Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Week!!!

This has been a BUSY week!!!!!! And it is still not over! On Monday night KJ had her 1st game with her spring team - Fast & Furious! These girls are GOOD!!!!!!! They all listen, the field well and they can all hit pretty well! We won the game 14-11!! They were excited! Just at the end of the last inning it started raining and we all got soaked but the girls loved it!! See below...the whole team before the game and the AWESOME team banner that our AWESOME coach had made!!!! I didn't get a pic of KJ and I together though. SAD!
Here is my little rockstar!!!!!
Tuesday night was open house at Timbers Elementary and the school's 30th bday party. It was neat. They had all the past principals back and some old teachers came back and shared their memories. The school opened in 1981 which I realized is the same year I started Kindergarten - KJ had the hardest time comprehending that haha! I think I did too!! I started Kindergarten THIRTY YEARS AGO!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a pic of her in front of some of her art work. She is pretending to be the Statue of Liberty! Man I love that girl!!
Last night was a Daisy field trip to the Humble Polie Station. Let me tell you, that was a TREAT! Everyone there was SO AWESOME! The officer that did our tour rocked!! She was so fun and was so patient. We got to go into the dispatch room where they receive 911 calls and dispatch and the ladies in there were super sweet and all the girls got swag bags with goodies in them! They even let us have the extra ones for the girls that couldn't make it. Then we went to the jail part. They let the girls get in the holding cell. See below...

Next we got to go outstide and sit in a police car and the officers honked the horns and ran the lights and sirens. The girls loved it! The officer below was not our tour guide but she LOVED the girls and was so into the tour and after this pic she had to leave and go get the prisoners dinner...they actually feed them McDonald's three times a day. We didn't find out what they had for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner they have a quarter pounder and a cup of water! When she left she blew the horns and sirens and peeled out witht he sirens and lights going!
The girls with our AWESOME tour guide, officer Kimberlin.
My beauty in the police car!!!
We had a great time. She got to stay at my house last night (my Wednesday!) so before the tour, we went to Walgreens for a special treat. She picked purple Peeps. I don't love peeps. I actually think they are kind of gross. I may eat one every five years. My ladybug on the other hand LOVES them.....see below - she is about to devour it!!!!
Tonight we have another game!! Let's get another win girls!!!!! I won't see my baby again after tonight until Monday, but only THREE more days of torture until our schdule goes back to normal!!! I am about to die! I miss her like crazy!!!!
I have tons of stuff left to do to wrap up the cookie sales financially and my house is a WRECK so I will be getting that done this weekend. Plus I need my mom to take in a dress for me that is now too big (like everything else I own). So Sunday that will all get done along with a visit to the carwash. Saturday I am volunteering in the morning for my good friend's little league opening day until about 1 and then my work is having a big softball tournament which I am actually STOKED about but I am nervous becasue I know I can field and throw, but i have not hit the ball in ages..........WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!
My best days are ahead of me!!!

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