Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is cold here in good old TX!!! I LOVE IT! They say it is supposed to snow and school is cancelled for tomorrow! I think the snow is coming in over night. I WILL be waking K to go play in it! There is no school tomorrow so we can nap LOL!!

She is excited. She has seen as almost ass much snow in her life as her daddy and me. Well, I have been all over the US and been in tons of snow, but I mean snow here at home. I remember being in Kinder or 1st and it snowing and then again Feb 1, 1994. It snowed again when I was pregnant with K on Christmas Eve. Kendall saw snow in Dec 2008, Dec 2009, Feb 2010, and again now...Something does not seem fair lol!!

I had another interview today. It was with my friend Chad's company. His personnel manager was very impressed with my resume. He had me come in and take a little training and met with me. Even though he does not have anything right now, there are a few jobs in the budget that should be opening up and I am his top candidate. We will see how it goes!!!

I have to go wait on the snow now :)

Here comes the sun no wait, the snow...

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