Monday, March 19, 2012


First, I just want to share a pic of the lucky ladybug and I on St. Patty's day. I love this picture!!! Every single year on St. Patty's we take a pic together in our special green shirts.
Now on to my original reason for this post...I know God has angels EVERYWHERE. They are there to help us in our times of need. I was having a particularly crappy day yesterday. Not for any one reason, just down. I was having a pity party. I finally got off the couch about 1 and went and took a shower. I needed to deliver some cookies to one of the girls in the troop and I needed a few groceries and to go pants shopping (since none fit anymore).
I headed over to Kohl's and bought some pants (in a single digit size which I have not seen in OVER a decade). I went to pay and realized I didn't have my license to prove I was me...the let me slide since I am a gold card member and all haha. I left and was going to grab some food but I thought I would just head to Walmart and get a happy meal inside at their McDonald's and I could eat and shop at the same time. Well, I parked on the other side and never walked over to get food. So, when it came time to pay.....GUESS WHAT??!?!?!? I didn't have my debit card either!! Yep, I am a rock star.
You see, this is what happened. We went out Sat night for St. Patty's day and I don't take my purse into bars so I put my license and debit card in my pocket. Well, the problme is, I ALWAYS forget to take it back out and put it back in my wallet. YES, I just admitted that this has happened I said, rock star!!
SO, I tell the checker that I can write a check but they wouldn't let me do that because....yep, I didn't have my license to prove my identity..I offered up my social and a few other things with my name and even pics of me from my phone but they were not going for it. So, I had them convinced to total my order and put it to the side (I didn't want to re-shop for everything). OK, we are good. I will run home, get the card and come back and pay. When the sweet wonderful amazing lady behind me said "You know what, this is silly, why don't you just write ME a check for your total and I will pay for the whole thing." I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! It was SO nice! I know she was an angel behind me in line. She totally saved the day! What an amazing person. I was so surprised! I know I would do something like that, but it is amazing that other people do too!!!!!
Today is KJ's 1st softball game! Go Fast & Furious. They got their jerseys Saturday and she was stoked because she got #8. EIGHT IS GREAT!!!! Well, we had the opportunity this season to buy spirit shirts (ok well we can do that all the time) but this year we could put the girl's # and name on it too! So, Saturday they give us the jerseys but with no # are all thinking how can THIS go wrong hahaha....well we assigned the girls the numbers and gave the paper to the league of who had what number...guess what happens next?? I net you can!! COME ON!!!
Yep, we get an email from the head coach telling us that we will be having to do a jersey swap tonight before the game because there were actually numbers assigned to each girl....IMAGINE THAT!!!!!! What a giant pain!!! I was so frustrated.... so now we have a dumb number...3...really?!?! THREE???? What is remotely catchy about 3?????? I need to think of something in the next few hours because I am going to have one unhappy ladybug when I pick her up later and tell her number has changed and don't have something cool to go with

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