Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2010

I had many goals for 2010. Some I accomplished, others, not so much. Here is where I stand...

I wanted to get a teaching job for the fall. FAIL - I ended up losing my job in June and having to student teach to get my teaching cert. At the end of the day I am a fully certified teacher no matter how it came. Still not employed though...

Wanted to lose 25 lbs. I did not lose any - FAIL. I guess I will try again this year. For REAL!!

Wanted to train to run a half-marathon. Started, quit - FAIL. I don't even know what happened here...I think it started when I was not accepted into the race. Our group did not win a spot in the lottery. Which sucks. I could have done race for a reason, but you had to raise money and if you didn't raise the amount of $ you agreed to then you are responsible. Well, with no job, I just could not take that risk. So I gave up. LOSER!!! I just gave up and quit running.

I wanted to make myself happy. FAIL. I am not happy. There are many reasons for this, but I am not ready to list them yet. Some have to do with the above, some don't.

I did follow through with wearing make-up more often. And reading my 26 books for the year (BARELY - just finished one today!!!)!!! I did accomplish a little, but going into 2011, I am feeling like a GIANT FAILURE!!!!

Here are my 26 books:
1. Dear John Nicholas Sparks
2. A Long Way Down Nick Hornsby
3. True Believer Nicolas Sparks
4. Barefoot Elin Hildebrand
5. Eat, Love, Pray Elizabeth Gilbert
6. The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold
7. A Walk to Remember Nicholas Sparks
8. The Last Song Nicholas Sparks
9. Lucky Alice Sebold
10. Almost Moon Alice Sebold
11. Crossings Danielle Steele
12. Message in a Bottle Nicholas Sparks
13. The Chris Farley Show Tom Farley
14. How to be Lost Amanda Eyre Ward
15. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas James Patterson
16. Sam's Letters for Jennifer James Patterson
17. The Last White Knight Tami Hoag
18. 1st to Die James Patterson
19. 2nd Chance James Patterson
20. 3rd Degree James Patterson
21. 4th of July James Patterson
22. 5th Horsemen James Patterson
23. 6th Target James Patterson
24. 7th Heaven James Patterson
25. The Choice Nicholas SParks
26. 8th Confession James Patterson

WHEW!!!!! OK, more to come later on resolutions for 2011. There is a list and I have some pretty high expectations for myself. Let's hope I can do it!!

So, for 2011, HERE COMES THE SUN!!!

<3 Niki

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  1. List all your accomplishments for 2010! I bet they will make you smile.