Monday, April 2, 2012


Whew!!! What a weekend! We were some busy girls!!! I had missed my baby SO much, I wanted to make sure that we could pack in all the fun I could!! A little "make up for lost time" syndrome.
Thursday night we had dinner with my parents and our most favorite Italian restaurant, Italiano's. It is RIGHT next to the house, delicious, and it doesn't hurt that we are now "regulars". My niece's boyfriend works there and we just feel at home there. It is the same restaurant I had my bday party at. It was a nice meal. We were supposed to meet a friend there for her daughter's bday, but alas Tori had a softball injury so they didn't get to come. I guess we will have to go this week...DARN (hee hee).
Friday I got to work and I had a stinking FLAT....I hate my car right now. It got scratched about a month ago and it looks SO ugly. I want to cry...It also needs an inspection, tags, windshield wipers, and an oil change. And, well evidently she (Lucy is her name) wanted new tires too. Now here it the problem...I owed taxes this year because I didn't change my W4 when my divorce was final last year...well, being a responsible adult, I didn't wait to the last minute and I paid them on the 15th of March. Well, guess what??? I had to buy two new tires and that was $365. I have more bills on the 1st then I do on the 15th so it was painful to have to buy those tires. But, I did it. It was SO liberating to do it all on my own. I didn't need any one's help (well I did with my tire at the office, but hey, I am a girl and I sometimes need a man LOL). Sooo, I went to get KJ (her dad picked her up for me) and we met my parents at Kohl's. Granny bought KJ some early birthday clothes. She even bought me 2 new pair of jeans since I only had 2 that currently fit. We headed over to Ginger Cafe (another fav by the house where we are "regulars"). It was a nice evening but we needed to go home and get to bed since we had to be up eeaarrllyyyyy Sat morning for a long day of fun!
We had softball pics Sat morning and 8 and a game at 930 and then fun day for hours after. We got to the fields, got our pics made and headed to warm up for the game. The ground was GROSS...super muddy - the ball wouldn't even roll - we knew we were in for a doozy of a game. We actually won 12-6! We haven't lost a game yet! Our girls are doing AWESOME!! And KJ got a huge hit into left field for a double. Just think how far she would have gone if she would dun faster hahahahaha. After the game the first thing she wanted to do was get her helmet painted...she has been wanting this for over a year now. So, I gave in and let her - it looks so awesome. I don't have a pic yet, but I will post soon. It took FOREVER for them to finish the stinking thing so we were there foeevverrrrr....Our team was supposed to work the photo booth from 12-2...NO ONE VOLUNTEERED...not one parent. Kendall's dad is the team parent so I of course didn't want to leave him hanging. I ended up working the whole time because there was a young girl there whose mom owned it and I knew it would be awkward for them both. I had no problem with it. Kendall had fun with me and would go hang out with him some too. But I still can't get over that NOT ONE person volunteered and they SAW MW WORKING IT!!!! If I was not a nice person I would say something, but alas, I would never do that. Here is a pic of the girl rocking the photo booth props!!
After the fun day we went home and took showers and got all pretty for our bluebonnet pics with our favorite photographer MEGAN!!!! She is a rock star and I love her and she is such a sweetheart. Neither one of us has ever had our pics int he bluebonnets so i thought it was time we got it done...I didn't get a pic of us together with my phone but I got the girl...MAN I LOVE THIS PERSON!!!
Then it was time for a sleepover at Granny's for KJ and me to go celebrate one of my friend's bday's. KJ hadn't slept over at Grany's in a month and I haven't seen Larissa in almost SIX MONTHS!!!! Here we are celebrating!!! (I have known her since I was a freshman in high school).
Then Sunday I got up and went to Granny's and got ready to go see Annie with my girl. Annie is one of my all-time fav movies! I have seen the play at LEAST 3 times before and I was so stoked to take KJ. Mom and sister couldn't go so we got to take some of our besties, Jayme and Saira. Kendall loved it and we actually got tons of autographs and even met the little gil who played Annie. The cool part is when the 4 of us went to see White Christmas, we met th actress that played the General's granddaughter and the girls got a pic with her...Annie was the same actress! The girls thought it was so cool. Also, while there I heard someone calling my name and I turned around to see 3 women that worked at my elementary school. Two of them had lived in my neighborhood and were family friends as well. It was pretty cool that they recognized me all these years later! And great to catch up with them!
We got home, had baths, ate dinner, finished up a cool seed project for school that was due today, and snuggled while we watched the ACM's. It was an amazing weekend!!!
We had some rain this morning and I just got word that the softball game is cancelled which stinks because now I don't get to see my girl since it is her dad's week. BOO!
Well, I have a pretty laid back week so all should go smooth!

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