Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to school...

Well, it was back to school day for K today! She did GREAT! She got up in a happy mood, got ready with no problems, ate breakfast and even wore what I wanted her to LOL!!

I MISSED HER! Since I am not working (love being home, hate the zero income), I was home with her the whole Christmas break. It was such an amazing blessing. Today was BORING! No Wii, no operation, I even had to remember to eat! AND, just as I was snuggling in for a nap, I realized it was time to go get her...OH well, there is always tomorrow. She stayed on green which was super impressive because I just knew she was going to have SO much to say after being away from her friends and teachers for that long!!!

A positive note, I have an interview tomorrow. It is far away and not for a lot of money, but it is an interview...I have applied to AT LEAST 100 jobs. It pains me to say that!! I have always gotten jobs so easily and have always left a job for a new one. This is the first time that I have ever really had to look. I am praying that tomorrow goes well because I could just take this one (which is a smidge more than unemployment) until a better paying one comes along. This is a marketing company for some fortune 500 companies. Hopefully, another one of the 8 jillion hiring people will call me too and maybe, just maybe I will have a job mid-month.

BTW, my birthday is only 31 short days away!!! I hope some major changes have gone into effect by then, but only time will tell!!!

I will let you all know (all sad 5 followers (I so wish I had more)) tomorrow how it goes!!!



  1. I'm sure there are many lurkers! I know there are on mine. ;)

    Praying for you that you will get a job Niki! And a good paying one at that!!! I know you will - good things are on their way for you.

    P.S. - Christmas is over. Heheh - I told K to tell you that because um, your decorations are stil up!

  2. i am sure you have lurkers and when you come across something really cool that you don't mind parting with have a giveaway! You will get followers then! HA!