Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Fast & Furious played game 3 last night and it ended in a tie at the end of the 4th inning...20-20.
All the girls played offense well and we were hitting and running, but our defense needed some help. There were many plays that we should have outs and we didn't get.
Here is my baby before the game. Could she BE any cuter?
In the last inning KJ came up to bat and hit the ball into right field. She had hit and scored every time she had been up to bat that game, but something amazing happened....she ran and she ran FAST. The other team was slow to get to the ball, there was some confusion and some overthrows, and KJ kept running....and running....until she made it all the way back to HOME PLATE!!!! KJ GOT HER 1ST HOME RUN!!!!!!!! Her coach gave her a huge high-5, I scooped her up and spun her around and hugged her (and yes, I was crying). Her dad came in and hugged her and my parents were cheering her from the stands! The whole team did great! I was so proud of them, but I was EVER so proud of my baby. Anyone who knows me knows that softball is my game. I played for over a decade and I LOVE the game. The fact that she plays and likes it makes my heart so happy, but the fact that now she is getting better and better each game, well that makes me so happy! It was so amazing! She is a ROCKSTAR! Her coach gave her "Star of the Game"!!!!!!!!!

weekend :)

Well, the weekend went by too fast as always, but I had a great time!

Friday night I met some moms for cookie $$ and chilled at home while I did cookie stuff to get ready for the big cookie finale this week. All the $$ and papers are due today - ugh...I am making my final deposits today....I am ready for it to be over. I still have a mom who has NOT turned in her $$ and will not respond to my texts, e-mails, or phone calls. She owes $580...I am beyond unhappy. I talked to my service unit cookie manager and I had to fill out a discrepancy form and short the council the $$. She said this way my troop doesn't suffer and the council will go after her for the $$. I am so freaking out about this. I don't like not having all my crap together, but what else can I do?!?!?!?

So Saturday I got up and volunteered at my friend's son's opening day for baseball. She is on the board and they were short on volunteers. KJ was at her dads last weekend so I didn't have anything better to do. I worked the concession stand until 1 and then headed out to Spring to play in my company's softball tournament. Not enough people showed up to play 2 teams so we had 1 team and played another team that was up at the park. It was fun, but not near as fun as it would be to play co-workers...we got spanked too and that made it a little less fun. After the game, about 6 of us went and had wings for dinner. It was a blast! We were silly and loud and we had a great time. I went home hopped in the shower and headed over to a friend's house. We were headed up to a little local bar where we were meeting some other friends! It was a fun place. I had never been before. They have a nice patio out back and a little dance floor! I had a great time.

Sunday was llaazzyyyy - I got up and went to my mom's so she could alter a dress for me...I have lost 40 lbs and I really wanted to wear this dress. I thought it was a bit smaller than it was, but nope, it is huge haha... So, she is having a seamstress repair it...I only wear 4 sizes smaller than a year ago......and the dress was that old size. UGH. After I left there I went to see my bug at her dad's. She had gotten her report card on Friday and I wanted to see it before she took it back to school on Monday! SHE ROCKED IT!!!!!!!! I am so proud of that stinking girl! They get grades int he form of 1-4 with 4 being the best...she got almost all 4's and a few 3's. AND, she is a reading fool! She was really struggling with reading in the beginning of the year and now she is a reading monster. I rarely have to help her sound out words. It is so exciting to watch her and listen to her!!! After I left there I went home and found my couch...I did nothing all day. It was nice.

KJ had a game last night and we are FINALLY back into our regular routine. She got to come home with me last night! MAN I HAVE MISSED HER! She slept in my bed and snuggled me all night. At one point I heard her talking and moving her arms and I looked and she was playing rock, paper, scissors......in.her.sleep...RANDOM MUCH?!?!?!?!!?

We have another game tonight and some super fun planned for this weekend!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Week!!!

This has been a BUSY week!!!!!! And it is still not over! On Monday night KJ had her 1st game with her spring team - Fast & Furious! These girls are GOOD!!!!!!! They all listen, the field well and they can all hit pretty well! We won the game 14-11!! They were excited! Just at the end of the last inning it started raining and we all got soaked but the girls loved it!! See below...the whole team before the game and the AWESOME team banner that our AWESOME coach had made!!!! I didn't get a pic of KJ and I together though. SAD!
Here is my little rockstar!!!!!
Tuesday night was open house at Timbers Elementary and the school's 30th bday party. It was neat. They had all the past principals back and some old teachers came back and shared their memories. The school opened in 1981 which I realized is the same year I started Kindergarten - KJ had the hardest time comprehending that haha! I think I did too!! I started Kindergarten THIRTY YEARS AGO!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a pic of her in front of some of her art work. She is pretending to be the Statue of Liberty! Man I love that girl!!
Last night was a Daisy field trip to the Humble Polie Station. Let me tell you, that was a TREAT! Everyone there was SO AWESOME! The officer that did our tour rocked!! She was so fun and was so patient. We got to go into the dispatch room where they receive 911 calls and dispatch and the ladies in there were super sweet and all the girls got swag bags with goodies in them! They even let us have the extra ones for the girls that couldn't make it. Then we went to the jail part. They let the girls get in the holding cell. See below...

