Sunday, February 6, 2011

Me at 35...

What can be said...I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a girl scout troop leader, and a softball coach.I am also an unemployed teacher.

I am not ashamed to be who I am. I love me and there are lots of people that love me too. I have been depressed lately. I have no job. I want to have a job. I need to have a job. There are many things I need and want to do and without a job, I can't accomplish any of them.

I am doing a few things this year that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am doing an indoor triathalon on March 6th, I am doing the Warrior Dash on March 20th, and I am doing a super sprint triahalon on May 8th. I will see where life takes me after that. I plan to train again for the half marathon in January - lets pray this year I get in. I am super excited to be doing all these awesome things. I have let other things consume me for a long time. Not anymore. I am going to be who I am no matter what!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT! I have not been "me" for a long time - this is no ones fault but my own, but I will not let it happen anymore. Also, let me say this, I have been "me", but not the me I wanted to be.

I had a great birthday! Friday Liana took me and K out to Asian City and then we went to Cold Stone after. It was so fun. I almost didn't go but I am glad I did. It helped me get out of a funk I was in!! She is such a good friend! I wish I had more time to spend with her!!

Saturday K and I got up after lazing around a bit and went to the zoo. It was PERFECT!! When we got there we fed the ducks. There was only one other couple there so we got to feed almost the entire lake of duck and TONS of pigeons too!! There was NO ONE there. They must have thought that it was frozen or going to be too cold. It was AWESOME! A good friend of mine texted me saying they were there, but my phone died and I never got to meet up with her. No worries. We did whatever K wanted to do. We even went into the reptile house. My girl is not afraid of a THING! I love being her mom!!!!! We went and saw the baby elephant play for a while, we took a snacl break, we rode the carousel (I rode this time instead of standing next to her). It was a big moment. She pet the goats. This was insane because we have not been there in a while (too hot or muddy or whatever) but it has been at LEAST a year, maybe two. She was SO big next to those goats. This was such a realization that she is not a baby anymore. I was almost crying in the petting zoo.... We left the zoo and she saw the train. I guess she had never noticed it before...We have NEVER ridden the zoo train. The times we went when the old train was there it was too late or way too crowded. We went to the park the last day the old train was open, but the line was outrageous. This is the first time she noticed it since the new one was open. I was so excited that she wanted to ride it...I LOVE THE TRAIN LOL!!! We waited our turn and got on! She had an amazing time. She was yelling ALL ABOARD and taking in all the sights. I think we may do it every time now.

We got home and got cleaned up. I could not decide where I wanted to go and then I finally thought of something. We went to Raffas on Kingwood Waterfront. We got all dressed up and went to eat. It was so nice. I had never been before and it was so nice. Kendall was an absolute angel. She acted so grown up and used all her manners. Did I mention she was AWESOME???

Today we got up and went to meet my Mommy and Daddy for lunch. We went to another hibachi place called Osaka. Jeremy came too! It was so nice. I love my parents so much. We came home and relaxed and watched the dame.

GO PACKERS!!! They won and I had to bust this out....

That is an AUTHENTIC cheese head straight from Wisconsin. A friend of mine that is from there but lived here went home to visit and brought it back for me back when my man Favre played there.

I love that cheese head!! I love the person that brought it to me! He is awesome!

Well, off to bed. Hanging with a friend tomorrow and maybe taking K to the dentist to get that pesky tooth that wont come out (and the big one is growing in) pulled. Tuesday I have to run errands and clean and Wednesday COOKIES come in!!!!!

Here comes the sun...

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