Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, I have been so busy I have not even blogged in almost a week!!

FIRST, let me offer this...I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!! I am ever so excited! It is at Aries Freight Systems. They are a long time customer of mine from the transportation industry so I know of them and I know a few people that work there. One in particular that has been my friend and customer for about 15 years. I am so excited to finally be working WITH her and not FOR her lol!! I got the offer this morning and was SO happy. It is only a little less than I was making at my last job so I am happy that after not working for almost a year I got close to my same pay!!
I am supposed to start March 1st as long as my background check goes well, which of course will not be a problem. So, they told me today that they want me to come in and reorganize the department and eventually become Ocean Manager as long as things go well. This was news to me and a real boost to my ego!!! I can't wait to start but I am sad that I am not going to be able to do whatever I want and be there for school stuff.

Now, for the past few days...

Saturday we had a great softball practice and then I had an all day scrapbook crop. I finished another year (2008) which made me SUPER happy!!!! I am getting caught up slowly but surely. I also dropped off mine and Kendall's money for Kickapoo Kamp!

Sunday we met Granny and PawPaw for breakfast and then took K to the park. We stayed for about an hour and a half and she had SOOOO much fun! I did too! After being independent on the playground at school every day she has grown SO much! It was so cute. She was so independent and grown. She climbed a mini rockwall and went out on the huge rock. It made me nervous but happy that she is getting so brave.

Monday I used some birthday money and went and got a new phone! I LOVE IT!!!! It is a TMobile Mytouch 4G. I have never really had a grown up phone so it is cool! Chris got a new phone too but it is boring...As we were about to go into TMobile, C was chewing gum and out falls one of his crowns. Have I mentioned before that the hits just keep coming...UGH! This had something that looked like tooth attached. ICK. I called the dentist and made an appt. for Wed. morning...Monday night we had softball practice and let me tell you! My little Ladybugs are turning into softball ROCKSTARS!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of them. They are learning and getting better every single practice. It feels like a great accomplishment.

Tuesday I had a few errands to run. I had to pick up some patches from the Me and My Guy Ball a few weeks ago for my GS meeting (that was Tues instead of Thurs because of an event at K's school). I also had to go order visors for my softball team. They are going to be soooo cute! I can't wait for you to see them LOL!
Then we had girl scouts and learned about World Thinking Day. I think my girls did good with this and they will earn a patch for their bags!!

This morning C went to the dentist and she took an XRay. She said that the tooth is fractured into the gum and he will have to have it pulled. BUT, (yes, there is always a but in my life) his roots are SUPER deep and it will have to be done by an oral surgeon. Somehow they can do it with only novacaine so I have to call them and see what is up. After that, I went to a poster making party for the PTO. My awesome friend Lori, who is on the board, invited me because she knows I want to be more involved, but could not be too much because of the whole working mom thing. So, this was nice. I met a bunch of new moms and maybe I will get to try and do more here and there!!!! I stayed for a bit but had to go meet my mom to get some stuff and then go get K. After that I went up to my new office and turned in some paperwork and got a tour. Came home, relaxed for about 30 mins and headed to softball practice. I LOVE THESE KIDS! They are all so stoked to be playing. They are 5 and 6 so we have a few listening issues, but I have three dads plus C that help and one mom that helps too. I was so happy because two of my girls are twins, Hailey and Bailey, and I saw them yesterday at Kids Playce when I picked up Kayli or GS. I have one of them a big hug and the other one played coy and wouldn't come hug me. I mentioned to their mom that I saw them and they told her! This means so much to me! I try and be a happy and positive role model for all the girls I volunteer with, and this means I am making an impression!!

So, tomorrow is the Rocking and Reading Night at K's school. They are celebrating books and having an ice cream social/sock hop. It is going to be SO fun!!

Also, I got the best e-mail EVER! I got a confirmation that Kickapoo received my reservation and money for K and I to go to camp on April 15-17. It seems so far away, but with softball, school, and scouts it will be here before we know it!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It was the most amazing experience I have ever had with K. Last year we went with several friends, but this year we are going alone. No one else could really afford it, and we couldn't either without Granny having giving it to us for Christmas, but we will just meet new people!! Did I mention I am so excited!! Oh, don't worry, I already took the day off from the job I haven't started!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!

Now, this weekend, K and Mommy have about a ZILLION GS cookies to deliver!!!! Yes, that's right, a zillion.

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