Thursday, February 24, 2011

WOW! Sttraaannnggeeee things are happening!

So, I get a job. It is not teaching, but it pays more and I am thankful. Then I hear that there are layoffs in Humble ISD today. Now I prayed and prayed to get a job here and today they supposedly laid off ALL first year teachers. So, I thought this whole time that I was cursed because I couldn't even get an interview. All along I was blessed. I would have been DEVESTATED having gotten a job and then losing it before my first year was up. So, I just have to keep my certification up and going and wait it out. I am excited about the job I got, just not happy about missing summers with my bug.

I am overwhelmed with emotion at all the things that are going on in the world. Gas is up to over $3 a gallon again. Lybia and Syria and Iran are all in an uproar. Teachers, the supposed safest job, are losing their jobs. I am worried. I know I have a job now, but wow! Things are CRAZY!!!

Something fun tonight to cheer us up was the Rocking Reading Sock Hop at K's school. They were celebrating reading basically and had a little ice cream social with a DJ and the book fair was open. We went to the book fair first and of course K got loads of books! She got 9 and a pink marker with a horse on it. Then we went over and got her some ice cream. She got a scoop of chocolate with mini M&M's and sprinkles on it. She had the hardest time sitting still to eat that ice cream with all her friends there and the music going on! She finished it and then danced her heart out. Here are some pics of her skills!

The "M" of YMCA

Dancing with her friend Bailey

My sweet angel! Man I love this girl!!

She had a blast! I did too! I love to watch her dance and smile!!

Can't wait for the weekend!!!

Here comes the sun...

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