Friday, August 31, 2012

How am I not 1000 pounds?!?!?

If you looked in my trashcan at work today and had never met me, you would think a big giant 1000 pound woman sits here....

Here is the contents of my can...

* empty Funyun bag with this printed on the outside "NEW BIGGER SIZE"
* 3 tamale husks
* a 3 Musketeers wrapper with this printed on the outside "2 TO GO"
* a sonic bag

Also on my desk is a GIANT conic cup...

Now, in my defense, here is the real story of the trash can....

I hate most of the Funyuns yesterday so today there were just a few. I did eat all three tamales. The contents of the sonic bag only was a JR. cheeseburger. The 3 Musketeers did have 2 bars in it, BUT, they are smaller than regular bars AND I ate one yesterday and one today.

As for the Sonic is my weakness....I have a couple a week. I can't live without the Route 44 Sonic cherry Coke. Anyone that knows me well knows this. I really wish I didn't love them so much, but I do. I gave up Coke in June...I did not love it. I was grumpy. I drove by Sonic and I could HEAR the cherry coke's callllliiinnnggggg me!! NNNIIKKKIIIIIIIIIIII turn in! One won't hurt....UGH!! But, I did it and I don't think I ever really want to do it again!!

So, just to clarify, I am NOT a 1000 lb woman. I actually weigh the least that I have in over a decade. I work out and I don't eat A LOT, but what I do is JUNK. I can't imagine how skinny I would be if I gave up junk and actually ate healthy.......naaahhhhh...let's not think about anything so absurd!!


Fantasy Football 2012

I am playing fantasy football again this year! I made it to the playoffs last year! I however did not draft my own team because I could not make it to the draft. This year I went to the draft and it was super fun! I think I did awesome on my picks and can't wait until the season starts!!

Here is my list:

In more football news, Case Keenum played a lot last night for the Texans! Can't wait until this afternoon until the final cuts are made to see if I can get a #7 Keenum jersey!!!!

Also, UH has their season opener tomorrow against Texas State. It is a 6 and KJ actually asked me this morning if we could watch the game!! HECK YEAH!!! (I was planning on it anyway lol).


Let's make this another stellar year boys! New coach and players to work with!!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Well, KJ LOVES 2nd grade!!!

Friday night we met the teacher and let me tell you, I fell in LOVE! Her name is Nikki Salinas. I mean seriously! With a name like that, how can you go wrong HAHAHA!!!! She is younger, she went to A&M and her room is covered in it. They have a Hollywood theme in the classroom. She is an outgoing, bubbly, super cute lady! I love her!!!! There was not a spec of the wall that was not covered in some sort of decoration! She has a futon reading area, a director's chair in another corner with milk crates and pillows on them, the kid's names are all over the place. I am VERY EXCITED about this year and the new school! She had a slide show presentation for the parents and we filled out all the 1st day paperwork so we didn't have to do it then. She had microwave popcorn on each persons desk. I couldn't wait for the 1st day! I just knew KJ would love it! I asked her if she liked her teacher and she said "YEEESSSS!!!!" Thank goodness since I am so worried about her going to a new school. She was talking to the teacher and told her that she wants to play softball for UH when she goes to college. Her teacher smiled and patted her on the head and said "Or A&M". It was cute and we all got a laugh.

She went home with her dad for the weekend and I hung out with my parents and some friends all weekend. I had asked if she could come home on Sunday evening so I could get her ready on Monday morning. He was OK with that. Well I got a call about 10:30 Sunday morning saying she wanted to come home sooner. I felt bad but I was totally OK with that! So she came home and we relaxed and then had Subway for dinner. Came home, painted her nails and toes and then snuggled before an early bedtime!!

Monday morning she jumped out of bed and got dressed and made her lunch. She was ready to go. We met her dad at the school and I took some pics. We went to the classroom and she did awesome. I was taking pics and then I looked around and we were the only parents left in there. I took a couple more quick pics and then left her :( Then as I was walking out I remembered that I didn't get a pic of her and the teacher. I ran back and snapped the pic and left again.

