Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, I had my team meeting tonight! It went well, I recruited two dads to be asst. coaches! LOVE that they want visors like the girls and me!!! That is super cool!

I passed out candy and showed the uniform we needed. I got all e-mail addresses and met most of the girls! I have twins on my team. They are identical. I am in trouble. KJ was able to tell them apart...I am going to have to get them name tags!!

I am just waiting on my practice schedule from my division director. The girls are SUPER ready to play! All the parents seem nice. I am sooo excited!

We should have the ball rolling next week. I have a coaches meeting tom night so maybe I will get it then! GO LADYBUGS!!!

BTW, job interview on Friday! I had a phone interview with this lady last Monday and am having a face to face on Friday! Please send me prayers!! I NEED THIS JOB!! It is a cool one too! It is for and export/import compliance analyst for Dresser Industries. Basically I make sure that everything that was sent in or out of the country for this business unit was done correct.


Here comes the sun...

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