Wednesday, August 15, 2012

weekend update...a little late

So, this is a few days late, but it all still happened right!!

It was a very nice, low-key weekend. It was fabulous! Not too much rushing, time spent with great friends and family and time to relax!!!

Friday night I ha to get KJ her school supplies. There is a company that pre-packages them and sells them to the parents. You can order these before the school year is over and they are waiting for you when you get to school, but KJ was changing schools, I didn't order them. They also sell them 2 days in August before school starts. They are offered at 2 schools. One on one side of 1960 for all the schools on that side of the road and one on the other side for the corresponding schools. I get to the school and guess what?!?!!?? They are sold out of 2nd grade packs for her school! They told me I could get them at Kroger's or Walgreen's for just a small mark up. I went to Kroger's and about had a heart attack! The company was selling them at the school for $36...Kroger wanted $50!! Um thanks, but NO! So I went to Walgreen's. They were selling them for $40. I bought those and she picked out a green school box inside and we were good to go. It was her dad's week but he let her go with me to get the supplies. He was going to pick her up when he was done working out, but she wanted to go to the friend's house where he was.

I had plans to go to happy hour with one of my bestest girls. Earlier in the day I just wasn't feeling it. After the school supply fiasco, I needed a margarita and I needed it STAT!! So I drove over and met Court and her friends. It was a good time. There were a few, um, special people there...they were talking about ADHD and how their sons had it and they only game them their meds on school days. I was trying SO HARD to keep my mouth shut. I have a degree in social science and a minor in psychology...I am well versed in this topic, but I didn't know these girls so I just decided it wouldn't be best to tell them that the meds DID NOT work that way and that you have to take them all the time so they stay in your system....THEN...holy moly another one decided to say she knew what caused ADHD...this has to be good right?? She said it was because when you have ADHD, the chromosomes in the front of your brain don't connect...........................................................................................I know right! She was clearly not educated on the topic and I had SO much to say, and my face showed it. Court said I was in shock! She was willing me in her brain to be nice and not say anything. Sadly, even if I would have said something, these were the type of women that would not have listened anyway. So, I kept my mouth shut, but told alllll my other friends about it!!! It was horrific! It was like a train wreck happening right in front of my eyes. Despite that, I had a great time and Court and I stayed longer than the rest and even shared our table with some new people that came in LMAO!

Saturday I got up at the butt crack of dawn and went with Kay and Vaughn to meet Kim and Corrie to run in a 5k in Friendswood. This was a charity run for a sweet little man named Rowan who had been in a pool accident in May and miraculously made it through!!! So, we all met up and started to run and my dang knee started to give out and hurt very bad! I didn't even make it a mile :( but I ran the last small leg with Kim and we crossed the finish line together! (more on the knee to come).

I went home, took a nap then started getting ready for my date with the most amazing man in the world, my Dad! He had tickets to Ezra Charles and my mom didn't want to go so I got to go instead! We headed out to Galveston and got a little snack ont he way! The concert was great and we had a good time together! We got back to his house at about midnight! I stayed the night!

Sunday I got up and he made me cinnamon toast (YUMMM) and then they wanted me to go to Walmart with them. I did and we went to Cato after (one of my fav stores) and I got 4 shirts and KJ got a new dress and a skirt! Thanks MOMMY!!! We went to a burger joint after and had some yummy food and then we went home. I helped them unload the groceries and then I headed home myself. I relaxed for a bit then I went on a picture hanging frenzy. I have lived in my apartment over a year and NOTHING was on the walls! Not anymore! I have just a few more things to get up and then I will be all done! Some stuff I need help with (called in the ex for help there) and then yay! It will be beautiful. The below is one small wall I did but I love it! I am named for my great grandma and I was born on her bday! So here is our wall :)

Monday I got my girl back and we just relaxed at home. Last night we went to the gym and I did cardio kickboxing and darn it if my knee didn't start hurting halfway through! I finished and I loved it, but UGH! I guess it is time I head to the doctor :(


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