Wednesday, March 14, 2012



So much has happened in the last week and a half....I need to update but am so lazy LOL...there were more concerts, a zoo trip, a break-up, and some pain...but I am getting over it...I will post tonight - half the pics for my post are on the "real" camera and half are on the phone...I can't give y'all an incomplete update hee hee.

Softball starts next week so we are about to get busy! We have 3 more practices before our first game on Monday! I can't wait to get this season started! KJ has improved SO MUCH and i can't wait to see her rock the diamond! Man, I love to watch her play.

This week has been super weird and lazy...I don't have KJ this week even though I am supposed to because it is spring break an her dad gets spring break this is kind of making me go a little mad! I MISS HER!!!!! This is the longest I have ever been away from her.

Also, I got dumped two weeks ago, then led on for a few days that there still might be hope, the officially dumped last week....and now he is just being a jerk...He really gave no reason as to WHY we were breaking up...just that he isn't happy with himself and that he can't be the man I need him to be and that isn't fair to me...I thought that was my decision...WHATEVER. I am just mad now because he knows I am hurting and won't even be my friend....which I know may be hard, but I am not going to try and convince him to come back, but first and foremost we were friends and I was hoping (as he told me he was too) that we still could be friends....OH WELL....onward and upward! My friends and family have been AMAZING and I am so so blessed to have them!

OK, new post coming tonight WITH pics!!!!


Have a great rest of your week! Especially people that are off for spring break.......JEALOUS!!!

To quote a great song...."My best days are ahead of me"

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