Next we got to go outstide and sit in a police car and the officers honked the horns and ran the lights and sirens. The girls loved it! The officer below was not our tour guide but she LOVED the girls and was so into the tour and after this pic she had to leave and go get the prisoners dinner...they actually feed them McDonald's three times a day. We didn't find out what they had for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner they have a quarter pounder and a cup of water! When she left she blew the horns and sirens and peeled out witht he sirens and lights going!
The girls with our AWESOME tour guide, officer Kimberlin.
My beauty in the police car!!!
We had a great time. She got to stay at my house last night (my Wednesday!) so before the tour, we went to Walgreens for a special treat. She picked purple Peeps. I don't love peeps. I actually think they are kind of gross. I may eat one every five years. My ladybug on the other hand LOVES them.....see below - she is about to devour it!!!!
Tonight we have another game!! Let's get another win girls!!!!! I won't see my baby again after tonight until Monday, but only THREE more days of torture until our schdule goes back to normal!!! I am about to die! I miss her like crazy!!!!
I have tons of stuff left to do to wrap up the cookie sales financially and my house is a WRECK so I will be getting that done this weekend. Plus I need my mom to take in a dress for me that is now too big (like everything else I own). So Sunday that will all get done along with a visit to the carwash. Saturday I am volunteering in the morning for my good friend's little league opening day until about 1 and then my work is having a big softball tournament which I am actually STOKED about but I am nervous becasue I know I can field and throw, but i have not hit the ball in ages..........WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!
My best days are ahead of me!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


First, I just want to share a pic of the lucky ladybug and I on St. Patty's day. I love this picture!!! Every single year on St. Patty's we take a pic together in our special green shirts.
Now on to my original reason for this post...I know God has angels EVERYWHERE. They are there to help us in our times of need. I was having a particularly crappy day yesterday. Not for any one reason, just down. I was having a pity party. I finally got off the couch about 1 and went and took a shower. I needed to deliver some cookies to one of the girls in the troop and I needed a few groceries and to go pants shopping (since none fit anymore).
I headed over to Kohl's and bought some pants (in a single digit size which I have not seen in OVER a decade). I went to pay and realized I didn't have my license to prove I was me...the let me slide since I am a gold card member and all haha. I left and was going to grab some food but I thought I would just head to Walmart and get a happy meal inside at their McDonald's and I could eat and shop at the same time. Well, I parked on the other side and never walked over to get food. So, when it came time to pay.....GUESS WHAT??!?!?!? I didn't have my debit card either!! Yep, I am a rock star.
You see, this is what happened. We went out Sat night for St. Patty's day and I don't take my purse into bars so I put my license and debit card in my pocket. Well, the problme is, I ALWAYS forget to take it back out and put it back in my wallet. YES, I just admitted that this has happened before.......like I said, rock star!!
SO, I tell the checker that I can write a check but they wouldn't let me do that because....yep, I didn't have my license to prove my identity..I offered up my social and a few other things with my name and even pics of me from my phone but they were not going for it. So, I had them convinced to total my order and put it to the side (I didn't want to re-shop for everything). OK, we are good. I will run home, get the card and come back and pay. When the sweet wonderful amazing lady behind me said "You know what, this is silly, why don't you just write ME a check for your total and I will pay for the whole thing." I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! It was SO nice! I know she was an angel behind me in line. She totally saved the day! What an amazing person. I was so surprised! I know I would do something like that, but it is amazing that other people do too!!!!!
Today is KJ's 1st softball game! Go Fast & Furious. They got their jerseys Saturday and she was stoked because she got #8. EIGHT IS GREAT!!!! Well, we had the opportunity this season to buy spirit shirts (ok well we can do that all the time) but this year we could put the girl's # and name on it too! So, Saturday they give us the jerseys but with no # assignment....you are all thinking how can THIS go wrong hahaha....well we assigned the girls the numbers and gave the paper to the league of who had what number...guess what happens next?? I net you can!! COME ON!!!
Yep, we get an email from the head coach telling us that we will be having to do a jersey swap tonight before the game because there were actually numbers assigned to each girl....IMAGINE THAT!!!!!! What a giant pain!!! I was so frustrated.... so now we have a dumb number...3...really?!?! THREE???? What is remotely catchy about 3?????? I need to think of something in the next few hours because I am going to have one unhappy ladybug when I pick her up later and tell her number has changed and don't have something cool to go with it......wish.me.luck.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



