Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, I have gone on a few interview and nothing yet, but I am trying to remain hopeful! I found out today a job opened up at K's school!!!! YAY! Applied online, emailed principal and in the morning I will drop off my resume to the office and to K's teacher!!!!

PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, better get to bed! After I get back in the morning, my local (in relative terms) bestie is coming to pick me up for our annual WINTER RETREAT!!!!!!!!! YAY! Three days of me time! I will miss K and it is hard because I know how much she misses me!!

BUT, her and I have a date on Monday afternoon to go sell sell sell some girl scout cookies!!

Anyone interested???


I may post at the retreat, but I have alot of work I want to get done!!!


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  1. I sooooo enjoyed spending the weekend with you!!! Love ya!!