Friday, August 24, 2012


I thought I was past all this. KJ is going into 2nd grade. It isn't like she is just starting out, but I go SO emotional this morning thinking about how much she has grown! I was in tears in the shower...I am a mess. Even as I type this I am holding back tears!!! I can't believe that she is a SECOND GRADER! She was JUST born! She will turn 8 during this school year, we are starting a new school, she is moving up in softball, she is bridging to brownies, her teeth are all growing in and she is losing that toothless grin....everything is changing!!

I know why this is all stirred up :) I was hanging out with a good friend of  mine last night and her littlest is 3. Her girls go to KJ's old daycare. I asked M what class she was in and she told me the Frogs and her teacher was Ms. C. I almost lost it!!! My baby was in that same class and had the same teacher. I can't believe it was 4 years ago! She learned SO much from this amazing woman. She learned some sight words, she learned to write her name and got better on her letters, she learned that color was only on the outside and that we are the same on the inside. She made so many lasting friendships in that class. Girls that she is still friends with today even though they all go to different schools. She met her best friend in this class and subsequently I met mine!! We already knew them, but when they joined the this class, they grew so close and so did I with her mom! Ms. C taught all the kids to be good, kind, respectful children and they all had fun! The best was all the HUGS she gave. She gave them to the kids ALL the time and on rough days, she even gave them to parents!

She isn't her first teacher and she isn't the only one that made an impact on KJ's or my life, but she was indeed one of the BEST! I didn't really realize that until this morning when I thought about my friend's daughter being in the same class. Anyone who has the chance for their child to be in that class should be honored! We love you Ms. C!!!

Now I will go off and cry the next 4 hours until we meet the teacher! I will suck it up for KJ's sake because I know she is nervous about the new school and then I am sure I will cry again when she heads home with her dad.


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