Monday, July 30, 2012

Great weekend with at hint of sadness

I had a really fun weekend, but the whole time I had a twinge of guilt and sadness that my ladybug wasn't with me. I miss that girl when she is at her dad's more than anyone can imagine and when I am out doing fun things (especially things she would love and if other kids are there) I feel pretty sad and guilty.

Friday I met one of my favorite people for happy hour at Chuy's. We had a couple of margaritas and some chips and salsa and caught up! It was SO great to see her. After, I went home and relaxed and was in bed by 10:30. It was awesome!

Saturday morning I got up and met my girl at the optometrist to pick up her glasses. They had finally come in and it was time to pick them up. I got the BIGGEST hug when I saw her and I really didn't want to let her go!! She tried on her glasses, they made a few adjustments and told her a few rules and then it was time to go :( she had to go back to her dad's for the rest of the weekend...

I ran to Wal-Mart for a few things and then was headed out to Lake Jackson to hang with Liana and her girls at her moms house for the weekend. We went to the Clute Mosquito Festival. I had never heard about it before which cracks me up because I grew up in Brazoria county. We took her two babies and they rode some carnival rides (I rode a few too), ate a snow cone and played some games. It was a fun little festival, but it was HOT!!! We went back to her mom's and swam and then ate a little dinner.

After the girls were in bed we were going to go back and watch Kevin Fowler, but the tickets were $15 each so we decided to go to a little bar down on Surfside. It was cool. We sat on the patio by the water and the drinks were cheap! We made a stop at IHOP on our way home and that was a FIASCO! It took forever to get our food and there were some characters in there....

Sunday we got up and had breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes) and then headed to the beach. We stayed for a few hours then went back to her parent's to swim and have a late lunch/early dinner. It was great. I do know that I must have gained 4 lbs after staying there. They spoiled us on food and snacks! We had ice cream cones Sat night, pancakes for breakfast, and for dinner they made chicken, sausage, brisket, cole slaw, baked beans, chips, watermelon, cookies, the works!! Her parents are great! I left about 6 and came home and cleaned a little and snuggled my Hercules and was in bed again by 10:30.

Again, I had all this fun but it was not as fun as it could have been because I didn't have my baby girl. BUT, she comes home TODAY!!! And I can't wait to get my arms around her! I am going to take her back to the beach on Sunday and she is SO excited! I may try and sneak a movie in there somewhere as well! All I know is I am going to snuggle her like crazy!!!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

low key

This has been a pretty low key week for me. I haven't done a lot, but I am exhausted all the same.

Monday I just had dinner with my parents at Ginger Cafe and I had some sushi and edamame. I went to the gym after and I ran 3 .3 miles. I am planning on doing a 5K on 08/11 and I am trying to get back in shape. I am doing ok, but not 5k ready...

Tuesday I went to the gym when I got home then I met some friends at Big Texas North for Wade Bowen/Randy Rogers acoustic show. It was AWESOME! We had such a blast!!!!!! I got home VERY late and was super tired the next day!

Dana and I

Theresa, Brittani and I

Randy Rogers (l) and Wade Bowen (r)

Wednesday KJ had to have a cavity filled. She has 2 and this was the 1st appointment. They filled the cavity and put sealants on her back adult molars to protect them. She did awesome! She got to bring a movie and wear headphones while they worked on her and they also gave her nitrus to relax her. She chose Rio as her movie and grape scent as her nitrus flavor. I got to go back with her for a minute while they got her set up, but they made me leave while they did the work. I won't lie, this stressed me out, but it was done and over in about 15 minutes so not too bad. She was a ROCKSTAR which makes me so happy because I am still afraid of the dentist!

Yesterday I was in a BAD mood. I didn't know why. I was frustrated with the dentist from the day before because the quote they gave me for KJ's work doubled and I was not happy and then when I got to pick her up on Wednesday, she had lost her diamond earring down the water fountain at school. One of the teachers was able to recover it and we baked him cookies and wrote a thank you note, but I was still so irritated. We were running late yesterday morning and KJ was just in a la ti da mood that I was just grumpy. Well, I got two treats, a vendor came and dropped me off some Astros tix for August that I had requested so KJ and I could go and then another one came and brought my department a cookie cake!! YUM!!!! My favorite. Then I had a date last night so it ended well LOL.

Last night I had a friend come over for dinner. I made pork chops and some garlic red potatoes. I have to admit, I was nervous about the food. I don't cook that much because it is just me half the time and the other half when KJ is home, she doesn't eat enough or like enough stuff to warrant me cooking HAHA. So, when you don't do something for a while, you get rusty and forget what you are doing. Well, I kicked butt! He even complimented me on how great he potatoes were (which I had never cooked before). I don't even like leftovers but I am so looking forward to eating them! I didn't take any pics because I didn't want this guy to think I was a freak, but trust me, it was THE BOMB!!!