When I picked her up I asked her how her day was and she told me that it was great and she even made friends!!!! YAY!!!!! She wanted Luby's for dinner and Coldstone for dessert so off we went. At the end of the night I asked her what her favorite part of the day was the same as the last 2 years...recess. I then asked her what was the worst part was and she said "going home" UGH! That melted my heart! SO thankful she loved it!!!

Last night the answers to those same two questions were the same :) Proud Mommy!!!!


Friday, August 24, 2012


I thought I was past all this. KJ is going into 2nd grade. It isn't like she is just starting out, but I go SO emotional this morning thinking about how much she has grown! I was in tears in the shower...I am a mess. Even as I type this I am holding back tears!!! I can't believe that she is a SECOND GRADER! She was JUST born! She will turn 8 during this school year, we are starting a new school, she is moving up in softball, she is bridging to brownies, her teeth are all growing in and she is losing that toothless grin....everything is changing!!

I know why this is all stirred up :) I was hanging out with a good friend of  mine last night and her littlest is 3. Her girls go to KJ's old daycare. I asked M what class she was in and she told me the Frogs and her teacher was Ms. C. I almost lost it!!! My baby was in that same class and had the same teacher. I can't believe it was 4 years ago! She learned SO much from this amazing woman. She learned some sight words, she learned to write her name and got better on her letters, she learned that color was only on the outside and that we are the same on the inside. She made so many lasting friendships in that class. Girls that she is still friends with today even though they all go to different schools. She met her best friend in this class and subsequently I met mine!! We already knew them, but when they joined the this class, they grew so close and so did I with her mom! Ms. C taught all the kids to be good, kind, respectful children and they all had fun! The best was all the HUGS she gave. She gave them to the kids ALL the time and on rough days, she even gave them to parents!

She isn't her first teacher and she isn't the only one that made an impact on KJ's or my life, but she was indeed one of the BEST! I didn't really realize that until this morning when I thought about my friend's daughter being in the same class. Anyone who has the chance for their child to be in that class should be honored! We love you Ms. C!!!

Now I will go off and cry the next 4 hours until we meet the teacher! I will suck it up for KJ's sake because I know she is nervous about the new school and then I am sure I will cry again when she heads home with her dad.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

weekend fun!

Wow! I had a GREAT weekend!!! I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for and I got to spend the weekend with both of them!! But most of the time was spent with my beautiful ladybug!

Thursday we went school shopping with Granny and Pawpaw and she wanted to go home with them and skip daycare on Friday. I had plans Friday night so she was already staying that night. I missed her like crazy for being away from her that long when I was supposed to have her, but luckily we were together until about 830 on Thursday night and Friday I had plans so that kept my mind busy.

Friday we were celebrating my friend Meredith's divorce being final! We went to a bar in the heights. It was an ok place, but I am a music girl so I didn't LOVE it, but I LOVED the people I was with! I didn't get a picture with Meredith, but I did get one with my bestie and my other great friend Kris :)

Kris, Liana, and me
Saturday I got up and met KJ and Granny at the library in Dayton. They were having a wildlife specialist from Baytown come in and have a little presentation. They had a tarantula, a corn snake, and a baby alligator. They also had several pelts. KJ is an animal (of all kinds) FREAK! She LOVED it and kept wanting to touch the snake. She is a rockstar! Man I love that buggy!!! Here she is with the snake!
KJ and a corn snake

Saturday afternoon we were supposed to have a pool party at Kris' house, but the weather was horrible so we just went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got her lunchkit and then to Target for the dress that couldn't be found at the Target by our house. SUCCESS!!! She is now all set for school! YAY!! Although I am so not ready for her to start 2nd grade. Since the weather didn't cooperate, I still wanted our day to be fun so we went to see Paranorman at the movies. It was SO cute. We laughed through the whole movie and it had SUCH a good message! Later on that evening we grocery shopped and got pizza and a Red Box. We got Mirror Mirror which also was HILARIOUS!

