Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Again!

Apparently Wednesdays are the magic day for me to remember to update LOL!

First, let me start off by saying this...I MISS MY MOMMY AND DADDY!!! They have not even been gone a week, but we talk at least every other day if not more and this STINKS! There are so many things I have wanted to tell her and thought about picking up the phone and then remembered "Hey, they are in Europe having the time of their life, they can't talk to you." Something else it has made me realize is that I am going to be LOST without them whenever they are gone.

OK, let me start the week...Thursday was a Pink Sox game. We won!!! We didn't need to win because we had already clinched 1st, but we won just the same!! It was great! Staying on this subject, the end of season tournament started Monday. We played the last place team and LOST!!!! It is a double elimination tournament so that STUNK! We played again last night and won so we are still in it. We play tomorrow night and if we win we play in the championship game on Friday. If not, we are out. I think if they stay focused and play again tomorrow like they played last night we can win both games!!

I don't know what happened from Thursday to Monday, but KJ had two strike-outs on Thursday and was very down. Monday night she hit off the pitcher and smacked it over the short stops head...she did that again and BOTH of her next at bats...SHE ROCKED!! She was SO proud (of course so was Mommy). Last night she did it again at both of her at bats. I don't know what happened, but she is a hitting rock star all of the sudden!!!!!!

Saturday was the company picnic I was telling you about. I was very nervous...It was fun. I kind of sat in the corner the whole time HAHA. Each person got a gift for coming and then all of the employees got a raffle ticket. They called numbers and then you got to go choose your prize from what all was left. At the end there were some prizes left over and they pulled numbers again. He won in that round. For the tickets he ended up with a digital picture frame and some fishing poles and tackle box. Well, they also had 4 bingo games. Guess who won the last one??? ME!!! The prize was an XBOX 360 with Kinect. Oh yeah, I rock I know!!! Well, J (R's son) was outside when we won it so I told him to go hide it in his truck and keep it for Christmas! SUCCESS!! J was never the wiser!!!! Just call me SANTA CLAUS!!! :)

Today is KJ's parent/teacher conference! I am so excited! She is such a smart girl and I can't wait to see how well she is doing!!!! Her conduct this year has been great and she has gotten 100's on EVERY spelling test!!!

Hopefully the rest of my week is filled with softball. I want them to win this thing SO BAD!!! they have all played so hard!

Saturday is zoo boo with several of my favorite people in which I have not seen in a LONG LONG LONG time and I miss them terribly. We are invited to a Halloween party Sat night as well. Not sure if we will make it. I will play it by ear. and just hanging out with my ladybug. We have no plans!!

I looked at my calendar for next week and am already stressed LOL. Halloween, team party, dr.s appts...UGH!!!! I just want to SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! I think after next week that will actually happen!!! Hopefully...maybe....we will see LOL!!

I usually close with HERE COMES THE SUN...I realized today that the sun has come and things are great so I need a new closing. It used to be LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED (both Beattle's song titles (my fav band ever))...I realized that while love is important, you definitely need more than that...SO, my new closing will be...MY BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD OF ME (Danny Gokey).


My Best Days Are Ahead of Me!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Before I get to the weekend and all the fun we had, let me just say...the Pink Sox clenched 1st place in their age group last night!!!!! We played the 2nd place team and won by ONE RUN! It was awesome! Kendall got 2 great hits and was very proud that they won and very happy they were in 1st place. There is still one game tomorrow night but win or lose, it doesn't effect us! Next week is the end of season tournament so I hope they play just as hard!!

Friday night Kendall went to spend the night with my parents. They are leaving town for a few weeks on Saturday so she needed some snuggle time with them. I went to Wazabi with friends and then to Stetsons. I danced and danced. I LOVE to dance! It was great. There was a band there instead of a dj. It was Jason Cassidy. I had heard of him but not seen him. He ROCKED!!! I def want to see him again!!!

