Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and on to the New Year

Well, we made it through Christmas! It was so fun! Kendall was SOO excited for Santa to come. She did not want us to read The Night Before Christmas to her because it was too long and she needed a shorter book so she could go to sleep faster. It was so cute! She slept with us and everytime one of us would talk she would shush us. I wish every night was Christmas Eve so she would actually go to bed at a decent time. Santa brought her a Mickey MP3 player, a Nintendo ds and two games, a Sleeping Beauty Barbie with a horse and a Barbie Car - she got some cool stuff in her stocking too - she received TONS of presents and to date we have opened everything that she received and bought with her Christmas money except the Easy Bake oven and Bendaroos and those are both on tonight's agenda. Daddy is REALLLYYY excited to be the food tester LOL!

I was sad to go back to work today because I had such an awesome time hanging out with the family for the past three days. Wednesday night we are going to meet the Ieva's in Flint, Tx to spend a few relaxing days doing nothing! I am going to try and limit the new stuff we take on the trip but I know she will want to play :) Maybe a baby, the DS and the MP3 player.

We took down the outside lights yesterday and just need to get the inside stuff down. With the impendinv vacation, that will wait until next week. I am excited for the new year. 2010 will bring 15 years of marriage, my ladybug turning 5, and the start to two new carrers!! A big big year of change!!!! I know I am ready for it, I just hope it all goes smoothly!!! I am nervous about the 5 year old and the carrer change. Even though I have been working on it FOREVER, it is weird that it is finally here!!

If I don't have a chance to post again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OHHH, one last thing - Kendall READ on Saturday the 26th!!! I was so freaking proud of that angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, I am done. If I never do anything else, I graduated college!! I hope to one day get my masters, but if it never happens, I am content!!!! I was so HAPPY yesterday. It was emotional, but I never cried. I teared up, but I never really cried. That in itself is a miracle. It has not really sunk in yet that I am done. I have two classes that I am taking next semester that go towards getting my teacher cert, but they are the classes I have been WANTING to take for years. I can't wait to take them and learn about being in a classroom. I am now able to get a teaching job. I am waiting to start applying until February, but WOW! I did it! It just feels like another semester over at this time. Maybe in January it will hit me! I am a college graduate!!!!

It was such a great weekend. I got a great gift from Chris and Kendall. I got back from shopping and they had a big bag of stuff. They got me a Wonder Woman ornament for the tree and they wrote on the box "Because you are our Wonder Woman." Crying yet?? I sure was. They also got me a cool UH t-shirt that I had been wanting and two James Avery charms for my bracelet. One was a mortar board and the other was an apple with ABC under it. I also got some Twisted Tea (alcoholic beverage) that I had been trying to find! Saturday night we went out to dinner with friends and I received some great gifts. Courtney and Jimmy got me flowers and a Willow Tree angel and Courtney Ladd got me an awesome basket of bath goodies!! I was so excited! Later we went out to Rock, Wine, and Blues and our friends Liana and Michael came. It was so mch fun!! They gave me some bath goodies too that were for stree, sleep, and energy! I can't wait to use them!!

Sunday was the big day. It was stressful to say the least. I have to give you a back story as to why. On Friday I went to an information session at the school and they had me on the walk list with my name reversed! They had my first name as Buckalew and my last name as Leah??? How this happened I will never know, but my job on Sunday was to get my name card fixed, sit with the people that had L last names and watch for the B's. When the B's came down I had to get up and get put in the correct spot to walk with the B's and be announed in the correct order. This also brought up the issue of how my name was going to look in the program. Well, thankfully it was correct!! I was sooo happy!!! So, it ended up being better than hoped for and I got worked in just fine. Chris found almost front row seats. It was so cool when we walked down in the processional because I was in the outside row and got to see them all well. I got in my seat and it was so great. The speeches were wonderful and it felt so good to be there! I got up and moved to the new seat and it was even better! I was closer to the action! I got lined up and walked across the stage. I was so focused on not falling and shaking the President's hand correctly that I never even heard the family cheer. I got to walk by the family again after I got my picture made and saw Kendall close up. It was so awesome. I am happy that they got such great seats!!!

After the ceremony we went to Spaghetti Warehouse and had a lunch. My parents were so great to host for me. It was nice. I got to see all my family and friends too!!

I am so thankful to everyone who supported me through this journey. It has been a long and hard road, but I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December already!!!

WOW! I can't belive how this year has absolutely flown by!!! Christmas is here again. Another year passing to be thankful for. It hit me the other day that this will be the end of a decade! The millenium was 10 years ago! That just can't be right!! It seems like it was just yesterday!!

Not much has been going on here. Kendall had her first dance recital today! She has been taking dance through her school and they had their Winter Show - it was so sweet. Their teacher is a former Texans cheerleader and a current Rockets powerdancer! I was impressed that she would still take time out to teach our babies!! She did a great job with them. Kendall's class danced to Christmas in the Islands - they did a hula ballet and then they danced What Time is It? It's Christmas time. It was a little hip-hop dance. The teacher let them keep their hair clippy from the first dance and the ball cap from the second dance. Did I saw how great she was!! I tried to put in some pics but they might be sideways - I apologize for that! Sideways or straight, you still just can't help but fall in love with this face!!

I FINALLY graduate from UH this Sunday. It does not seem real yet, but I know it is. I think Sunday when I am sitting there waiting for them to call my name it will sink in and I am sure I will be a complete mess. I just finished one of my three teaching classes. It was such an amazing feeling. I had a great instructor and I loved it! Two more start in the spring. I hope to start teaching in August. Let's all pray that I get a job!!!!

Kendall is so excited about Christmas! She can hardly wait! I love Christmas too and I can't WAIT until Christmas morning!! It is always so fun and Kendall is getting bigger and enjoying it more and more!!!

I am thankful for another great year as a mother, wife, daughter, student, aunt, sister, and friend! I made some great friends and I learned who some people really were as well. I am also learning more about myself as well. I am trying to pray more and let God be my guide. I saw this book that was interesting on a friend of a friend's blog. If she is a friend of Julie's then she must be great. Check out her blog for a cool book review and giveaway!!