Thursday, October 25, 2012

weekend and tooth pain

The weekend was great! It was nice and relaxing and I got to spend it with someone who makes me smile :) We had a little excitement but nothing too extreme.

Friday night R didn't get home until 11 so that was a boring night. Saturday we got up and went to lunch. We went and got J for a bit and watered the cows and picked some pecans and just had a nice time. Sat night we had some mexican food and then came home and chilled.

Sunday we did absolutely NOTHING and it was fabulous. We did have some breakfast and a nap and then I started feeling crappy later on. I went home about 830 or so and by the time I got home I was coughing and had a sore throat and just felt awful. I hardly slept at all Sunday night and I woke up Monday morning feeling TERRIBLE!!!!

I called into work I felt so bad and I never do that for me. I save my time for Kendall. It was BAD. Well, I found out that she was sick too so I had the ex bring her over. There was no sense in him staying home when I was already home. Well, the girl was not that sick and she talked the WHOLE day and all I wanted to do was sleep. I know I slept a lot so I think she spent a lot of time talking to herself. I did help her build a fort. I had to cancel girl scouts because I felt so bad but Lisa stepped up and took over. Only 5 out of 9 girls showed up so I was kind of upset but whatever. My brother is in from Montana and KJ reallllyyy wanted to see him and her cousin so I drug myself off the couch, had a shower and met the family for dinner.

KJ and the fort!

KJ and my sweet nephew Tyler

Tuesday was a softball game and dinner with the family again.

Wednesday was DRAMA!!!!!! On Monday night after dinner we stopped to get gas and KJ had been chewing gum. She hadn't had it for very long and she didn't want it any more because she said her tooth was hurting. We got home and did our bedtime stuff and then she went to bed. She was in tears and couldn't sleep because it hurt. I gave her some Tylenol and she seemed better. Tuesday morning she didn't mention anything to me and then Tuesday night she said it had only hurt a few times during the day. WELL, over night from Tuesday to Wednesday, she cried in her sleep, tossed and turned and complained about tooth pain. Wednesday morning she was in tears. BIG BIG TEARS. She was saying it hurt sooooo bad. I gave her more Tylenol and told her I would make her a dentist appointment as soon as they opened at 830. I called the dentist and they could see her at 930. I went and got her and we went to the dentist. At this point she said it had not hurt so far today.

The dentist wanted to take an xray and KJ would just not cooperate. The little camera was too big and her tooth was starting to hurt. So the dentist looked at it and she said that she thought there was an infection but without an xray she couldn't confirm and referred us to a pediatric dentist. The one she referred us to was not in our network so I called the insurance and they gave me another name. I had our dentist call them to see if they could squeeze us in and they did! We got there and they were able to get an xray. She said the nerve was aggravated from the cavity that was filled by the other dentist back in the summer. The cavity was honestly too big to have been filled and the pedi dentist said she would not have taken the chance because now we are ending up with this nerve drama.

She gave us two choices. She could do a nerve treatment and put a silver cap on it or she could pull it and put a spacer in it. I was SO STRESSED and at a loss of what to do. I called KJ's dad and he said to compare the prices and to see if they did the cap would the pain come back. They told me that they could not guarantee the pain wouldn't come back so I was opting to have it pulled then they told me that since this was such a rush, they couldn't confirm the price but thought it would be around $353 for the extraction and about $225 for the crown. This did NOT make sense, but they said to think about it and come back at 1. I called my mom and R and asked their opinion. They both said pull it but I was SO confused due to this cost thing. I decided to call the insurance myself. THANK GOODNESS I did! They advised that the extraction was covered at 100% and so was the space modifier plus she had met her deductible for the year so all we would have to pay for was the nitrous. That was $100. I waited until she went to the back and then I went back to work. She called me when she was done and told me she was scared but Lulu had been with her and kept her safe. I was so sad for my baby for all this pain she had to go through but SO PROUD how big she was and handled it all so well. I was one sad momma yesterday. The day just sucked all around. I went to dinner with my family last night (sister, BIL, mom, dad, brother and nephew) and we laughed and laughed and it took my mind off everything and helped me get into a better mood. I went to see KJ and the tooth after and she was in a great mood now that all that mean pain was gone. We snuggled for about 20 minutes and then I went home.
waiting on the pedi dentist - in a LOT of pain

the spacer - it is a ring around the back tooth with a bar in the space of the missing one

clearly she feels better - acting like a zombie

I am so proud to be that girl's mom! She is amazing and I grow more proud of her every day!

tonight is another game and tomorrow R and J come into town and we get to have some fun times over the weekend! Can't wait!!!! And next week is HALLOWEEN and a parent teacher conference so look for updates on those!!!!


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