Thursday, January 28, 2010

YAY!! Girl time!!

Well, today is Thursday (my Friday this week) I leave out early tomorrow morning with some great friends and be back Sunday evening! Daddy and Kendall are going to have some bonding time and then Granny is picking her up on Saturday. She has some GREAT fun planned for them. They are going to the movies to see The Princess and the Frog, then going home to make smores (Kendall makes roasted marshmallows LOL) and then on Sunday they are making dog biscuits for Pretzel and Peanut. On Sunday night they are going to bring her back to us and meet for dinner at Ginger Cafe for my b-day (I know it is not until next week, but they will be out of town).

Kendall is going to get her eyes checked tonight! When she was at her 4yo well checkup the nurse mentioned that her vision was about 20/40 - well last week when I was at the eye dr. she told me that my right eye was 20/40 - i felt SOOO bad!!! How could I be such a bad mom and let her have blurry vision. SO, tonight we will see if she needs glasses.

That girl has been testing my patience this week with sleep. She will not go to bed. I try and lay her down and she will toss and turn for an hour - it is killing me!! Last night I was so tired after class I just wanted to relax and then Chris needed help on his homework and she would not lay down - it was exhausting. SO, tonight after the eye exam, I get to go home, eat dinner, do some homework, finish packing up and load my car so I am ready to go in the morning and fit some sleep in there somewhere! AHHH the joys of motherhood and being a wife. I told a girl in my class last night that I needed a maid, she said she needed a wife! I thought I was going to pee my pants!!!! So, this morning I told Chris that a wife is what I wanted for my b-day!!!

Clearly it can't happen, but we shall see - I would settle for a cookie cake and some books LOL!!

I have to go for now!!

Remember, Love is all you need!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Musings...

Well, first, if anyone that reads this voted for SMA on facebook, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation won 6th place so THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Second, school is in full swing this week - the assignments are coming like crazy. Chris is definitely busier than me, but I try and help him out when I can :). He passed his math 4-8 contect exam so we were super excited!! His last obstacle is finishing this semester and graduating! Now we just need jobs to be all done and ready to go for the fall!!

Kendall starts Kindergaten on 08/23 and that is sooo scary! I am not ready for that by any means. I am ready to teach, but not ready for my girl to grow up. She is not supposed to be this big already!!

On another note, my friend Julie turned me on to a new blog and it is AWESOME!!!!!! It is called Tatertots & Jello. She has a gread giveaway this week and you should all check it out!!

Here is the link:

Well, I have a busy week and a scrapbook retreat this weekend so if I don't post again, have a great week and I will write next week (my b-day week) WAHOO!!!

<3 Niki

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

PLEASE!! Please send this to everyone you know and also vote! My friend's son had this terrible disease and passed away last year.

* SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) is a neuromuscular disease passed on genetically to children by their parents.

*SMA Affects a child's muscular development. The earlier the symptoms are noticed, the more severe the type of SMA.

*SMA is the Top Genetic Killer of children under the age of 2!

*1 in every 40 people carry this gene.*1 in every 6,000 children are born with SMA.


Okay friends! It is time for some action! If you have a Facebook account, you have an amazing chance to make a HUGE difference in the SMA community.
The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation can win $1 million dollars in the Chase Community Giving Program; can you even begin to imagine what that would do for the race for a cure??
We need everyone to vote and help get the word out! I'm going to steal Victoria's post from Gwendolyn's blog and repost it below. Please help. This would be a dream come true for so many families.

This is IT! Final round voting for the Chase Community Giving campaign on Facebook IS LIVE and runs through January 22. Below are simple instructions on how you can vote for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to help make a $1M MIRACLE an SMA reality.
Please dig deep, be shameless, and go the extra mile to bring this home for all of those impacted by this cruel disease. We can't do this alone, but together we can make this happen!


VOTING - simple instructions on how to VOTE!

- Go to -- This will take you to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Chase campaign site on Facebook. This is where you vote. Click on the "Vote For Charity" button to vote.

- You must have a Facebook account to vote. If you don't have a Facebook account you can easily sign up for one by going to and following the simple Facebook signup instructions.

- You may only vote for Gwendolyn Strong Foundation once, but GO NUTS! telling anyone and everyone you know to go to to vote for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATES - simple instructions on how to spread the word on Facebook
Do this every day during the final round of voting from Jan. 15-22.

Go to -- this will take you to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Chase campaign site on Facebook.

In the box titled "Help This Charity By Spreading The Word" on the left hand side of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Chase campaign page, CLICK the "Add To Profile" button.
A new box will pop open.

Add a personal comment if you wish in the white rectangular box.

CLICK "Publish".

INVITE YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS - simple instructions to make a personal plea to invite your Facebook "friends" to vote for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Go to -- this will take you to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Chase campaign site on Facebook.

