KJ sad that she wasn't going to be able to see her so I will just go today. Instead we snuggled, she played a little DS, we made homemade pizzas, and watched the Hannah Montana movie (again for like the millionth time). It was a PERFECT night. I couldn't have asked for more. We also exchanged presents. On Monday night she gave me this beautiful heart necklace. It is a little heats linked with a bigger heart. She says it is me and her and we are BFF's. Then last night she gave me a love note she made at school, a cute card, and this cool electric flower that when you press a button it opens and closes. I gave her an angel teddy bear, some cool double tipped markers, two pencils, a card, a notepad, and some chocolate. She loved it all. We had the best Valentine's EVER!!! Did I mention we snuggled??? I love snuggles from that girl!

Now, as for additional blessings, my great nephew (yes, I have an odd family and I know I am only 36 with a great nephew) and his fiance had their baby yesterday!!! We have all been waiting for this beautiful blessing to arrive! We found out just after my brother-in-law passed last year that she was expecting. Weird how things work out...So, she was due on 02/11 (which was the 10 month anniversary of Rocky's passing). She had the baby yesterday. Now, I am a firm believer in God's work and things happening for a reason...I do not think it was a coincidence that the baby was born on Valentine's day. I think that Rocky sent her to Mason and Emily (and Mona and Doug and Bonnie and Michelle) as his Valentine's present to them. She could have been born on the 10th or the 12th but no, the 14th. Did I mention that he LOVED his family???? So, yesterday our family welcomed little Kaylie Renae at 12:41pm. She weighed 8lbs 9oz and from the pics I have seen, she is GORGEOUS!!! As mentioned, I didn't get to see her last night because KJ was beside herself about not being able to see her too. So, I am going to go at lunch today and start the spoiling!!!!!!!!!!! KJ was happy it was a girl because according to her, we have too many boys in our family and we need more girls. I agree! Girls Rock!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Heart Day and your loved ones told you they loved you!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Oh how I love weekends. I get to spend them with the people I love! I only have KJ every other weekend and I sleep with her on Friday and Saturday nights and we snuggle it up and play and read and have fun, fun, fun!!!!

The other weekends that I don't have her, I spend with the sweet man in my life. It is hard only seeing each other every 11 days (at best). We have gone longer before and it is not fun, but we both know that our kids come first and sometimes we have to be there for them. When there are those weekends, we do what we can to find some way to see each other. Even if it is just somewhere halfway for dinner. We make it work. Living 3 1/2 hours away from someone you love is HARD WORK! But, we make it work.

So, this weekend KJ was with her dad. I spent some quality time with R. We celebrated our Valentine's day together since we won't be able to see each other tomorrow. We went to his son's bball game, Best Buy, and the grocery store. After that, I did not leave the house again! I was not feeling too hot (I'm still not) so I napped here and there and we were so lazy. We cooked spaghetti for out Vday dinner. I would rather be at home then in a crowded restaurant any day of the week. It was nice and I wouldn't change one thing about it! Yesterday we just relaxed all day again. It snowed yesterday. I felt so bad that our kids weren't with us :( J was with his mom at the movies so he missed and KJ was in Houston with her dad. I couldn't even really enjoy it. I can tell you one thing...IT.WAS.COLD!!!!!!!!

This is my week with my ladybug! I am so excited! I miss her so much when she is at her dad's house. We have a busy week with girl scouts and softball practice, but I can't wait to get my hands on that face and just kiss her and hug her!!!! I love her like I never thought I could. She is my eternal sunshine. She always knows how to make me smile and is THE BEST CUDDLER IN THE WORLD!!! We are BFF's (according to her) (and me too). We don't have a big weekend plan and that is fine by me. We are going to spend some time with friends, she gets to go to Chuck.E.Cheese with her cousin and Granny and Sunday we get to deliver some cookies, play games and maybe, just maybe have a PICNIC and feed the ducks at her favorite park!!!

I am beyond excited that I at least get to spend Vday with one of my Valentine's!!! I can't wait to spoil her rotten!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another year older...

Well, I haven't blogged in almost a month...I have had SO much going on...Girl Scouts, cookie sales, school carnival planning, and now softball. I need a break!!!!!

Nothing major has been going on. I have been continuing with project 365 so I need to upload those pics in another post. Kendall was put on the Fast and the Furious for softball. I am the assistant coach so she is super excited! We now have practice on Tu/Th/Sat -- this will interfere with girl scouts so we have officially changed the meetings to Mondays. That is the only day (for now) that I don't have another committment...Games don't start until after spring break so we are good for a while.

Girl scout cookies come in tomorrow so I will be spending the rest of the week dealing with that in addition to softball.....I don't know what I do to myself. I love being busy but I am feeling overwhelmed....

I got my W2 the other day and went on to Turbotax to file and since I have shared custody of KJ we trade her off every year on the taxes...I do not get her for last year...GUESS WHO HAS TO PAY....ummm really???? I am beside myself....

Also, I went to the dentist yesterday. I am sad to say that I have not been in 28 months...that is so ridiculous....I had a rough last two years and life really took over. I only had one new cavity. BUT, I have one tooth that has an old filling in it and is weak so it needs a crown...They want $571 to fix all this crap...

SO, now I owe taxes and I need dental work...sadly the taxes are less than the dentist....I don't really have a choice on either matter, I just need to figure out the timing of when I can get it all done...

On a happier note, I just celebrated my birthday 2 days ago! I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! I have never been stressed about age...I mean it is just a number after all. I turned 36. It is so funny because my perception of 36 when I was young SO does not feel like what 36 is....

Well, my desk was decorated on Friday and that made me happy :) Then Friday night Rick came into town with J and we went to dinner with his parents. After dinner we went to Liana's and she finnaaalllyyyyy got to meet him LOL. He went home and KJ and I spent the night with her. She made us eggs and biscuits for breakfast and then we went over to R's parents. He had some homework to get done (he is in school getting his Bachelor's) then we headed to my side of town! We came to my hosue and just chilled for a few hours until it was time for dinner.

We went to Italiano's (MY FAV) and had a BIG family would have thought we were Italian with all the people that were there hee hee. I think total there were 22 of us. It was awesome! I felt SO SO LOVED this weekend!!! My BFF was there with her family, both my sisters, my parents, some nieces and nephews and my sweetie!

Sunday we went to breakfast with my parents and then had lunch with R's parents befor him and J had to go back home. Later that evening KJ and I went to Academy and I found a pair of boots (I need some because I am evidently helping R with the cows now...) and another cute pair of shoes. Granny is buying them for me due to a Christmas present switcharoo.

Now I am back at work, last night was lazy. Tonight we have practice and I have a carnival the SAME TIME. tomorrow is cookie delivery so I will be dealing with that all night and Thursday is more practice and more cookies! Friday it is off to my home away from home....and fence fixing.....I am nervous!!!

Happy February everyone!!!!