Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend and things

Friday went well. I had my interview - it was long - I met with who will be my boss, the VP of HR, and the Asst. Director of HR. Think it went well. I have two more phone interviews on Tuesday and then I should hear...


Friday night I went to one of my BFF's houses to play. K and her baby are more than best friends as they say, they are sisters. They share a bday and their names both start with K. They love each other but they fight like sisters. I think Kbear as her mom calls her is too used to having a baby sister. She told K she couldn't play with some toys because she might break them. Her mom said hello, she is the exact same age as you!!!! It was funny. I think K was bothered by it but they were tired at this point. As we were leaving they jumped up to give each other a huge hug and K's tooth (the loose one) bumped Kbears eye and there were HUGE TEARS. Like I said, super tired. I was hoping it would knock K's tooth loose enough to get out, but no such luck!

I did get some Mommy talk time :) I don't get to talk to L very much for lengthy amounts of time so it was nice.

Sat we ran some errands, took a nap, and had movie night. We went to my friends resale shop Head 2 Toe and I shopped a little for my bday. Kendall LOVES Kenya, the owner, and she evidently found something she wanted to get me for my bday. Kenya evidently hooked her up. I have no clue what it is and I can't wait until Sat to see it!!!

Today we lazed around until we got out to eat a late lunch and then ran into WalMart to get a posterboard and some raisins. The poster was for K's 100 things posted for the 100th day of school on Tuesday. She had to have raisins for their celebration, that was what she was assigned to bring...

She could do 100 of the same things, or 10 groups of 10 things - that is what she decided to do - here are her 10 things:

10 pcs of ribbon 10 pics of herself
10 paperclips 10 safety pins
10 hearts 10 stickers of states
10 buttons 10 butterfly stickers
10 bone stickers 10 jewels

She is in LOVE with the poster. We worked together well and had fun! She never even got frustrated which was a major accomplishment!! Tuesday is the big 100th day! She has been talking about it since BEFORE Christmas break!

Less than a week til my bday! Get to see one SUPER AMAZING friend on Wednesday and another on Fri and then on Sat, K and I are going to the zoo and maybe we will go to the melting pot for dinner :)

Softball starts Wednesday - the freaking coldest day of winter...GREAAATTTTTT.....

Anyone want to buy some candy LMAO!!

Ohhhhh! Watching The Outsiders. Have not seen it in ages. LOVE IT!

Here comes the sun...

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