So much has happened in the last week and a half....I need to update but am so lazy LOL...there were more concerts, a zoo trip, a break-up, and some pain...but I am getting over it...I will post tonight - half the pics for my post are on the "real" camera and half are on the phone...I can't give y'all an incomplete update hee hee.

Softball starts next week so we are about to get busy! We have 3 more practices before our first game on Monday! I can't wait to get this season started! KJ has improved SO MUCH and i can't wait to see her rock the diamond! Man, I love to watch her play.

This week has been super weird and lazy...I don't have KJ this week even though I am supposed to because it is spring break an her dad gets spring break this year...it is kind of making me go a little mad! I MISS HER!!!!! This is the longest I have ever been away from her.

Also, I got dumped two weeks ago, then led on for a few days that there still might be hope, the officially dumped last week....and now he is just being a jerk...He really gave no reason as to WHY we were breaking up...just that he isn't happy with himself and that he can't be the man I need him to be and that isn't fair to me...I thought that was my decision...WHATEVER. I am just mad now because he knows I am hurting and won't even be my friend....which I know may be hard, but I am not going to try and convince him to come back, but first and foremost we were friends and I was hoping (as he told me he was too) that we still could be friends....OH WELL....onward and upward! My friends and family have been AMAZING and I am so so blessed to have them!

OK, new post coming tonight WITH pics!!!!


Have a great rest of your week! Especially people that are off for spring break.......JEALOUS!!!

To quote a great song...."My best days are ahead of me"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I love Eli Young Band! I love their music. It just touches my soul. I can't tell you why, but I just really connect with it. I always thought the lead singer, Mike Eli, was pretty cute so that was a nice bonus. PLUS, he is from Houston so that was cool. I have never seen them live but have wanted to. Well, last night I did and it was great!! I think another venue would have been better, but they were so fun. Here is Mike Eli, the lead singer...
I have decided that I love him and that we are going to get married. I mean he IS from Houston so it isn't toooooo far fetched LMAO!! He does not know this, but he loves me back. I saw him staring at me last night hee hee. (If anyone knows anything about the Houston Rodeo, you know the performers can't see ANYTHING while on stage...).
At one point, Mike got off the stage and ran around the dirt which was so exciting and made me love him more. I have only seen this happen 2 times before in my years of going to the rodeo. The first time was Garth Brooks...he jumped down and ran around. And that was in the Astrodome where he had a lot more space to cover. It was cool. No one had ever done that before. The second person was Kenny Chesney. He wasn't as crazy as GB, but he did it. Maybe this is the common link and Eli Young Band is going to be as famous and amazing as these other two. Gosh I am going to be so rich when I get married HAHA!! Here is a pic of him in the dirt.
We were in section 105 which was pretty good. Did I mention I love Mike Eli???
I went with one of my best friends. I LOVE this girl! She is a great friend and loves me back and that is so important. We have so much fun together and we are a lot alike so of course, she is also awesome.... Here we are on the bus on our way to the stadium!
And of course, here we are being silly!
At the stadium in our seats! Gosh we are cute LOL...
Here she is!!! I heart her!!!!!!!!
And here I am :) This was about the 4th attempt to take this picture because I kept getting photo bombed.....I love my new necklace, but it looks a little...off here....
We had a great time! It was late when I got home and I was up late the night before so I am dragging today. We are supposed to go again tonight to see Enrique Iglesias. I don't really care about seeing him, but she had an extra ticket so off we go. I am going to be TIRED TOMORROW...BUT...I get to see my ladybug tomorrow so I am super excited!!!!!
Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, March 2, 2012


I have heard over and over and over again that everything in life that happens happens for a reason. I understand that and I have even seen this. I have seen the reasons much later on of what has happened....the problem is, why do we have to hurt so bad when something does change - I want to know the reason for the change right now...I don't want to wait a month or a year or two and then go "OH HEY.....that's why that happened...."

Some changes are going on with me. I am not going to go into detail, but I don't like them and they are causing me a lot of grief and sadness. They are making me doubt my self-worth and doubt who I am in general....I am a mess.

I just wish I knew the reason for all this pain.