Sunday morning we had plans to go to church, but....we overslept and I didn't set the alarm right. KJ woke up 5 minutes after the service started and yelled "CHURCH". Yep, we missed it and she was mad at me. Instead, we cleaned her room until it was time to get ready to go to the Astros game! They stunk it up and lost, but KJ had fun and got to run the bases and we had GREAT seats so it was still fun! Granny and Pawpaw went too so after we all went to Baskin Robbins...YUMMM!!!
a view from our FRONT ROW seats

my baby and I

2 of my favorites!

KJ lost her 1st scoop...

Monday KJ went back to her dad's but I did get her all registered at her new school!!! She is now a Panther! After I dropped her with her dad, I went to this amazing women's night event at the church I have been wanting to try! It was an AMAZING night! I really left there feeling so moved. Before the service they have vendors and snacks and all kids of girly stuff. I went with my coworker Jenn who goes to that church and it was a really good night!!
my Panther!!!

cute cupcake from Wonder Woman

Tuesday KJ and I had hair appointments so I traded nights with her dad since her appt. wasn't until 630. It was a nice lazy evening with lots of love and snuggles! Even Hercules found a woman LOL!!
Hercules and his girlfriend!

I don't see KJ again until Friday for Meet the Teacher at her school and I have NOTHING planned until then! YAY! REST!!! I can't wait to meet her teacher! KJ isn't super excited for school this year. She is nervous about changing schools, but she knows SEVERAL kids there so I am sure she will be fine!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

weekend update...a little late

So, this is a few days late, but it all still happened right!!

It was a very nice, low-key weekend. It was fabulous! Not too much rushing, time spent with great friends and family and time to relax!!!

Friday night I ha to get KJ her school supplies. There is a company that pre-packages them and sells them to the parents. You can order these before the school year is over and they are waiting for you when you get to school, but KJ was changing schools, I didn't order them. They also sell them 2 days in August before school starts. They are offered at 2 schools. One on one side of 1960 for all the schools on that side of the road and one on the other side for the corresponding schools. I get to the school and guess what?!?!!?? They are sold out of 2nd grade packs for her school! They told me I could get them at Kroger's or Walgreen's for just a small mark up. I went to Kroger's and about had a heart attack! The company was selling them at the school for $36...Kroger wanted $50!! Um thanks, but NO! So I went to Walgreen's. They were selling them for $40. I bought those and she picked out a green school box inside and we were good to go. It was her dad's week but he let her go with me to get the supplies. He was going to pick her up when he was done working out, but she wanted to go to the friend's house where he was.

I had plans to go to happy hour with one of my bestest girls. Earlier in the day I just wasn't feeling it. After the school supply fiasco, I needed a margarita and I needed it STAT!! So I drove over and met Court and her friends. It was a good time. There were a few, um, special people there...they were talking about ADHD and how their sons had it and they only game them their meds on school days. I was trying SO HARD to keep my mouth shut. I have a degree in social science and a minor in psychology...I am well versed in this topic, but I didn't know these girls so I just decided it wouldn't be best to tell them that the meds DID NOT work that way and that you have to take them all the time so they stay in your system....THEN...holy moly another one decided to say she knew what caused ADHD...this has to be good right?? She said it was because when you have ADHD, the chromosomes in the front of your brain don't connect...........................................................................................I know right! She was clearly not educated on the topic and I had SO much to say, and my face showed it. Court said I was in shock! She was willing me in her brain to be nice and not say anything. Sadly, even if I would have said something, these were the type of women that would not have listened anyway. So, I kept my mouth shut, but told alllll my other friends about it!!! It was horrific! It was like a train wreck happening right in front of my eyes. Despite that, I had a great time and Court and I stayed longer than the rest and even shared our table with some new people that came in LMAO!

