Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I missed this girl extra this week for some reason. It could have been because I was with the Jensen girls this weekend and they are so fun it made me miss my bug! All I know is I missed this face!!! MAN I LOVE THIS BABY (who is almost to my shoulders....).

I had my glasses on last night and she wanted a pic to see how much we looked alike WITH them because everyone says how much we look alike WITHOUT them...

What do you think??? Naaahhh...nothing alike LOL

We have a very fun weekend planned. I took the day off Friday and we are just going to hang out. I have to go pick up tickets to THE BROTHERS OF THE SUN concert that I won on 93Q last night! KJ asked me if kids could go and when I told her yes, she asked if I was taking her...YES MA'AM! I cam SO excited for her to experience KC in concert!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday, errands and dinner with Granny and Pawpaw. Saturday we will do the concert and Sunday we will go to the beach with friends!

Can't wait to post a weekend update!!!!


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