Thursday, February 24, 2011

WOW! Sttraaannnggeeee things are happening!

So, I get a job. It is not teaching, but it pays more and I am thankful. Then I hear that there are layoffs in Humble ISD today. Now I prayed and prayed to get a job here and today they supposedly laid off ALL first year teachers. So, I thought this whole time that I was cursed because I couldn't even get an interview. All along I was blessed. I would have been DEVESTATED having gotten a job and then losing it before my first year was up. So, I just have to keep my certification up and going and wait it out. I am excited about the job I got, just not happy about missing summers with my bug.

I am overwhelmed with emotion at all the things that are going on in the world. Gas is up to over $3 a gallon again. Lybia and Syria and Iran are all in an uproar. Teachers, the supposed safest job, are losing their jobs. I am worried. I know I have a job now, but wow! Things are CRAZY!!!

Something fun tonight to cheer us up was the Rocking Reading Sock Hop at K's school. They were celebrating reading basically and had a little ice cream social with a DJ and the book fair was open. We went to the book fair first and of course K got loads of books! She got 9 and a pink marker with a horse on it. Then we went over and got her some ice cream. She got a scoop of chocolate with mini M&M's and sprinkles on it. She had the hardest time sitting still to eat that ice cream with all her friends there and the music going on! She finished it and then danced her heart out. Here are some pics of her skills!

The "M" of YMCA

Dancing with her friend Bailey

My sweet angel! Man I love this girl!!

She had a blast! I did too! I love to watch her dance and smile!!

Can't wait for the weekend!!!

Here comes the sun...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, I have been so busy I have not even blogged in almost a week!!

FIRST, let me offer this...I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!! I am ever so excited! It is at Aries Freight Systems. They are a long time customer of mine from the transportation industry so I know of them and I know a few people that work there. One in particular that has been my friend and customer for about 15 years. I am so excited to finally be working WITH her and not FOR her lol!! I got the offer this morning and was SO happy. It is only a little less than I was making at my last job so I am happy that after not working for almost a year I got close to my same pay!!
I am supposed to start March 1st as long as my background check goes well, which of course will not be a problem. So, they told me today that they want me to come in and reorganize the department and eventually become Ocean Manager as long as things go well. This was news to me and a real boost to my ego!!! I can't wait to start but I am sad that I am not going to be able to do whatever I want and be there for school stuff.

Now, for the past few days...

Saturday we had a great softball practice and then I had an all day scrapbook crop. I finished another year (2008) which made me SUPER happy!!!! I am getting caught up slowly but surely. I also dropped off mine and Kendall's money for Kickapoo Kamp!

Sunday we met Granny and PawPaw for breakfast and then took K to the park. We stayed for about an hour and a half and she had SOOOO much fun! I did too! After being independent on the playground at school every day she has grown SO much! It was so cute. She was so independent and grown. She climbed a mini rockwall and went out on the huge rock. It made me nervous but happy that she is getting so brave.

Monday I used some birthday money and went and got a new phone! I LOVE IT!!!! It is a TMobile Mytouch 4G. I have never really had a grown up phone so it is cool! Chris got a new phone too but it is boring...As we were about to go into TMobile, C was chewing gum and out falls one of his crowns. Have I mentioned before that the hits just keep coming...UGH! This had something that looked like tooth attached. ICK. I called the dentist and made an appt. for Wed. morning...Monday night we had softball practice and let me tell you! My little Ladybugs are turning into softball ROCKSTARS!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of them. They are learning and getting better every single practice. It feels like a great accomplishment.

Tuesday I had a few errands to run. I had to pick up some patches from the Me and My Guy Ball a few weeks ago for my GS meeting (that was Tues instead of Thurs because of an event at K's school). I also had to go order visors for my softball team. They are going to be soooo cute! I can't wait for you to see them LOL!
Then we had girl scouts and learned about World Thinking Day. I think my girls did good with this and they will earn a patch for their bags!!

