Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I posted last on 10/25. So much has happened since then.....I am going to try and break it up into a few posts as to not overwhelm you HAHA!!!

The weekend before Halloween was nice and relaxing. R and J were in town and we went to dinner with R's family Friday night. KJ was sooo glad to see everyone again. She hadn't seen them in months (due to the break-up). When they walked in she spread her arms really big and said " I'M BACK!!!!!". They all laughed and passed around hugs to her!

That night we were hanging with Liana and we did some pumpkin painting and cutting. This is KJ getting the guts out lol...

Saturday she had a game so we had stayed at Liana's that night and got up, had breakfast and then headed to pick up R. J was going to see some of his mom's family while in town so he didn't get to go with us. R had never seen a softball game before so it was a big deal. My brother was also in town so she really wanted to win for all her fans lol. They won the game 16-1 and she was stoked. She hit really well and scored a few runs too. We went home to change and we all went down to San Leon to have dinner with some of R's family. While we were driving there, I recognized my surroundings and remembered that my grandparents used to live on that street!!!! I looked and looked for their house, but I think after Ike it must have been torn down. It was still neat to be over there and remember those times!!

She is such a nerd. This is what she wore to dinner with the family. Well without the fancy glasses...

Sunday we got up and got ready for R's nephew's bday party! Before we went, we went to Bass Pro Shop to find some wrapping paper. Kendall got to color a mask for Halloween and there was a raccoon there too that she was dying to take a pic a witch lol. The baby was turning the BIG 1. I can't believe it has already been a year since that little munchkin was born!!! WOWSA! It was a cute party and he even let me give him snuggles! I love babies!!! After the party it was time for R and J to head home :( It was a great weekend and I loved having them here!

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