Thursday, March 3, 2011

More work...

OK, so this place is AWESOME!

I love the people. They are all super nice and they really take care of the employees.

In the bathroom there is a basket of about 10 bottles of lotion. It is amazing. Also, on my first day, I went to the receptionist to find out about getting supplies and she took me in this awesome supply room and gave me this...

It was AMAZING!!!

My Ladybugs had a mini scrimmage last night. They did pretty well, but some girls have a hard time paying attention. They hit well, but we had a few slow runners. Also, we had a few fielding problems, but you know what, they had FUN! And I made sure they knew that I was proud of them!! Our first game is Monday!!! YAY!!

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's bday. K informed be that he would have been 107. I checked the internet and she was absolutely correct. They have been learning about it all week. She also told me that even though he did not have a bday on Earth, he had a bday in Heaven with God. I was so shocked. Not that she was talking about Heaven and God, but that she told me her teacher told her that. Which I APPLAUD!!!!!I am so proud that she has the guts to talk about God in the classroom. The funniest thing about this is that she told me "Dr. Seuss is the MASTER of rhyming". It was super adorable.

She makes me laugh all the time. Today when I got home with my new work badge with a pic on there of me she said "Hmmm she looks familiar."

Dad said this morning on the way to school this morning she was singing "Splish Splash I was taken a naked bath."

Tonight before bed she was laughing and giggling and just being silly. She gets WACKY when she is super tired. She gets loud and giggly and FUNNY. She fell asleep right away when she finally chilled a little and was dreaming.

Now mind you, she talks in her sleep A LOT!! About 5 or 10 mins after sleeping she said something and about 5 mins later she said "YAYYY" and raiser her hands and everything! She makes me laugh even when she is sleeping!!!!

Here comes the sun...

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