This morning C went to the dentist and she took an XRay. She said that the tooth is fractured into the gum and he will have to have it pulled. BUT, (yes, there is always a but in my life) his roots are SUPER deep and it will have to be done by an oral surgeon. Somehow they can do it with only novacaine so I have to call them and see what is up. After that, I went to a poster making party for the PTO. My awesome friend Lori, who is on the board, invited me because she knows I want to be more involved, but could not be too much because of the whole working mom thing. So, this was nice. I met a bunch of new moms and maybe I will get to try and do more here and there!!!! I stayed for a bit but had to go meet my mom to get some stuff and then go get K. After that I went up to my new office and turned in some paperwork and got a tour. Came home, relaxed for about 30 mins and headed to softball practice. I LOVE THESE KIDS! They are all so stoked to be playing. They are 5 and 6 so we have a few listening issues, but I have three dads plus C that help and one mom that helps too. I was so happy because two of my girls are twins, Hailey and Bailey, and I saw them yesterday at Kids Playce when I picked up Kayli or GS. I have one of them a big hug and the other one played coy and wouldn't come hug me. I mentioned to their mom that I saw them and they told her! This means so much to me! I try and be a happy and positive role model for all the girls I volunteer with, and this means I am making an impression!!

So, tomorrow is the Rocking and Reading Night at K's school. They are celebrating books and having an ice cream social/sock hop. It is going to be SO fun!!

Also, I got the best e-mail EVER! I got a confirmation that Kickapoo received my reservation and money for K and I to go to camp on April 15-17. It seems so far away, but with softball, school, and scouts it will be here before we know it!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It was the most amazing experience I have ever had with K. Last year we went with several friends, but this year we are going alone. No one else could really afford it, and we couldn't either without Granny having giving it to us for Christmas, but we will just meet new people!! Did I mention I am so excited!! Oh, don't worry, I already took the day off from the job I haven't started!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!

Now, this weekend, K and Mommy have about a ZILLION GS cookies to deliver!!!! Yes, that's right, a zillion.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What a week...

Monday was Valentine's Day! I am not a big proponent of the day. Chocolate makes you fat and flowers die. Plus, aren't you supposed to love each other ALL the time and show it??!! I DO however love the day as a MOM. I LOVE spoiling K on Valentines Day. I realized on Sunday night that ummm I had not bought her a thing! YIKES! How could that have happened...Sooo, Monday I went to a meeting at Aflac (more on that later) and after went to WalMart to see what they had last minute. I found a card, a cupcake candy holder, some lollipops, and a stuffed bear that had a heart with the saying "More Kisses". I thight this was PERFECT because I loveee kisses from my bug and bother her all the time for them. Next I headed over to HEB because I saw a cupcake necklace I had seen. While I was there I found more chocolate and a cute cup with a funky straw.

I went to K's Vday party after all this. It was so cute! They had root beer floats and some cookies. They got to eat a little candy and then played musical chairs. It was so cute. They played the game to 50's music. It was fun. We stayed a little after and K got to help Mrs. McIntosh clean the classroom and I got to talk to her a bit. She thinks K is super smart and says I have nothing to worry about!!

We went shopping so she could get some stuff for her Daddy. Then, we go home and they went shopping for me. I got a card, a gift certificate for a fancy pedicure, a super cute puppy, and some cupcakes for K and me to share. Chris got a card, a bear, and some chocolates. And Kendall, well she hit the mother load. Daddy got her a card, hot pink roses, a small balloon, a funky puppy, and the cupcakes to share with me. I got her two things of candy, a funky cup, some tattoo pens, a necklace, a bear, and a card.

We had softball practice that night and then we got Subway for dinner. It was a sweet day!

Tuesday K had a dentist appt. to see about the loose tooth that does not want to come out. The dentist said that we could work on the tooth a little more at home but that if it was not out in a month, then she had to have it pulled. Sooo, we decided to save a little money right now and work on loosening it up. I just checked it a bit ago and it is a little more loose than it was so HOPEFULLY it will come out at home. She did get to bring a mask and gloves home as always though.

Wednesday was softball practice again. K is doing better every time.

Thursday I played bunko with some neighborhood friends. I hope to play with them more often! I had not played in ages so it was great fun. Plus I stayed out talking to one of my friends and really got to know her better.

