Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Fast & Furious played game 3 last night and it ended in a tie at the end of the 4th inning...20-20.
All the girls played offense well and we were hitting and running, but our defense needed some help. There were many plays that we should have outs and we didn't get.
Here is my baby before the game. Could she BE any cuter?
In the last inning KJ came up to bat and hit the ball into right field. She had hit and scored every time she had been up to bat that game, but something amazing happened....she ran and she ran FAST. The other team was slow to get to the ball, there was some confusion and some overthrows, and KJ kept running....and running....until she made it all the way back to HOME PLATE!!!! KJ GOT HER 1ST HOME RUN!!!!!!!! Her coach gave her a huge high-5, I scooped her up and spun her around and hugged her (and yes, I was crying). Her dad came in and hugged her and my parents were cheering her from the stands! The whole team did great! I was so proud of them, but I was EVER so proud of my baby. Anyone who knows me knows that softball is my game. I played for over a decade and I LOVE the game. The fact that she plays and likes it makes my heart so happy, but the fact that now she is getting better and better each game, well that makes me so happy! It was so amazing! She is a ROCKSTAR! Her coach gave her "Star of the Game"!!!!!!!!!

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