Friday, January 21, 2011


OK, I am going to admit something...I still have my Christmas stuff up. I am SO lazy!! I can't get motivated AT ALL!! I seem to just want to come home after I drop K off at school and sleep. Some days I don't even take a shower!!! It is ridiculous!!! Chris goes back to work next week so I am going to get it done!!! I have to! This is INSANE! I mean realllyyyyy...

K has softball tryouts tomorrow! I am SO SO excited! I played softball my ENTIRE childhood and it is SO awesome that she wants to play too! Years ago, we bought her a pink and purple softball glove. I got it down the other night and started softening it up. It fits her and it is broken in pretty good for tryouts! We went last night to get her some cleats. Academy didn't have the ones they had in her size, but we found the CUTEST pink and white softball shirt and some adorable pink capri sweatpants for tryouts and practice >

On another wonderful note, with Granny's help, we are at 278 boxes of cookies. We are waiting on three more orders and are going to go around the neighborhood tomorrow and Sunday! Her goal is 400 and she has until March to get there! I am pretty darn sure we will make it! I am so proud of her drive and commitment! She is a cookie BEAST! I love her for that! Girl Scouts and cookies were another one of my fav things growing up. This girl steals my heart more every day!

I still have not found a job, but I just heard today that I have a face to face interview at Dresser on Thursday. I also have a good feeling about the interview I went on earlier this week. I am also waiting on two more interviews. I really hope I get the Dresser job. It is a little farther away from where I want to be, BW8/290, but not SUPER far. Regardless, Kendall is going to have to be back in aftercare longer. No more 3:30 pick-up. It is OK, I hope to be teaching in August, but if not, I want an awesome job in the meantime.

Payless is having a BOGO event going on and I have been DYING for some new shoes! I found three AWESOME pairs and K got a pair. I got a denim looking pair of cork wedges, a brown pair of work wedges, and a cute looking purple gladiator type that match K's pair. Hers are pink and mine are purple (both or respective fav colors). Now, despite how much I love winter, I am DYING for spring now to wear all these shoes!!!!

Kendall's second looses tooth is still hanging in there. She lost the first one over a month ago and the two big girl teeth are coming in. One in the missing hole and one behind the loose one. I have been working with her to get it loosened so it doesn't cause any damage. Maybe by my birthday!

SPEAKING of birthday's!!!!! Mine is only 14 short days away!!!!! I don't know that I am doing anything at all, I am in a weird place, but it is still a birthday! Maybe I will treat myself to a pedi or something.

Like I said, I am in a weird place. I don't know where my life is headed right now. I know more than anything, I need a job. I want to make some changes, but I can't do anything without $$$. I SO need to get my butt in the pool. I am planning on doing an indoor tri on March 6th, but...I have not swam in ages. I don't know if I am going to make it LOL. I SO want my gym membership back! WAAHHHH!!!!!!!

OK, I will update after tryouts tomorrow :)

Here comes the sun doo doo do do do...

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