Friday, August 31, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012

I am playing fantasy football again this year! I made it to the playoffs last year! I however did not draft my own team because I could not make it to the draft. This year I went to the draft and it was super fun! I think I did awesome on my picks and can't wait until the season starts!!

Here is my list:

In more football news, Case Keenum played a lot last night for the Texans! Can't wait until this afternoon until the final cuts are made to see if I can get a #7 Keenum jersey!!!!

Also, UH has their season opener tomorrow against Texas State. It is a 6 and KJ actually asked me this morning if we could watch the game!! HECK YEAH!!! (I was planning on it anyway lol).


Let's make this another stellar year boys! New coach and players to work with!!!


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