Tonight I am meeting my fabulous friend Courtney for happy hour. I love this girl! She is such a great person and friend, but I haven't seen her in ages. We are both so busy that it is hard to coordinate our schedules. But tonight we are both free and we get to see each other! YAY!!!

Tomorrow baby girl goes to get her glasses and then I have to go to the girl scout shop and purchase some Brownie supplies. Then, off to Lake Jackson to hang out the the Jensen girls who are finally home today from a loonnngg 2 weeks at their dads! We are going to the Mosquito Fest in Clute then out somewhere that night. Sunday we are going to hit the beach and then have a pool party at her mom's. I am going to miss my bug because she is at her dad's house and I know she would love to do these super fun things, but I know she will have fun at her dad's.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy weekend

Wow, we had a BUSY BUSY weekend.

 Friday night we went to see Ice Age with my parents, but first we went to eat at Cracker Barrell (that is how I convince Paw Paw to go with us). At one point, I was basically all alone at the table because my dad was reading the paper and KJ and my mom were off in the country store and playing checkers...
Checkers with Granny

After dinner we headed to the theatre. It was a great movie, but I have to admit, it being the day after the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting, I was a tad nervous. I kept checking the exit door. I doubt that it would happen in the theatre I was in, but who knows...I am sure the people in the theatre never thought it could happen to them...Anyway, here are some pics from the movies :)

movie snacks!
she loves icees
Saturday we had a big day ahead of us...first stop, the eye dr. I took  her when she was 5 but they said she was good and to come back when she was 7. Well, guess who needs glasses...She only needs them for school and television, but still, she is younger than I was when I got them. She is nearsighted in one eye so that is why she needs them. She picked out the ones that I loved the most. They are Juicy Coture and SO unbelievably cute on her stinking face...

they love each other!
my baby girl and her new glasses

After the eye dr. we headed down to Reliant Stadium for the Ringling Brothers Circus! We had front row tickets and were circus celebrities...It was amazing! We go to sit on the circus floor for part of the show and man, was that ring master HOT!!!!

in a performers ZEBRA coat...
she is obsessed with everything ZEBRA!
in her seat on the front row!
OMG! I am in love!

so cute! Momma wants an elephant

me and my buggy
in her clown wig

We went home for a bit then packed up and went to Granny and Paw Paw's to spend the night. Sunday morning we got up and had pancakes...KJ and Granny have a long standing tradition of bunny rabbit has this cookie cutter thing that is shaped like a rabbit that she molds the pancake into...they have been doing this for as long as KJ has been old enough...It is their "thing". Then we got ready and headed to The Lion King at the Hobby Center. We had front row tickets for that are not supposed to take pics in there, but I snuck a could you not, it was awesome...

a view from my seat

super sneaky covert cast shot at the end of the show!

After the show we went to Benihana for dinner. Our waiter was SO weird!!!! He talked NON STOP and only said about 5 words...."hhelllooooo, heellloooo, i cook for you...girrll ok ok I cook for you..." It was hilarious and everyone at the table was DYING laughing...

After a great weekend of fun, we went back to mom's to get our stuff and Hercules and head home, but a tomboy isn't a tomboy without sitting in a dress playing with bugs...MAN I love this kid!!!!

SUCH a tomboy!

awesome stick bug we found!

This week KJ is at her dad's and I have a pretty boring week...I never like those HAHA...Going to hang out with the Jensen girls this weekend, for which I am excited!!!


CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun times!

I know I am still behind a vacation post, and it will come, in due time!

First, I want to say Happy Birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Today is my friend Kim's birthday. We have known each other since I was in the 5th grade and pretty much been BFF's since middle school. She is a year older than me so we got closer in high school. Her senior year she was going through some rough stuff at home and came and lived with me and my family. Let me tell you, aside from all the fun I have had in my life, that was the BEST.YEAR.EVER. We are closer than friends, we are more like sisters. Our kids call us Aunt Niki and Aunt Kim. We had not seen each other in SIX years when KJ and I headed to Louisiana for our 4th of July vacation. It was the best time. I can tell you it felt like not a day had gone by since I had seen her. I told her I loved her more than chocolate and coke. If you know me and how much I love those 2 things, then you know how much love that is! Anyway, I will tell you more about her in the pending vacation post!


Now, on to this past weekend! I had a great time...until I didn't lol. Friday night I left work and went home and packed some things for a weekend down in Pearland. Liana (another amazing BFF) and I were going to hang out with some friends on their new patio. We were having fajitas and just hanging out. We had fajitas and Coronas and had the best time just being silly and laughing our butts off! I have some good friends! We have SO much fin when we are together!