Sat I got up and ran a few errands. I went to get Kendall and then we headed to Pearland. My home town. I have lived away from there almost as many years as I had lived there but it will always be home. MAN is it is nuts! We went to the bday party of a friends little girl. I have not seen this friend in 19 years...unbelievable. Larissa was a senior when I was a sophomore but we were in band and color guard together. When you are in band, everyone is essentially the same age/grade whatever. We were good friends back in the day and it was so nice to reconnect with her. Her kids and Kendall got along GREAT! We stayed the night out there and then came home on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was very relaxed. I had jury duty Mon morning so I had to get up super early. Normally K goes to her dad's on Monday's of his week but because I had to get up super early I had to take her over there Sunday night. I missed her...A LOT.

Monday was jury duty. I didn't even get picked to go to a courtroom and was dismissed about noon. I just went into the office. Monday night was cheer.

Yesterday was a SUCKY day all around. I was tired and stressed and work was driving me crazy. We had the game last night. It ROCKED!!!! Man it was a tough game and the other team made us work for it. I have two friends on that team and that makes it hard too. You want their kids to do well but you want yours to win...

Today I had the appt. with the rheumatologist. He took more blood and did a physical exam. I go back in 2 weeks. I am ready for them to just figure out what is wrong with me and stop feeling like crap. I go back on 11/02. He thinks it is either fibromyalgia, lupus, or this point I don't care WHAT it is...just FIX IT!!!

Tonight my mommy is taking K and I to dinner. I only see her tonight and at the game tomorrow before they leave for Europe....they don't come home until NOVEMBER 12!! I am not ok with this. I know I am a grown woman and 35 but I have never had my mommy out of picket for this long before. I am a little stressed LOL!

Heading to a company picnic on Sat for my handsome man. I am a tad nervous about meeting all his co-workers/friends...It is a little intimidating. I love spending time with him but this is stressing me out HAHA!!

Well, more updates to come on the Pink Sox and whatever happens with me and the doctor.


Friday, October 14, 2011


Soooo, here is what went down at last night's game...

We were the home team so we fielded first...KJ played shortstop. The other team scored 2 runs and we got 3 outs. We were now up to bat. KJ was 2nd in the lineup. She struck out...she was MAD. The same thing happened last night that had happened on Tuesday. She was measuring and got too close and knocked the ball off...we talked about it and I told her how to fix it and that on her next at bat I would remind her. Regardless we scored our 5 runs and went back out to the field...

2nd inning...KJ is on 3rd. She stopped a ball and got it back to the pitcher quick...We got our 3 outs and the other team did not score a run that time. Back up to bat...when it came back to KJ and she was on deck we talked about measuring and how she doesn't need to get her bat right up on the ball. She SMACKED it off the tee and it went over the pitchers head and almost to the grass!!! She then scored and we got our 5 runs and went to field...

3rd inning...I look up to see KJ standing in the pitchers circle...I was a bit confused. She knows the job of the pitcher, but has never played it or even practiced it. Let me tell you, that was the MOST STRESSFUL HALF AN INNING OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know that I even took a breath...(well clearly I had to have because I would have died and I didn't but you get the point).
you know what happened...SHE. ROCKED. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO impressed with how well she did. She focused, she stopped the balls. She even dove/slid on the ground when one got a little past her. She def has pitcher potential. We ended up with 2 outs and they scored their 5 runs. Since we were home team and the score was 10-8 in favor of us we did not have to bat again. The girls were so excited!

Our record is 5-2-1. I think that is great! We have 2 games to go! I really hope we stay in first place. The girls would LOVE IT! I am not sure if we have any closing festivities or trophies like the spring, but I hope so because they deserve it! They have played HARD!

On another note, being tall is awesome, most of the time. I am the tallest girl in my family and the ex is the tallest male in his so of course, ladybug is going to be tall. I have always believed that KJ will be taller than me. She is only 6 and already 4' tall. She told me last night that she is the 2nd tallest student in her class and the tallest girl. Only 1 boy is taller. YIKES! I thought she would take until at least high school to pass me but now I am not so sure. The only thing I worry about is her finding boys taller than her. I mean look, she is already taller than all but ONE...I had that problem...I am 5'8" and have ridiculously long legs. I refused to date anyone shorter than me so that narrowed down the choices...I ended up with a giant and I produced a giant. Now that I am back in the dating world, I have found someone that is taller than me. Not my much, but he is. It was funny. He thought that we were the same height and I kept telling him that I was indeed shorter. Well the other night we were standing face to face and he realized..."Hey, I am taller than you." Um yeah, I know lol. So, I have this giant child who I worry will be 6' tall when she is done growing...the population of boys 6' and over is SLIM...I don't want her to worry about her height! I want her to embrace it! We are working on that now and I keep telling her how AWESOME it is to be tall.

