Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break in review...

Well, last week at Girl Scouts K decided that she wanted to have a sleep over with one of her long time friends, Lily. We had already been talking about her moving upstairs, but this clenched it because she of course had to be able to sleep alone to have a sleep over. So, after a hard day of fun, we put K to sleep in her bed upstairs. She was all for it until it was time. There were some tears before we got up there, but she picked two books and we were on our way.

She was a little sad when we left the room but didn't cry. At the end of the first show (her tv was on a timer) she called out about the next show coming on. I told her it was ok and she went to sleep. The next night was no fight. Monday, not an issue. She even told her Daddy on Tuesday that she needed to bring her toothbrush and toothpaste up to her bathroom. She did it. Then on Thursday it was the big night. We went to drop her off at Lily's after I got home from work. I took this pic before I left (notice her St. Patty's shirt)...

Andrea said she did awesome. She called home about 10 or 10:30 to say goodnight and went to bed. They said she got up at about 3am and went downstairs looking for us. Will found her down there and took her back up to bed and told her that if she needed to call us in an hour then he would let her. No call! She went back to sleep and did great! I am SOOOO proud of that girl.

NOW, Friday night was DRAMA!! She told me that God made her different and she just can't stand sleeping in her own bed. I said NO WAY. You made it 5 days at home and through a sleepover and the bed sleeping doesn't stop because your sleepover is over. She went up there and cried some. When her tv went off there was serious tears. I went up and laid with her for a few minutes and helped her dry her tears. I offered the radio but she wanted more tv. That however, was NOT an option. She was sad, but I left and she went to sleep. I was SO proud of her. Tonight, she went yo without any drama! I think we finally have a little firl that sleeps in her own bed!!!!!! Here is a pic of my sleeping beauty!

Sunday was a fun bday party for a friend from class and then we played at the park...

Monday of this week was a rainy day so K and Dad stayed home.

Tuesday they came to eat lunch with me and then K went with Daddy to the dentist. I met them at Chuck E Cheese after work. It was SUPER fun! Then had Chuys for dinner!!

Wednesday we drove around Atascocita picking up the last of the cookies. Kendall FINALLY made 400 boxes and is now going to get the owl pillow! She must have thanked me 8 or 10 times. It was SUPER sweet.

Thursday was the big sleepover.

Friday night we had movie night and watched Ramona & Beezus again. LOVE love love that movie! It reminds me SO much of me and K and our lives. Ramona is such a free spirit and totally reminds me of my bug.

Today we delivered almost all of the rest of the cookies. We have three neighbors that aren't home and my BIL and SIL's cookies which are being delivered tomorrow. We got home and K played outside for a few mins. I told her to get ready because we had a surprise for her. While I was out walking the dogs I saw a ladybug floating in the hot tub. I scooped her out and let K play with her for a bit.

When I FINALLY convinced her to let the sweet bug go, we went to Mud Pie in Kingwood. It is a pottery painting place. We had been there this summer for a bday party and I have wanting to go back. So, we did it. K picked a princess bank. They put a glaze coat on it and fire it and we pick it up in a week. She did most of the work, but daddy and I helped. I can't wait to see it!!!

Tomorrow is Warrior Dash!!!!!! I am freaking STOKED!!!!! I am only afraid of the cargo net. I have never really climbed anything so we shall see! I am sure you will see some pics next week!!!!!!!

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