In the box titled "Help This Charity By Spreading The Word" on the left hand side of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Chase campaign page, CLICK the "Invite A Friend" button.
A new box will pop open.

Check the boxes next to the "friends" you want to invite.

CLICK "Send Charity Voting Invitation".


Thanks everyone!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We made it!

Chris and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary last Thursday. It was nice - Since it was a weekday we did not celebrate. We ate fast food. He got me roses and of course Kendall had to get some flowers as well. Hers was a cute spring mixed bouqet. No doubt she picked them out herself. They were home that day so they surprised me and took me to lunch. He also got me a cute, cute, cute new Willow Angel. I love it! I did not have a couple one yet :). We exchanged cards and had a nice little family time evening.

Saturday the 9th we went on our date! We took Kendall to Granny's at about 12:30 and snuck out to see a movie. We watched New Moon. I liked it but I never like the movie as much as the book. I am sure it would have been better if I had not read it. I did learn that I LOVE Jacob in the movie! He is so cute! Oh wait, I am talking about a hot boy when I am blogging abour mt anniversary LOL! Anyway, we went home and hung out for a while and then went to the Melting Pot. I had been once before but Chris never had. In a word, AWESOME!! He loved it and I love it even more. I was so glad he liked it. It is not a cheap place and I was really hoping we were not spending all that money for him not to love it as much as me. But, we never do anything super special on our anniversary so I thought we could treat ourselves. I was so happy he loved it.

This week has been pretty boring. I am having a Creative Memories party Friday night and not very many people are comin *sad face*. That is OK, some others are ordering even though they can't come. I just want to hit the $400 mark so I can get cool prizes!!! Sunday Kendall's bff is coming over to play and then next week school starts back up. Chris is in his 2 last classes at UH and we are both taking 2 teaching classes. So, we are going to be busy again this semester but it will pay off. God willing we both get jobs and can start teaching in August.

AND, only 2 1/2 more weeks until the scrapbook retreat!!! YAY!! I have not been on one since before Kendall was two! SOO excited and it is with some AWESOME girls! I am so lucky to have met and gotten to know them better over the last year! The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have been trough a few friends, but He has lead me to some awesome ones this time and I pray that they are lifetime friendships!

Well, better get back to work :) Be back soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

WOW! I can't believe that it is 2010!! An entire decade ago we were celebrating the millenium. I remember as a kid all the things I thought would happen by the year 2000 and not many of them have. We were not driving flying cars and we did not live in space. Another 10 years have passed since then and we still are not doing these things. I know technology has jumped by leaps and bounds since the 80's though. Remember being in the 80's? Remember how far off the future seemed. Sadly, the past (the 80's) is not the same distance as the future felt. I am going to be 34 this year and it does not feel like I should be that old. Time flies like crazy. When you are young people to tell you to live life to the fullest and to cherish every moment becuase by the time you blink, it will pass, but you don't believe them. Well, now I do. They tell you all this again when you are pregnant, and boy, time goes even faster when you have a baby.

Well, I can attest to that! This year my sweet little ladybug will be 5!!! Five! Really, how on earth is that possible?!?!?! She is so sweet and funny and smart, but I was looking back at pics yesterday from when we first moved into our house in Atascocita and she was so darn cute and little. It just blows my mind that in 8 short months this tiny person is going to Kindergarten!!!
She is so excited about it - I don't know if she really gets it, but she knows she gets a big girl backpack and gets to take it to school everyday. AND, she is even excited about homework! Oh she has so much to learn LOL!!

2010 is going to be an interesting year for us all. We will celebrate 15 years of marriage on Thursday, January 7th. I can't believe I have been married so long. Another thought in time flying. Also this month I will start my teaching cert classes. YAY!! I am actually really excited abou them! February will bring my b-day. Whew, 34. Nothing too exciting in March and April, but May will bring Chris' graduation from UH and Kendall's b-day. I am hoping the summer will bring peace and job offers. I am praying that we both get jobs quickly and we can quit working by 07/30. This will give us a week or two off before we begin the HUGE new chapter in our lives. Two new careers as teachers and life with a Kindergartener!

I also thought of resolutions, but I never stick to them. It is the 5th already and I have not written anything down. I have prayed about what I want to change in my life, but have nothing I am going to feel bad about. A friend of mine (Julie) posted in her blog recently that she basically had the same idea. I read it today and was so happy that I was not the only one with these thoughts. Here are some things I want to work on this year...

1. To become a better wife and mother.
2. The keep a cleaner and less cluttered home and car.
3. To exercise more.
4. To spend time talking to God every day.
5. To work on becoming a better me.
6. To try and cook more.
7. To work hard at being a great friend.

I think with my less hectic schedule this year these are things that I can work on and goals I can attain.