Wednesday, February 9, 2011


WOW! The day is finally here! We had girl scout cookie pick up today. When I got there, they asked if I could volunteer because they were short. SURE says the one who never says no lol!! So, they have me park off to the side and give me some gloves and hand warmers. WHY, you ask, did they provide these things?? BECAUSE IT IS FREAKING FREEZING!!!

My job was to be a counter. I would to to the front of the line, get a troop, and follow the car through the line and stop with them at each station to get their cookies. I would make sure the loaders put in the correct amount of cookies into the vehicles. It was cool. It would have been MUCH better without the wind and rain and cold. By the end of my time, my jeans were SOAKED.

It was SO cold. I had an umbrella so my top half stayed dry, but there were puddles forming everywhere and my feet just couldn't help but get wet. It was not too bad. My hands were the worst. For some reason, I get HORRIBLE arthritis in them and can't get them warm, ever. So being outside on a day like this was torture. The hand warmers helped a lot.

OK, so I was done freezing, um I mean volunteering, and I got my sheet and got to go to the front of the line! Another mom was with me because Lucy (my Honda CRV) was not going to be able to hold all 98 cases. (YES, we rock, I know!) So, we go to the front of the line and I am the BEST car in line. I know all the rules and know how the line works (remember, I had been walking the line for over an hour).

We were in and out! It was awesome! I already have had two moms come to get their cookies! Only 7 to go. At least 2 more are coming today and maybe 2 more. My goal is to get everyone else's out of here so I can start delivering mine.

Here is what my car looked like....

This was the front passenger seat...

And this is the back. It starts at the back of the front seats and goes allll the way back...

Of course we are having terrible weather and softball has been cancelled AGAIN! I have not had ONE practice!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Here comes the ICE (umm Sun)

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