Saturday, we slept LATE and finally decided to get up and get moving. We went to see Magic Mike (I know, but it was REALLY good and not just for the naked Channing Tatum and Mathew McConaughey). My AWESOME friend Andi met us there and we had a great time. After the movie Liana and I went to church and heard a great sermon then went for some wings! I am in LOVE with these salt and vinegar rubbed wings at Buffalo Wild Wings...I can't get my fill! So, while there my friend Cody convinced us to head up to Big Texas to meet him and his friend. We went and we had SO much fun. I love to dance and Cody is a great dancer.

Sunday we got up, had some breakfast and then I headed over to my mom's. As the day went by I started feeling crappier and crappier. e had family dinner with my dad's cousins. It was nice to see them and hear old stories about my grandparents and great grandparents. Finally, I felt so bad I had to go home. I was running fever and coughing. I have been sickish for about 2 weeks and it is finally getting its best of me. I stayed home Monday and recovered and well, didn't really recover.

I am still coughing like a mad woman and can't really sleep, but the fever is gone. SO, I am working on feeling better!

I do have to say, I LOVE my life. I have an AMAZING, beautiful, hilarious, and smart daughter (the list goes on, but I would be here all day). I have wonderful parents who would do anything for anyone and love me more than you can imagine. They are also the PERFECT grandparents. Kendall loves them more than me I think HAHA. I have GREAT GREAT friends. I can count on them whenever I am feeling blue to pick me up and make me smile. They are not all close to me and I can't just pop in and see them whenever I want (well I could, but that would require some drive times), but I know that they are there for me. And the best part is, I am having FUN! I don't do anything I don't want to and am loving life. I am BLESSED!!!

I have a BUSY weekend coming up so I will update Monday with that, but in the meantime, I will try and get that vacation post up!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pre-4th of July festivities!

The weekend before 4th of July, a friend of mine had a fun "pre-4th" party since the actual holiday is in the middle of the week and you can't really stay out late on that night.

We shot guns, had a few drinks, made smores, had a little live entertainment, and popped some fireworks (which tried to kill me). We had a great time and I LOVED the shooting!! I love hanging out with friends so it was a great night...until I almost died LOL!

Lemon shots - yyuummmm

Liana and me - Love this girl

Stacey, Carey, Liana and me
Chad providing some live entertainment
 Soooo, here is where I almost died! We were shooting fireworks off after it got dark, and a few people were in the street setting them off. Several of us were FAR up the driveway (at least 50 yards away) watching them. I was turned sideways chatting with some friends when all of the sudden one of them screamed and then my arm felt like it was on fire. Evidently one of the fireworks malfunctioned and shot one out of the side. It flew RIGHT AT US. A few people were hit with a spark here and there, but I got hit the worst and didn't even realize it. It hit the front of my left leg, the inside of my right leg and kept going past us. I only felt the burn on my arm and then someone brought the light over and we all saw my shorts! I never felt it hit my leg but it burned a hole in my shorts! My arm hurt pretty bad and was pretty funky and nasty for a few days. Today we are about 2 weeks out from the burn and it is barely noticeable. We got very lucky that no one was hurt worse! I know I was injured and it was a little scary, but after we were all sure that everyone was safe, it was pretty hilarious!!!!!

All in all it was a great weekend!

the burn on the bottom of my right forearm - it did not feel nice!
inside of my right leg

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some silly pics from my weekend of Love

I am behind and out of order! I know this. I am embracing it :) The point is that it is here r for posterity's sake right HEE HEE...

OK, so a few weekends ago we got a dog. His name is Hercules. I posted about him. Here are some more funnies from that weekend :)

this is how my child fell asleep on Saturday night after a long day of fun!! We went to a park bday party and the pool. She claimed she was not tired but I looked back and a weirdo!

KJ's friend had a Tangled themed bday party at a park by our house. It was HOT, but the girls had so so much fun. My friend Lisa made these cute Pascal blowers. They also got to beat up a 52" Rapunzel pinata that would.not.bust. We found out later it had metal wire all around it. Nice...but this pic is cute!

 Friday night I had some Astros tickets so I took one of my besties (Liana) and another friend, Stacey. We went to BW3 first and had some wings and beer and then headed over to the park. I ran into my nephew there! I had not seen him in a while so I was so so excited!!!! Here are come pics from our outing!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ronnie Dunn

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I got to meet Ronnie Dunn! Here is the proof! Better late than never!!

It was so awesome! I have loved him since I was a little girl!!

Had a great weekend and will post tomorrow! It was an amazing vacation with the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for!!!