Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favorite things (at the moment)

A few of my fav things change, but a few stay the same...

1. My gorgeous growing daughter. She changes for the better every day. She is smart and OH so funny!!

2. My heating pad. It has been keeping my back feeling good. Mostly I use it for keeping me warm in this chilly house.

3. SOFTBALL! I am stoked that Kendall is playing and even though I know that I am stressed and overwhelmed with responsibilities, I am also STOKED that I am coaching!

4. lotion - weird I know! I have never been a foo foo girly girl, but lately I have had some dry skin and K's is ALWAYS weird. I bought us a big jug and slather us both down just after the shower. It has felt great!!!

5. positivity from people - so many people know that I am down and out - I am broke, jobless, and sad - I have some good friends that have been helping me keep my faith and my positive outlook :) It is hard, but they are helping so THANKS!!!

6. my new softball glove - ok, I know I already posted softball, but this glove - ohhhhh it is so cool to be a grown up! This glove is cheap now, but 25 years ago, I probably drooled over one just like it!!!! It is soft and smells all leathery! It is sitting with a glove in the pocket and a big strap around it getting ready for this weekend when K and I go practice!!!

7. coffee - this will always be on my list - tonight in the bathtub K made me a peppermint coffee - I love that she knows that is my fav kind - it makes me smile that she knows me so well - I don't think I have ever told her this outright so it is even more special

8. my birthday - it is only 10 short days away :) - I don't want anything - just to spend a day with my girl - maybe we will head to the zoo. Who knows. I know that she is more excited about it than I am :) Another reason why she is my ultimate #1

9. girl scout cookies - I am in love with cookies - I may not feel this way in a few weeks when there are oodles of cases in my house, but as I mentioned the other day, I am super proud of my babies and all their hard work! Especially my own who has only 100 to go to reach her main goal! GO GIRLS!

10. reading - last year I read 26 books - I plan to at least meet that goal and maybe exceed it - only time will tell. I am on book #3 that I plan to finish by Monday! Three in one month isn't too shabby...

AND, did I mention that Kbug is AWESOME!! She just made me laugh - yes, I know that it is almost 2am, but she sleeps with me. So, she is a huge sleep talker. She does this ALLLLLL the time. It is beyond funny. Just a second ago I heard her giggle! I looked over and she was smiling!

MAN I LOVE HER!!!!!! Tomorrow is picture day at school for class pics and Spring pics (a little early if you ask me, but you didn't, so, I digress). She picked out a red with white polka dots pillowcase dress. It has a Minnie silhouette on the front. She is going to wear this with a black shirt and black leggings underneath and a red bow in her hair. After I make the hair flat of course...

I will try and remember to get a pic of her before we leave for school!!

Here comes the sun...


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