Monday, March 7, 2011

fun in the sun

Saturday was KJ's opening day. The weather stunk. We got up there and it was cold and windy and icky. We never had to work our booth because they were not open yet. So, while waiting around, my asst. coach came up and told me they needed another girl to play on there team. I said ok and bug went home with daddy and I stayed and played. It was double elimination so we wont the first and third and lost the second and fourth. It was SO fun! I wish I had the chance to play more. I was worried because I had the indoor tri on Sun and my quads were hurting a bit. I stretched ALL day and soaked in an epsom salt bath that night. It was not too bad.

I got up Sunday and felt pretty good. Got ready and headed over to the gym. Jaime and I got our numbers and our hands marked and headed to the locker room to get ready for the swimming leg of the race. We got in the water (it was cold). GO TIME. I swam freestyle the first two lengths and thought I was going to DIE. Seriously. I was so out of breath. The person clocking out lengths told us to slow down which was a huge surprise to us because we thought we were slow. After 6 lengths they said we had 5 mins left. I decided to get in four more. After ten she said I had 55 seconds left so I decided to try one more. I did it. I was so proud of myself. I have not swam for real in ages so to hop in the pool and swim 275 yards felt good. We went into the gym to change for the bike portion and thought we were doing well on time. HA! We got in the spin studio and they yelled TEN SECONDS! AAHH I didnt have a chance to get my feet in the straps. I could not see my mileage so I had no idea how far I was going and I stopped for a few seconds halfway through to fix my feet. I ended up going 9.9 miles. OK, onto the run. I was BEAT. I had not reealllyyy trained for this (I procrastinated like I do with absolutely everything in my life...hmmmm maybe I should change that...we will see. I ran/walked (because I was BEAT) about a mile and a third. Well, tonight the standings came out and my biggest fear was realized. I came in DEAD LAST. I am pretty bummed about it, but I hadn't been training and at least I finished.

My next race is on March 20th. It is the Warrior Dash. You can check it out at this website...

It is a 3 mile race with about 8 CRRAAZZZYYYY obstacles in it. A haystack, a giant hill, sand dunes, waist high water with logs, cargo nets, you get the idea. Then after that I am doing the TriGirl super sprint triathalon on mother's day. I am stoked about this one. It is a 200 yard swim (CHECK) and 8 mile bike ride (CHECK) and a 2 mile rin (weellll, I'll get there before then LOL). Now for REAL I will train at least on bike and run and will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT finish last.

So, tonight the Ladybugs had their first game!!! They were pumped. We were visitors so we got to bat first. We got the 5 runs before they got the 3 outs! WHOOP!! Then they got 5 too. The next inning they held us to 1 and the got three. Going into the top of the third it was 8-6. We HAD to tie or get ahead. We tied it up. Then my girls got to outs. We had a girl on third and one at bat. The ball went past the pitcher and we scrambled so they got the run. So we lost 9-8. Here is what I am proud of. Well, a few things. My girls all played HARD! We show improvement every time we are out there. At least half of our girls have NEVER played before. ANDDDDD the other team's coach is our division director and his asst. coach is the select (tournament) team's coach for 8U. SO, to play against these two strong coaches and only lose by 1. It was great. All the girls were OK with the loss. I told each and everyone of them that they did a great job and that I was proud of them. I did have to make one run a lap though for not focusing during the game. She has the HARDEST time focusing and I told her if I called her name one more time for not being softball ready then she was going to run. Guess what, she ran. I told mom and she was totally fine with it.

SO, I had a great weekend and Monday except for the realization that I suck at triathalons and came in last. Oh well, there are always more. And next time I will be ready, I swear!!

Here comes the sun...

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  1. OMG, the fact is - YOU DID A TRIATHALON! That in itself is amazing! I would never have the guts to even attempt it. So what if you came in last - you were there!! I'm so proud of you, you are amazing. Between that, troop leader, softball coach, new job, great friend and great mother, you are AWESOME! :)~