Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is totally random, but I just had to get my feelings out!

We just watched precious and I am SO bothered. I hate to believe that there are people like that in the world. It was a very disturbing movie that is for sure!! I want to help those people. I want to open a huge house and take all those poor babies in. I HATE ABUSE! Those babies never asked for any of that :(

On another note, Kendall is 12 boxes away from her initial goal and just over 200 from her main goal LOL! She is loving selling cookies! I am loving selling cookies. I am also cookie mom which scares me a little! I am responsible to get everyone's cookies and distribute them. We have to pick them up on a work day. I know I don't have a job now, but I will by then I hope!!

She told me tonight that she loves me a thousand hundred fifty twenty and plus twelve.
That in a 5yo's brain is A LOT!!!!! I am so loved. I love her so much!!!!!!! She is the best thing in the WORLD. I love her giggles. I love her smile. I love that no matter what it is that she is doing, from playing a game to hugging me or playing My Little Ponies or telling me something she doesn't like, she does it with the utmost PASSION!!! She puts her whole heart and soul into EVERYTHING! She is amazing. She is a beautiful little person that makes the worst day instantly better!

Here comes the sun...

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  1. SUCH a sweet post!!!! :) I love her lots too!

    And she's already sold close to 300 cookies? Um because her goal is 500 right, to make up for us other slackers that are not quite up on our game. ;)