Monday, January 3, 2011

:( Last Day!

Well, these 17 days went by WAY too fast :( Tomorrow K goes back to school. I am not ready to let her go! This means she is halfway to FIRST GRADE!!!!!

I had a wonderful Christmas with her and we were lazy and played and played and relaxed and snuggled and LOVED! She is excited to get back to school. She misses her friends. I do miss routine a little bit, but her going back means I have to find a job.

I am beyond STRESSED about this! I am so so worried about money and life and everything! I have applied for TONS of jobs and am waiting to hear. Only time will tell.

I have two new television obsessions: Storage Wars and Hoarders. On Storage Wars, this set of guys go to different storage units that are being auctioned and bid on them! On Hoarders, the film people that have houses that are BEYOND dirty. It is like a car crash. You can't stop watching. It is insane. I just don't see how people can let their houses get like this. REALLY!!

In my 26 books of 2010 I started reading Jamess Patterson. I am on the last publeished book of a series called "Women's Murder Club." It made me smile tonight. One of the women, Yuki, the lawyer, was in a bar and was talking to the bartender. She laughed and he said "I think the sun just came out." She laughed and smiled again and he said "Here comes the sun." I had to smile. I have been told that I have a gorgeous smile and a great laugh AND I just changed my mantra to........HERE COMES THE SUN!!! It was really cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I will post tomorrow on how our first day back goes!! AND, only three more days until RETREAT!!!!!!

Here comes the sun...

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