Sunday, March 20, 2011


OK - I freaking LOVED the Warrior Dash!!!! It was REALLY FUN!

I go there about 11 and hung out with K and C for a bit while we waited for my friend Robin to get there. K and tool a walk and looked at some of the course while we waited. I took some pics and scoped things out.

I saw a friend from high school that was in my same wave and we chatted for a few minutes. Then Robin got there with her family. We took some pics, made introductions, and got ready to head to the starting line.

We got the lady there to take a professional before pic. Then we stretched and waited a few more minutes. Finally we were on our way...

At the starting line there was these fire cannons and you could totally the heat. We took of and ran for a long time before we encountered our first "obstacle". The first one was fierce winds. It was a HUGE fan that was blowing at us. I have to say that it was hard to run through.

The second one was called Satan's Slope. It was interesting to say the least...It was atop a high hill that was being covered with water. It was super slimy. So, Robin and I decided to slide down side by side. Ummm that didn't happen so well. I zoomed down in front of her and slammed into the two girls that went in front of us. OMG!! my shorts and underwear went right up my butt crack LOL! It was SOO GROSS. I did not enjoy mud in my crack!

We ran for a bit more and came across our next obstacle. This one was a tiny black tunnel thing that had 2x4's across it so you had to go on your hands and knees. It wasn't too bad. Just hard on the knees.

Some more running and we came across another. This one was 3ft walls you had to jump over then some wall things you had go under because there was barbed wire on top of them.

Next was a ton of criss crossed bungee cords that you had to maneuver through.

Then there was a cargo crawl. It was a raised and flat cargo net that you had to crawl across. It was really pretty easy.

Next was the cargo net. This one was the one I was kind of afraid of the most. It was cool because the net was pretty tight and it was angled not straight up. I got stuck behind a girl that was too scared to crawl over and go down so I just had to hang out for a minute. It was a little scary going over but I DID IT!!!

Next was the tires. There were tons of different sized tires. I had never done tires before, but I ROCKED THEM!!!!!! I did really well. I guess having long lays does pay off sometimes.

Then we went into the lake about waist high to get over some suspended logs. I did OK because there was this big guy in front of me was pushing the logs down and again I have long legs so I kind of hopped over them. Robin got behind me and she almost fell face first int he water. Then somehow she got in front of me with the guy and made it over a log before I did. I was at this log all alone and couldn't push it down alone. Some other chick helped me but we didn't get it down on the way and it popped up and I went in backwards and almost went in but salvaged it! It was nice to be in the water to clean out the mud from the slope. While rinsing, I felt my butt and HOLY CRAP! The damn slope tore my underwear! It was HILARIOUS!!!! I was laughing soooo hard. Robin and I died!

Next was the haystack. It was nice and graduated like stairs. They had straps around them to help pull you up. The only reason it was hard was because we were wet.

We only had two to go! One was jumping over fire. I did a ballet leap over both lines of fire. It was pretty easy. Then we were on to our last obstacle.

It was called Muddy Mayhem. You had to belly crawl in this muddy slop and under barbed wire. It was SOOO muddy. And you had to get low because of the wire. My friends that had done the earlier wave were waiting on me at the finish line. They took some pics of me in the mud and one just before I finished.

Then I grabbed Robin's hand and we crossed the finish line together!!!! We got water splashed and got some to drink and ate a banana while we waited for our turn to get our after pic taken! We went back and took some pics and then went over to the "wash station". This was basically getting in a lake and rinsing off all the mud.

It was so fun and awesome! I was so happy Robin ran with me and I hope we can become better friends. We plan on doing it again next year.

Race results and pics to come later!!!!!

Here comes the mud....

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