Today I have felt so icky. I was supposed to head down to Pearland and hang out with some great old friends, but I just felt terrrriibllleee so I cancelled. I am getting some great snuggle time with my girl though!! We went to Walmart for groceries and to check into getting new phones and of course the don't have the one in the store that I want. I was soooo MAD!! I wanted it NOW. It is $200 at the tmobile store with a $100 mail in rebate but only $100 with a $100 mail in rebate. SOOO, clearly it makes sense to get it from Walmart, but I felt like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

Sooo, now I am ordering my phone and pouting.

Softball tomorrow and an all-day crop and the park on Sunday with K!!!!


Here comes the sun...

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Friday night K had a "Me and My Guy" ball to go to for Girl Scouts. Kayli came over because Liana couldn't get off early and I got them both ready. They looked SO adorable!!!!

Here is my precious Kendall...

and K's BFF Kayli...

When they left the ball Chris called and asked if I wanted to meet the two of them at Cold Stone! I went and we had some unwind time. K wanted to ride home with me. I asked her if she had a great time with her Daddy. She said, "Not a great time Mommy, an AWESOME time." I was so happy for the two of them.

Saturday we got up early and had softball practice. We went and got some lunch, ate, and took a nap. Later, we went to HEB for some groceries and then came home and watched "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" (the first one). It was SO cute! I looovveeeeeeee Drew Barrymore so it made it better!

Today we got up and surprised Kendall with a movie. She even was surprised at what we were seeing. She thought we were seeing Gnomeo and Juliet and was so happy when it was Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. I loved the movie for sooo many reasons. Justin loves purple and hey, so do I. I loved that his Grandma and Grandpa love him soo much!! I loved watching K watch it! It sooo reminded me of me back in the day watching NKOTB. Here is Kendall with Justin Bieber...

After the movie we went to Sharky's and sat on the patio overlooking the lake. Kendall LOVED IT! I could barely get her to eat...

Later we went to the park to feed the ducks!! It was fun! There were a lot of people there and the ducks seemed a little over bread...BUT, we had a blast anyway!!!

We came home and did K's valentines and got ready for school tomorrow. She has her vday party tom afternoon! Can't wait to get pics in her Valentine outfit. I have always bought her a special shirt or outfit EVERY year for Christmas, Valentines, St. Patricks, Easter, and 4th of July. I love doing it! Not sure how long she will let me so I better get it in while I can!!!!!

Here comes the SUN!!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My life...

I love being busy and I love being involved! If I don't have tons to do I am bored. As you all know, I am K's troop leader, the troop cookie mom, the softball coach, a mom, and me LOL!

I have been actively looking for a job and yesterday I went on two interviews. One is ideal. It is someplace I know and one of my old customers, but I think I make too much money. The other sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. It is field sales for Aflac. It is commission only which terrifies me, but also excites me. Depending on how hard I sell my business, the more money I can make!! The say it is possible to be making 6 figures in a year or two! UMM OK! I can set my own schedule so I can be there whenever K needs me. Whether it is Girl Scouts, softball, or school activities. I think I can do this. It is a GREAT company and like I said, it makes me nervous because it sounds too good to be true... While I was there I had to sneak a pic of the giant Aflac duck!!!

Today the guy called me back and asked me to come in on Monday to talk more. I guess they think I can do it. He wanted me at 11, but K has her V-day party on Monday at 12:45 so I want to be sure to make that. I am going to the office at 9. One thing that is great is that K was totally OK using her mailbox we bade last year! Thank Goodness! We worked hard on that thing...

We have been having crazy freezing weather here in Texas the last couple of weeks and I was driving somewhere yesterday and noticed this...

WHOOPS!! Looks like someone forgot to turn off their sprinklers.....

As I mentioned, we have been selling Girl Scout Cookies. They came in and it was nice. I separated them all out, everyone picked up timely. It was really smooth. Remember when I told you K sold 300 boxes?? This is what 300 boxes of girl scout cookies looks like in your kitchen...

ANDDDD tonight is the "Me and My Guy" Princess Ball! K has been waiting WEEKS for this! She is SO excited to go on a fancy date with her Daddy! I am kind of sad I can't go and see them, but they need that special time!! We did a practice run on her hair the other night with hot rollers and I think it is going to turn out great tonight...

I was thinking of napping while they were gone, but I have to run up to the softball field and turn in spirit shirt orders and $$ and our sponsorship form and $$. Maybe when they get home.

I mean really, I have not had a SINGLE nap all weeekkk.........

