Friday, August 10, 2012

What a week!

I tried so hard to not plan anything this past week and keep it low key and relaxing, but I just can't do it! What is wrong with me LOL!!!!

Monday I went to the gym early and came home and actually relaxed. I watched Urban Cowboy. I love that movie. Bud is not a nice guy, but I just love a handsome cowboy :).

Tuesday I got KJ (it is not my week but we had Girl Scouts) and we met the girls at the YMCA to donate the backpacks and supplies that the girls collected. We were able to donate 3 full backpacks to the Operation Backpack program! It was a great feeling. After, a few of the girls went for ice cream at Tutti Frutti!

Most of Troop 9650

Tutti Frutti girls

Wednesday was my night with KJ and we had a family dinner at Italiano's for my sister's bday (on 08/09). We had a nice time! I am in LOVE with my niece. She was born on Valentine's day and gets cuter every day!!!

KJ and Kaylie
Ray and KJ - he is 6 weeks older
Riley eating spaghetti!

Thursday night I was going to go to the gym and relax again but then my sister's nephew (kind of my cousin by marriage) had an extra ticket to Vince Gill at the Arena Theatre. I LOVE VINCE GILL!!!!! I went with him and we had a BLAST!!!!! We were so close. He is still AMAZING! It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen. The venue was great. It only seats about 2800 and the acoustics were great. The theatre is in the round and the stage spins. I loved it and want to see more concerts there!!!

ME :)
Tonight I am taking KJ to get her school supplies and the she goes back to her dad's for the weekend. I am going to go home and rest up for the 5k I am running in the morning. In the evening I am taking my dad to see Ezra Charles in Galveston. Sunday I am going to try and scrapbook some! YAY! I haven't had time since January so I need to get caught up (HAHAHAHAAH).

And here are two pictures that just make me happy. First, purple is my favorite color so I stole this pen from one of my friends in the warehouse at work. Second is a cute little squirrel that lives outside my apartment. They are normally so fast and KJ and always say SQUIRREL (like from the movie UP) when we see them, but this one was super still and nervous when I was out with Hercules so I was able to snap a good pic of him!!!


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