Friday, March 11, 2011

SO so so tired

just a quick post - I have not been home before 7:30 every single night this week...

I really want to sleep late tomorrow but I have to get up and go look at Kendall's flower girl dress for my baby boy's (nephew that is like my baby/brother) wedding in July. Appointment is at 11 but leaving here with Granny at 10...

I would take a nap but I need to finish the cookie deliveries and am meeting some friends for dinner.

Sunday I am trying to meet up with a cookie delivery and then we have a bday party at 11:30.

The good thing is we get to spring forward on Sat night which always makes me happy because we get an extra hour of daylight! I freaking love spring and summer! AND we have no plans next week at night. NOTHING!!! I will be vegging on the couch by 6 every night (except one that I am trying to go to dinner with my bestie but that is not stressful LOL).

Off to sleep.

More tomorrow.

Here comes the SUN

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