Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First day back!

Well, today was the first day back with the kids! I think it went well. I got loads of hugs and everyone had so much to share. Sounds like most of my kids had a great break! I had 2 kids check out today. They are evidently moving. I was bummed. They were two great kids! I will miss them. I only saw half my kids today and I will see the rest tomorrow (thank you block scheduling). I am excited to see them. I love my job so much. It is stressful but so amazing! I am making this year my calm and up to date 2014. I was behind and overwhelmed a lot this fall semester but I am vowing to stay on top of it all this year!!!

School starts for me again Monday. One class is posted but I haven't seen the syllabus and the other one isn't posted yet. I have 6 more to go so I am ready to get started! I really love school. Maaayyybbeeee one day I will go for the PhD. Mayyybbeeee.

I get to see my super amazing ladybug tomorrow! It is also my niece's bday. She is going to be 18!! I can't believe it! It doesn't seem possible. She is the cutest thing in the world. She reminds me so much of me. She is strong, intelligent, independent and so smart! I am so proud of her and I love spending time with her. She is about to graduate and go to college and I just can't believe it. I know I said that but she is not supposed to be this grown! We are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate her big day! Can't wait to see her!

This year I am in an HLSR committee again. Last year I joined one and then changed and then never worked because it was just screwy, but I badged so I got to go to the shows. This year I am on a new committee, Carnival Ticket Sales. I get to sell the discount ticket packs. A good friend from high school hooked me up and got me on the committee and his team. This is a GREAT team! Everyone is SO nice and helpful. The best part of this committee is that it is done by cook off and I don't have to work at all during Rodeo and get to see any show I want! YAHOO!!!

This weekend I get to see my honey. I miss him. We got to see each other a lot more in November and December because of the holidays and J's bday. I haven't been away from him too much lately. It has been 2 weeks and I am missing him! I need a hug :) We don't have any plans except for a basketball game for J. Other than that, we get to be lazy since school doesn't start yet!

Having a great 2014 so far.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

I am a BEAST!

So I decided to clean this wreck of a house the last few days I am off. I have thrown away tons of trash and gotten rid of toys. Every room has been purged. I couldn't take it anymore. Kendall helped SO much today. She came home from her dad's yesterday and we went to the movies to see Frozen with Granny and PawPaw so I didn't do anything yesterday after about 5.This morning we slept in and she got up and worked and helped and I was so proud! We rearranged and trashed and gave stuff away.

I was SO proud. She gave away THREE bags of stuffed animals. We took them to Humble PD and they would only take one bag because of storage space. The lady told me that the fire department would probably take them. We drove down the street and they took the remaining two bags. She did not want to part with those babies, but she knew she was donating them to help other children that really needed them. It was tough!

Tonight we cleaned and cleaned and organized some more. I am almost done!!!! We also took a little time to play some of KJ's new games!!

I want to finish tomorrow morning. We are supposed to go to eat and see Zoo Lights with mom, dad, Curtis, Kristin and the kids tomorrow evening and I want to spend Sunday just snuggling. I have to go back to work on Monday and KJ starts school on Tuesday. She also goes back to her dad's on Monday. I want a day to just love on my ladybug!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in review - Picture edition! 2013

These are in NO ORDER! Read the captions for details LOL!
Our first day of school! 

2nd grade rewards ceremony - May

BFF's for YEARS! - August

First pic of NYE

top of the arch! - June

The Arch's shadow on the Mississippi - June

waiting on our cast! June.

another broken arm - June 

January - man this makes me feel amazing!

me and the bestie - May - Abug's graduation (20 years after momma's)

the bestie and I at her and R's 20yr reunion! - July

GS field trip to HMNS - November

camping food - October

This may be one of my fav pics of the year - camping - October

CASE!!!!!!! My boy Case Keenum is now playing as the starting QB for the Texans!

Our amazing removable and waterproof cast - June

They finally hung our sign!!! June

Their 1st cookie booth!!! February

Cousins! July

Dad, Ezra Charles and I - Dosie Doe - June

Christmas montage - December

MY DOOR!!!!! August

We parked next to Ezra!!! June

mom, sister and I - top of the arch - June

Granny's bday - July

KJ's new boots! February

old friends! R and P-Nut's 20 yr reunion - July

BFF's celebrating my bday! February

Momma's country girl! December

Happy Halloween!! October

Happy 10th bday J!! December

Daisy has on her soft top - April

my 4th of July meal

R and I - <3 july="" td="">

KENNY!!!!!! March

on her 1sr coaster - Kemah - June

kids! July

KJ 1st day of school!

Happy bday to my amazing girl! May 24, 2013

KJ and Buccee - they match - April

On our way to Elf - December

my beautiful girls! KJ and her cousin Evangeline - December

Kendall and the frog she likes in Rayne, LA - Happy Mother's Day 2013

KJ and I - Kenny Chesney - Rodeo 2013 - March

cutest reindeer EVER! December

Ten Man Jam - December

Happy Turkey Day - 2013

on our way to Kickapoo Kamp - April 2013

Probably my most fav place on earth! Top of the mountain at Kickapoo - April


Waco Zoo - July

Last day of school - June

YAHOO!!!! Last day! June

Liana and I <3 nye="" td="">

KJ and I - Granny's bday - July

Elf - December

LOVE - September

Aylin's bday - September

ZOO BOO!!! October

Ice cream after getting my baby back - I lost a weekend when I went to STL for my aunt's funeral - June

Mother's day - May

Arch / STL montage - June

Softball fun day - April

Shannon (my color guard big sis) and I at the reunion -- July

Our cast - NSMS talent show - October

Just the girls - NSMS talent show - October

NYE cake pops!!! 

Meredith, Liana and I - NYE 
Pink Out Day - October

Jack Bibby - Rattlesnake Roundup - February

My love and I - reunion - July

Girl scouts at the Ronald McDonald House tour - November

Happy Anniversary - Lake Belton - June

Happy bday R - Love you! March

CAMPING! October


Lake Belton - June

:) Reunion - July

Happy Thanksgiving - November

SANTA! December

Schlitterbahn - August

softball tryouts - February

4th of July sparklers!

George Strait - St. Patty's Day - March

Ten Man Jam - December

Thanksgiving Feast at PFE - November

SANTA CAME! December

The tree is up! November

Turkeys - I received 5 or 6 of these - these are from my students telling me how much they like my class and how I have made a difference in their life - November

My Valentine - February 
West, Tx - June

Wicked - Jayme, KJ and I - July

5th annual zoo boo - Alexa, KJ, Kayli and Daniel - OCtober