This weekend brings lots of fun. Kendall is going to Granny's tonight (they leave for Europe next Sat and need some loving time with the girl). I am going to dinner with some friends. Tomorrow we are going to an old friend's house for her daughter's bday. It is back in Pearland so we will be staying the night. I think Sunday is going to be all things Halloween! We are going to make Halloween cookies and paint the pumpkin from Dewberry!

Everyone have a great weekend!!! I have jury duty Monday morning at 8am downtown...I will update upon the completion of that task....


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy but sad

I am extremely happy with my life right now. I have a GORGEOUS daughter that I love with all my heart. She is a people person and loves to smile (she can also make anyone she meets smile). I have a great job, a place to live, wonderful parents, a good family, great freinds, and a sweet man in my life. I can't really complain about anything (except for feeling icky all the time but I am trying to fix that one).

I guess I just hink about all the great things in my life sometimes and wonder...what does your future hold. I never imagined that this is what my life would look life at 35. Single, in an apartment, doing a job I love and am good at but don't really WANT to be doing. I wonder if I will ever get that teaching job. It is such a blow to the ego to have gotten my degree, gotten my teaching certification, done my student teaching, and WHAMO...go right back to the industry that I went into just out of high school. I wonder why I wasn't ever chosen for a teaching job. I love kids, I am smart, I am charming...I guess that doesn't show on paper applications...I wonder if I ever will teach. I want to. I love it. I think about going back to get my masters and maybe working with kids in a different capacity, but I currently don't have the time or the money for that.

I try to remember all the wonderful things mentioned above that I am blessed with, but some days that is hard!!!! I know God has a plan for me and this is where he wants me, I just wish I knew why...

On antoher note, Kendall got her first "strikeout" of the season last night. She was hitting off the tee and had already missed the ball once. She was taking her time and measuring the bat to the ball like she is supposed to but accidentally bumped the ball with her bat and knocked it off the tee. Her response was thid "That umpire knew I was just measuring and that I didn't mean to touch the ball and she called me out anyway. It isn't FAIR." She did make 2 great plays at 2nd base so that helped with her self-esteem. Only 3 games left with this team. For that, I am thankful.

Anywayyy, enough crying LOL. I just have to remember that even though I can't see it, He does have a plan!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday again!

I can't believe it is already October 10th...I feel like school JUST started...We are almost done with the 9 weeks and in 2 weeks we have parent/teacher conference and get the first report card from 1st grade and her test scores! I can't wait to see them! I love seeing how well she is doing! She is such a smart little monkey!!!! I am missing her!! I haven't seen that stinker since Thursday and I got some interesting news that day and it was rough to leave her as she went to her dads.

A few weeks ago I had a physical and got some bloodwork done (I hadn't had any done in...well a long long time). I have been having some weird stuff going on such as losing TONS of hair, more frequent and severe headaches, feeling tired ALL the time, and achy. My doc devided to test me for lupus and to check my thyroid (among tons of other stuff) but those were his biggest concerns. I went back and had tested positive for lupus. When you test positive they generally run another test checking your "titers." I really don't know what this means, but they are supposed to be LESS than 1:40 and mine was 1:320....SOOOO, it was quite a bit higher than it is supposed to be. I asked him what next. Now I have to see a rheumatologist. I was referred to a dr. in Kingwood and I will see him on 10/19. My dr. told me there is about a 20% chance that it could be a false positive...that doesn't give me much hope. I know of a couple of people that have the disease and with treatment they are fine. Heck, one just had a baby!! If it is a false positive, then they are going to keep trying to find out what is causing all my problems. If it is lupus, I can now get treatment and maybe actually feel better now!!!