This is NOT acceptable LOL!

OK, well I must go bathe the Princess so she is all clean for the ball!!

Here comes the Princess....


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


WOW! The day is finally here! We had girl scout cookie pick up today. When I got there, they asked if I could volunteer because they were short. SURE says the one who never says no lol!! So, they have me park off to the side and give me some gloves and hand warmers. WHY, you ask, did they provide these things?? BECAUSE IT IS FREAKING FREEZING!!!

My job was to be a counter. I would to to the front of the line, get a troop, and follow the car through the line and stop with them at each station to get their cookies. I would make sure the loaders put in the correct amount of cookies into the vehicles. It was cool. It would have been MUCH better without the wind and rain and cold. By the end of my time, my jeans were SOAKED.

It was SO cold. I had an umbrella so my top half stayed dry, but there were puddles forming everywhere and my feet just couldn't help but get wet. It was not too bad. My hands were the worst. For some reason, I get HORRIBLE arthritis in them and can't get them warm, ever. So being outside on a day like this was torture. The hand warmers helped a lot.

OK, so I was done freezing, um I mean volunteering, and I got my sheet and got to go to the front of the line! Another mom was with me because Lucy (my Honda CRV) was not going to be able to hold all 98 cases. (YES, we rock, I know!) So, we go to the front of the line and I am the BEST car in line. I know all the rules and know how the line works (remember, I had been walking the line for over an hour).

We were in and out! It was awesome! I already have had two moms come to get their cookies! Only 7 to go. At least 2 more are coming today and maybe 2 more. My goal is to get everyone else's out of here so I can start delivering mine.

Here is what my car looked like....

This was the front passenger seat...

And this is the back. It starts at the back of the front seats and goes allll the way back...

Of course we are having terrible weather and softball has been cancelled AGAIN! I have not had ONE practice!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Here comes the ICE (umm Sun)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Me at 35...

What can be said...I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a girl scout troop leader, and a softball coach.I am also an unemployed teacher.

I am not ashamed to be who I am. I love me and there are lots of people that love me too. I have been depressed lately. I have no job. I want to have a job. I need to have a job. There are many things I need and want to do and without a job, I can't accomplish any of them.

I am doing a few things this year that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am doing an indoor triathalon on March 6th, I am doing the Warrior Dash on March 20th, and I am doing a super sprint triahalon on May 8th. I will see where life takes me after that. I plan to train again for the half marathon in January - lets pray this year I get in. I am super excited to be doing all these awesome things. I have let other things consume me for a long time. Not anymore. I am going to be who I am no matter what!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT! I have not been "me" for a long time - this is no ones fault but my own, but I will not let it happen anymore. Also, let me say this, I have been "me", but not the me I wanted to be.

I had a great birthday! Friday Liana took me and K out to Asian City and then we went to Cold Stone after. It was so fun. I almost didn't go but I am glad I did. It helped me get out of a funk I was in!! She is such a good friend! I wish I had more time to spend with her!!

Saturday K and I got up after lazing around a bit and went to the zoo. It was PERFECT!! When we got there we fed the ducks. There was only one other couple there so we got to feed almost the entire lake of duck and TONS of pigeons too!! There was NO ONE there. They must have thought that it was frozen or going to be too cold. It was AWESOME! A good friend of mine texted me saying they were there, but my phone died and I never got to meet up with her. No worries. We did whatever K wanted to do. We even went into the reptile house. My girl is not afraid of a THING! I love being her mom!!!!! We went and saw the baby elephant play for a while, we took a snacl break, we rode the carousel (I rode this time instead of standing next to her). It was a big moment. She pet the goats. This was insane because we have not been there in a while (too hot or muddy or whatever) but it has been at LEAST a year, maybe two. She was SO big next to those goats. This was such a realization that she is not a baby anymore. I was almost crying in the petting zoo.... We left the zoo and she saw the train. I guess she had never noticed it before...We have NEVER ridden the zoo train. The times we went when the old train was there it was too late or way too crowded. We went to the park the last day the old train was open, but the line was outrageous. This is the first time she noticed it since the new one was open. I was so excited that she wanted to ride it...I LOVE THE TRAIN LOL!!! We waited our turn and got on! She had an amazing time. She was yelling ALL ABOARD and taking in all the sights. I think we may do it every time now.