Saturday I got up at the butt crack of dawn and went with Kay and Vaughn to meet Kim and Corrie to run in a 5k in Friendswood. This was a charity run for a sweet little man named Rowan who had been in a pool accident in May and miraculously made it through!!! So, we all met up and started to run and my dang knee started to give out and hurt very bad! I didn't even make it a mile :( but I ran the last small leg with Kim and we crossed the finish line together! (more on the knee to come).

I went home, took a nap then started getting ready for my date with the most amazing man in the world, my Dad! He had tickets to Ezra Charles and my mom didn't want to go so I got to go instead! We headed out to Galveston and got a little snack ont he way! The concert was great and we had a good time together! We got back to his house at about midnight! I stayed the night!

Sunday I got up and he made me cinnamon toast (YUMMM) and then they wanted me to go to Walmart with them. I did and we went to Cato after (one of my fav stores) and I got 4 shirts and KJ got a new dress and a skirt! Thanks MOMMY!!! We went to a burger joint after and had some yummy food and then we went home. I helped them unload the groceries and then I headed home myself. I relaxed for a bit then I went on a picture hanging frenzy. I have lived in my apartment over a year and NOTHING was on the walls! Not anymore! I have just a few more things to get up and then I will be all done! Some stuff I need help with (called in the ex for help there) and then yay! It will be beautiful. The below is one small wall I did but I love it! I am named for my great grandma and I was born on her bday! So here is our wall :)

Monday I got my girl back and we just relaxed at home. Last night we went to the gym and I did cardio kickboxing and darn it if my knee didn't start hurting halfway through! I finished and I loved it, but UGH! I guess it is time I head to the doctor :(


Friday, August 10, 2012

What a week!

I tried so hard to not plan anything this past week and keep it low key and relaxing, but I just can't do it! What is wrong with me LOL!!!!

Monday I went to the gym early and came home and actually relaxed. I watched Urban Cowboy. I love that movie. Bud is not a nice guy, but I just love a handsome cowboy :).

Tuesday I got KJ (it is not my week but we had Girl Scouts) and we met the girls at the YMCA to donate the backpacks and supplies that the girls collected. We were able to donate 3 full backpacks to the Operation Backpack program! It was a great feeling. After, a few of the girls went for ice cream at Tutti Frutti!

Most of Troop 9650

Tutti Frutti girls

Wednesday was my night with KJ and we had a family dinner at Italiano's for my sister's bday (on 08/09). We had a nice time! I am in LOVE with my niece. She was born on Valentine's day and gets cuter every day!!!

KJ and Kaylie
Ray and KJ - he is 6 weeks older
Riley eating spaghetti!

Thursday night I was going to go to the gym and relax again but then my sister's nephew (kind of my cousin by marriage) had an extra ticket to Vince Gill at the Arena Theatre. I LOVE VINCE GILL!!!!! I went with him and we had a BLAST!!!!! We were so close. He is still AMAZING! It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen. The venue was great. It only seats about 2800 and the acoustics were great. The theatre is in the round and the stage spins. I loved it and want to see more concerts there!!!

ME :)
Tonight I am taking KJ to get her school supplies and the she goes back to her dad's for the weekend. I am going to go home and rest up for the 5k I am running in the morning. In the evening I am taking my dad to see Ezra Charles in Galveston. Sunday I am going to try and scrapbook some! YAY! I haven't had time since January so I need to get caught up (HAHAHAHAAH).

And here are two pictures that just make me happy. First, purple is my favorite color so I stole this pen from one of my friends in the warehouse at work. Second is a cute little squirrel that lives outside my apartment. They are normally so fast and KJ and always say SQUIRREL (like from the movie UP) when we see them, but this one was super still and nervous when I was out with Hercules so I was able to snap a good pic of him!!!


Monday, August 6, 2012


I had my ladybug this weekend and we did it up BIG!!!!! I took the day off on Friday so we had a nice 3 days to spend together!

