Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Softball - Fall 2012

Well, we just completed another season of softball! Kendall is getting so much better! I am so proud of her. She is really trying hard and their team did SO well!!

She was on the Heartbreakers with 4 other girls from her original team, the Ladybugs. Our coach was my friend Corrie and my friend Jordan assisted along with another dad named Aaron. All the girls did so well! We ended our regular season in 3rd place at 5-5. There were a few games where we got bad calls or made bad plays that we lost. But 3rd place is still great!! (There were 6 teams).

We played in the end of season tournament last week and the girls were fantastic. We played on Monday, 11/5, and won 14-6. That moved us to the next round. We had to play the 1st place team (the Bombshells). This team's coach is known for temper tantrums and protesting calls and just being a sore loser. We played them the week before and a call got reversed and there was all kinds of hoopla surrounding that game. Well, we played them Tuesday, 11/06, and ended up losing. The game went 6 innings and we only lost by one run. The score was 12-11 and the other team was SWEATING!!! It was awesome. We still got two bad calls that would have put us up by one run but at least we gave them a run for their money!! We were all so proud of our Heartbreakers!

Here are a few pics from the end of the season!

back row: Coach Jordan, Coach Corrie, Coach Aaron
Middle row: Cadence, Amira, Bailey, Mia, KJ, Hailey
Bottom row: Sophia, Samantha, Kylen
(Larissa is missing from this pic...)

My superstar!!!

Coach Corrie doing push ups after one of the games - he would
do a push up for every run scored!!

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