Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday funday

What a lovely Saturday! I got up this morning and went for a 2 mile run. It was nice. I pushed myself harder than normal. I am a lazy runner. My muscles are tight and I have decided I need to invest in a foam roller. I did not know what this was until my friend Jaime started using one for a calf injury. My legs want one so bad right now lol!

After my run K and I got showers and went to look for her flower girl dress for the wedding in July. OMG! It is gorgeous. I will have to post a pic later because my stupid uploads are acting weird. We went to lunch at Olive Garden with Granny after.

Kendall REALLY wanted to play outside so we did. She rode her scooter for a bit, looked for bugs, got us some popsicles, and she rode the big wheel. It was so nice. I love laying on a blanket in the shade. It is one of my fav things.

We came in and rested a bit and then headed to walmart to get a bday present for a party tomorrow and K really wanted to spend her valentine and tooth fairy $$.
She got her friend a My Little Pony set and then looked and looked for herself something. She has $10 to spend so she has lots and lots of choices. Well she found something called Zoobles. I didn't really know anything about them but she wanted one soooo bad. She found a cute one with a mom and a baby. Basically they are these animals that go into a ball and roll around then pop open when a button is pushed. It is cute but she was acting like she bought gold. She kept singing that it was the best day of her life. Ummm OK.

We went to dinner at our fav local mexican restaurant and then came home and played with the new toy. She made a cool fort with a blanket and my legs with the coffee table. Finally it was bed time.

Here is the deal. Kendall sleeps with me downstairs. She is almost six and getting so big. She wants to have a sleep over at her friend Lily's house. I know she will have trouble if she can't sleep without me. ALSO, we are going to Kickapoo in 5 weeks and the beds there are tiny. Not even a twin. SO, I want her to be able to sleep on the top bunk.

There were tears when it was time to go up, but we went anyway. She went potty in her fancy princess bathroom and got in bed. I read two books and she got hugs and kisses from me and daddy. She started to cry a little but we turned the tv on a timer and told her to lay down. As I was leaving the room she said "Mommy, just one more thing..." "yes Kendall" "I just want you to know that I love you more than anything in the whole whole world" "I know baby. Lay down and I will come back and check on you in a little bit" "when" "i don't know, just lay down" "ok momma"

Then at 9:30 when the first show went off I hear a "moommmyyyyy" loudly i say "yes kendall" "um mommy, the first show went off" "that is fine, lay down and go to sleep" "what??" "go to sleep" "what" "GO TO SLEEP" "did you say wait for me?" NOOOOOOO I SAID LAY DOWN AND GO TO SLEEEPPPPPP" meakly "ok".

I have not heard anything again and it is 10:05. I am going to go check on her in about 20 mins and see whats up. I *think* she is asleep. We shall see.

And ohhhh do my legs want that foam roller lol. I checked and academy opens at 9 tomorrow. OH HAPPY LEGSSS, OH HAPPY LEGS.

Here comes the sun...

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