Our weekend started on Thursday night! We came home and ate a mish mosh dinner. Fruit, veggies, some turkey meat. Then we had some popcorn and we watched Lion King 1 1/2. It was a pretty cute movie. We all fell asleep in my recliner snuggled up. When I put her and Hercules in bed, I left the room for a minute and he was barking like mad. I looked at the front door to see if he needed to go out, but he wasn't there. He was still on the bed barking his tail off at all the stuffed animals on her bed. It was SO FUNNY!!!

Friday morning we slept in a little and then got up and made some yummy Pillsbury Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. They were SO good! We got up and ready and headed to pick up the Brothers of the Sun tour concert tickets I had won!!! After we got those we went to the Girl Scout shop to check out Brownie supplies. KJ really wanted McDonalds for lunch and I turned down Kirby and remembered that Crave cupcakes was over there!!!! So, after McDonalds, we got some cupcakes!!! On our way home we stopped for pedicures!! After that, we went home and packed some clothes and got our boy and went to Granny and Paw Paw's for dinner and a sleepover. We had spaghetti and garlic bread and cheesecake and cake for dessert and then played Monopoly. KJ won. I was schooled by a 7yo.

Saturday I was woken up at 5:30am by a vomiting child. It was not a nice feeling. She puked several more times. I was bummed because we had the concert to go to and couldn't go if she continued. She threw up about 12:20 for the last time and kept some gatorade and grapes down. We got ready and headed to Reliant for the concert. As we were walking in, guess what!!!! She had to puke. She leaned over a concrete barrier and barfed. I had just paid $20 for parking, but gave her the option of going home anyway. She didn't want to. She wanted to go see Tim and Kenny. A little later she had some peanuts and coke and I was sooooo stressed about vomit, but she held it all down! She was such a trooper! I loved the concert. She did too. She slept a little during Tim McGraw, but danced and laughed during Kenny Chesney. We missed Jake Owen but saw Grace Potter. At the end of the show Tim came back out so they could sing their duet "Rockstar". They also sang "Tractor Sexy", "Indian Outlaw", The Fireman", and "Born to Run" together. On the last song Jake Owen and Grace Potter came out and sang too and they all signed autographs!

Sunday we were supposed to go to church, but since we didn't get home until 12:30am after sitting in traffic, I let her sleep a little later. We got up, had some breakfast and got ready for the beach! We went to my friend Kris' house and we all loaded up (with her daughter and daughter's bf) and headed out to Freeport. It rained on us on the way down, but it turned into a nice day. Haleigh found a crap while digging with KJ and KJ kept it as a pet the whole day. It was the freakiest little crab I have ever seen! I had never seen anything like it. I have showed the picture to SEVERAL people and no one has ever seen such a thing.

We had a fabulous weekend and this morning she went back to her dad's for the week. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a girl scout event at the YMCA to donate the backpacks and supplies we collected. Then I have her Wednesday. That is about all I have planned for the week. I might scrapbook and hang some pictures and def be at the gym often. Saturday I have a 5K I am running in and a concert with my dad but that is about it!! I am excited!!!! I have not had a lot of down time lately and I am STOKED!!!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I missed this girl extra this week for some reason. It could have been because I was with the Jensen girls this weekend and they are so fun it made me miss my bug! All I know is I missed this face!!! MAN I LOVE THIS BABY (who is almost to my shoulders....).

I had my glasses on last night and she wanted a pic to see how much we looked alike WITH them because everyone says how much we look alike WITHOUT them...

What do you think??? Naaahhh...nothing alike LOL

We have a very fun weekend planned. I took the day off Friday and we are just going to hang out. I have to go pick up tickets to THE BROTHERS OF THE SUN concert that I won on 93Q last night! KJ asked me if kids could go and when I told her yes, she asked if I was taking her...YES MA'AM! I cam SO excited for her to experience KC in concert!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday, errands and dinner with Granny and Pawpaw. Saturday we will do the concert and Sunday we will go to the beach with friends!

Can't wait to post a weekend update!!!!