So, this happened on Thursday. I didn't get to KJ's game until almost 6 and was a wreck when I got there. I did not take the news well. So, KJ gets on deck fir her first at bat and low and behold, her batting stance is a MESS!!!! I was FURIOUS!!!! I told her to get her elbow up and she put the front one up...I asked her what she was doing and told her to get that back elbow up. Her response..."I can't. Coach wants it like this." That was not the right answer...I gave up and let her hit. She still got a hit at every at bat and got on base every time. They only have 4 games left and she is still batting 1.000. I will just have to work with her before January to get her fixed back to the correct and comfortable way.

Friday I went to see my handsome :) We went and had dinner and came home and SLEPT! I was beat! I couldn't sleep Thursday night and it took its toll on me. Sat morning we got up and went to his son's flag football game. It was cute. I have never seen little boys play football. The rest of the day we were super lazy and in the early evening a big storm came so it was the perfect lazy day. It rained A LOT!! They have had WAY less rain than we have had here so it was awesome to actually have two days of it!!! Sunday we watched the Texans and just relaxed. It was a great weekend :) I even got to watch Smokey and the Bandit...can you hear the excitement LOL. It was actually pretty funny. I think hearing him crack up was funnier than the actual movie :)

So, here we are, back to Monday. I think this is going to be a nice easy week. Cheer tonight and 2 softball games. KJ is out of school today and her dad is going to bring her by my office! I can't wait to see her in just about an hour!!!! She makes my world so much brighter!

This weekend I have a scrapbook crop but KJ was invited to a bday party on Sat so I don't know what I am going to end up doing...I REALLY need to scrap but I hate to choose what I want to do over what she wants to do. I will have to talk to Granny (they leave for Europe next Sat for THREE WEEKS...) and see if she needs some Kendall time before they go LOL.

Anyway, have a great week. I will update with Pink Sox results!!!! They are currently 4-1-1. Not too shabby :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time gets away...

Wow...It has been almost 2 weeks since I posted...I am trying to do better, but alas...time gets away!!!

I cna't believe it is OCTOBER! I love this month. It is the start of fall and the holidays and the part of the year I love the most. FALL FALL FALL I love it! Pumpkins and scarecrows and Halloween! I love it all...after that we have Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!! Plus I get to break out sweaters and hoodies and cute coats :) I just can't say enough about FALL!

The Pink Sox are 4-1. KJ is still batting 1.000 which I am SO proud of. Saturday she got the GAME BALL!!!!!!!! She made an amazing out at 3rd (her 1st ever out) to end the inning and then in the next inning she drove in the game winning run! She is doing SO much better! She is really starting to LEARN the game and not just stand out there :) LOL! I still don't like the coaches. They are rude to the parents and they make bad decisions. They give NO fielding direction and it is stressful!!!!!!! I am so thankful there are only 5 games left and I can guarantee she will NOT be on this team again...

Saturday after the game we went to Dewberry Farm. This is our 4th year in a row to go. We have always gone with someone but this year we decided to just go spend some quality time together and go on our own. It was great! We had such a great day. We had no schedule and no time we needed to be anywhere else. The weather was great. She got to do it ALL! It was the perfect day!

Sunday was my sister's b-day so we went over to her house and spent some quality time with the family. She caught a lizard and got a box from Lissa and kept it for a pet. Monday night when she went to her dad's house, I let him go. He was looking a little sick. I am sure tongiht when she comes home she is NOT going to be pleased...hopefully her compassionate side will come out...

I have her tonight and tomorrow she goes back to dad's until Monday. I am going to see my sweet handsome man this weekend. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks and even then it was a short time because we only had one day together (both of our kid's had stuff on Saturday morning so I couldn't go up on Friday). I am excited! I miss him! We have so much fun together! It is so nice to be with someone that has NO DRAMA! We get along perfect and we both enjoy the same things.

Nothing amazing coming up in the near future...just life.

Oh, KJ had gotten all 100's on her spelling tests so far for the year! This makes me one happy girl!!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather we are having and enjoying FALL!!!!!!

Here comes the sun!!!!