We got home and got cleaned up. I could not decide where I wanted to go and then I finally thought of something. We went to Raffas on Kingwood Waterfront. We got all dressed up and went to eat. It was so nice. I had never been before and it was so nice. Kendall was an absolute angel. She acted so grown up and used all her manners. Did I mention she was AWESOME???

Today we got up and went to meet my Mommy and Daddy for lunch. We went to another hibachi place called Osaka. Jeremy came too! It was so nice. I love my parents so much. We came home and relaxed and watched the dame.

GO PACKERS!!! They won and I had to bust this out....

That is an AUTHENTIC cheese head straight from Wisconsin. A friend of mine that is from there but lived here went home to visit and brought it back for me back when my man Favre played there.

I love that cheese head!! I love the person that brought it to me! He is awesome!

Well, off to bed. Hanging with a friend tomorrow and maybe taking K to the dentist to get that pesky tooth that wont come out (and the big one is growing in) pulled. Tuesday I have to run errands and clean and Wednesday COOKIES come in!!!!!

Here comes the sun...

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today, at this moment, I am 35 years and 26 mins old. I was born at one minute after midnight on my Great Grandmother's b-day who I am named after...

More to come later about my awesome bday adventures and who I am at 35...


Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is cold here in good old TX!!! I LOVE IT! They say it is supposed to snow and school is cancelled for tomorrow! I think the snow is coming in over night. I WILL be waking K to go play in it! There is no school tomorrow so we can nap LOL!!

She is excited. She has seen as almost ass much snow in her life as her daddy and me. Well, I have been all over the US and been in tons of snow, but I mean snow here at home. I remember being in Kinder or 1st and it snowing and then again Feb 1, 1994. It snowed again when I was pregnant with K on Christmas Eve. Kendall saw snow in Dec 2008, Dec 2009, Feb 2010, and again now...Something does not seem fair lol!!

I had another interview today. It was with my friend Chad's company. His personnel manager was very impressed with my resume. He had me come in and take a little training and met with me. Even though he does not have anything right now, there are a few jobs in the budget that should be opening up and I am his top candidate. We will see how it goes!!!

I have to go wait on the snow now :)

Here comes the sun no wait, the snow...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100th day of school

Today was the 100th day of school. I have been looking forward to this since LAST year when I heard a friend of mine talking about it. A few weeks ago in the Target dollar bin I found some 100 day bookmarks and I sent those.

I called K's teacher this morning to see if she needed me to volunteer today and she said YES! So, I got to school about 8:45 and stayed all day. She was so thankful and the kids had a blast. They made a crown with 100 starts, they wrote 100 words collectively, they had a snack bag with 100 different pieces of snacks (M&M's, Cheez-its, fruit loops, rice chex, animal crackers, corn chex, pretzels, goldfish, raisins, and honey nut cheerios). They got 100 day pins and bracelets to wear and she gave them 100 day pencil. She had them doing all kinds of activities that were 100 seconds long. She had them balance on one foot, jump around, and the hardest was 100 seconds of silence!!!! It was an awesome day!!! They all had a great time! Oh, they also read "100 Hungry Ants".

Today is also the first day of February!! BEST MONTH EVER!!! My bday is only 4 (technically 3 since I was born at 12:01 am) days away!! It is bittersweet. I am having a rough year so I am not too jazzed, but K is super excited about it so that is helping! Plus, UGH!! 35... Not exactly where I was hoping I would be but I am making lemonade.

Softball practice was supposed to start this week butttt, umm the high tomorrow is a whopping 34. I don't think 5 and 6 year olds can handle that. We are now moved up to a 60% chance of snow for Friday - YA freaking HOO!!!! I am STOKED!! I love cold and I love snow!!! I am thinking school is going to be closed! Which is cool! Sooo, next week for practice :)

I had a great talk with my nephew today who I have not talked to in a while. I just can't believe he is a grown up!!! I am def going to making those conversations happen more often.

I just posted on FB that when people think we are cold, it was NEGATIVE 20 where he lives in Montana... and NEGATIVE 57 up by the Canadian border! Ummm, I think they would be wearing shorts here this week!!!

OK, I have to go turn up the heat! HAHHAHAHAHAH