Wednesday, August 22, 2012

weekend fun!

Wow! I had a GREAT weekend!!! I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for and I got to spend the weekend with both of them!! But most of the time was spent with my beautiful ladybug!

Thursday we went school shopping with Granny and Pawpaw and she wanted to go home with them and skip daycare on Friday. I had plans Friday night so she was already staying that night. I missed her like crazy for being away from her that long when I was supposed to have her, but luckily we were together until about 830 on Thursday night and Friday I had plans so that kept my mind busy.

Friday we were celebrating my friend Meredith's divorce being final! We went to a bar in the heights. It was an ok place, but I am a music girl so I didn't LOVE it, but I LOVED the people I was with! I didn't get a picture with Meredith, but I did get one with my bestie and my other great friend Kris :)

Kris, Liana, and me
Saturday I got up and met KJ and Granny at the library in Dayton. They were having a wildlife specialist from Baytown come in and have a little presentation. They had a tarantula, a corn snake, and a baby alligator. They also had several pelts. KJ is an animal (of all kinds) FREAK! She LOVED it and kept wanting to touch the snake. She is a rockstar! Man I love that buggy!!! Here she is with the snake!
KJ and a corn snake

Saturday afternoon we were supposed to have a pool party at Kris' house, but the weather was horrible so we just went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got her lunchkit and then to Target for the dress that couldn't be found at the Target by our house. SUCCESS!!! She is now all set for school! YAY!! Although I am so not ready for her to start 2nd grade. Since the weather didn't cooperate, I still wanted our day to be fun so we went to see Paranorman at the movies. It was SO cute. We laughed through the whole movie and it had SUCH a good message! Later on that evening we grocery shopped and got pizza and a Red Box. We got Mirror Mirror which also was HILARIOUS!

Sunday morning we had plans to go to church, but....we overslept and I didn't set the alarm right. KJ woke up 5 minutes after the service started and yelled "CHURCH". Yep, we missed it and she was mad at me. Instead, we cleaned her room until it was time to get ready to go to the Astros game! They stunk it up and lost, but KJ had fun and got to run the bases and we had GREAT seats so it was still fun! Granny and Pawpaw went too so after we all went to Baskin Robbins...YUMMM!!!
a view from our FRONT ROW seats

my baby and I

2 of my favorites!

KJ lost her 1st scoop...

Monday KJ went back to her dad's but I did get her all registered at her new school!!! She is now a Panther! After I dropped her with her dad, I went to this amazing women's night event at the church I have been wanting to try! It was an AMAZING night! I really left there feeling so moved. Before the service they have vendors and snacks and all kids of girly stuff. I went with my coworker Jenn who goes to that church and it was a really good night!!
my Panther!!!

cute cupcake from Wonder Woman

Tuesday KJ and I had hair appointments so I traded nights with her dad since her appt. wasn't until 630. It was a nice lazy evening with lots of love and snuggles! Even Hercules found a woman LOL!!
Hercules and his girlfriend!

I don't see KJ again until Friday for Meet the Teacher at her school and I have NOTHING planned until then! YAY! REST!!! I can't wait to meet her teacher! KJ isn't super excited for school this year. She is nervous about changing schools, but she knows SEVERAL kids there so I am sure she will be fine!


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