Friday, February 18, 2011

What a week...

Monday was Valentine's Day! I am not a big proponent of the day. Chocolate makes you fat and flowers die. Plus, aren't you supposed to love each other ALL the time and show it??!! I DO however love the day as a MOM. I LOVE spoiling K on Valentines Day. I realized on Sunday night that ummm I had not bought her a thing! YIKES! How could that have happened...Sooo, Monday I went to a meeting at Aflac (more on that later) and after went to WalMart to see what they had last minute. I found a card, a cupcake candy holder, some lollipops, and a stuffed bear that had a heart with the saying "More Kisses". I thight this was PERFECT because I loveee kisses from my bug and bother her all the time for them. Next I headed over to HEB because I saw a cupcake necklace I had seen. While I was there I found more chocolate and a cute cup with a funky straw.

I went to K's Vday party after all this. It was so cute! They had root beer floats and some cookies. They got to eat a little candy and then played musical chairs. It was so cute. They played the game to 50's music. It was fun. We stayed a little after and K got to help Mrs. McIntosh clean the classroom and I got to talk to her a bit. She thinks K is super smart and says I have nothing to worry about!!

We went shopping so she could get some stuff for her Daddy. Then, we go home and they went shopping for me. I got a card, a gift certificate for a fancy pedicure, a super cute puppy, and some cupcakes for K and me to share. Chris got a card, a bear, and some chocolates. And Kendall, well she hit the mother load. Daddy got her a card, hot pink roses, a small balloon, a funky puppy, and the cupcakes to share with me. I got her two things of candy, a funky cup, some tattoo pens, a necklace, a bear, and a card.

We had softball practice that night and then we got Subway for dinner. It was a sweet day!

Tuesday K had a dentist appt. to see about the loose tooth that does not want to come out. The dentist said that we could work on the tooth a little more at home but that if it was not out in a month, then she had to have it pulled. Sooo, we decided to save a little money right now and work on loosening it up. I just checked it a bit ago and it is a little more loose than it was so HOPEFULLY it will come out at home. She did get to bring a mask and gloves home as always though.

Wednesday was softball practice again. K is doing better every time.

Thursday I played bunko with some neighborhood friends. I hope to play with them more often! I had not played in ages so it was great fun. Plus I stayed out talking to one of my friends and really got to know her better.

Today I have felt so icky. I was supposed to head down to Pearland and hang out with some great old friends, but I just felt terrrriibllleee so I cancelled. I am getting some great snuggle time with my girl though!! We went to Walmart for groceries and to check into getting new phones and of course the don't have the one in the store that I want. I was soooo MAD!! I wanted it NOW. It is $200 at the tmobile store with a $100 mail in rebate but only $100 with a $100 mail in rebate. SOOO, clearly it makes sense to get it from Walmart, but I felt like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

Sooo, now I am ordering my phone and pouting.

Softball tomorrow and an all-day crop and the park on Sunday with K!!!!


Here comes the sun...

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