Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

This year for Thanksgiving, KJ was at her dad's. I went to see R for the holiday. He did not have J for the actual holiday, but we got him back later in the weekend.

Tuesday night I got to spend some snuggle time with my baby girl. I picked her up after work and we went to get my hair done. After that we had dinner with Granny and some of her friends. Since she was out of school last week I let her stay up until 1030. We watched Gnomeo & Juliet and cuddled on the couch. Then we went to bed and cuddled some more. The next morning was very sad when I had to drop her off and know I wouldn't see her for over a week.
They really missed each other!

Wednesday I left work at almost 4 and headed north. I got into town about 8. I.WAS.STARVING. But, just as I pulled up, R's uncle pulled up unannounced. Which is not a problem except I.WAS.STARVING. He stayed about a half hour and then we went to eat! We came home and went right to sleep. We had to get up early Thursday and finish cleaning and cooking for Turkey day!!!

Thursday morning we got up and started cleaning. We finished that and got all cleaned up for everyone to come over. His parents showed up and finished cooking. A little while later they went and got R's grandparents for lunch. We had a nice lunch and watched the Texans game. A little later his aunt, uncle, and cousin came over and we had dessert and finished the super stressful game! YAY! The Texans won, but I did NOT win any $$ on my squares :( After they all left, we headed into Waco and went to his Aunt's house for more food...I ate one piece of cake because there is no way I could have eaten any more!!
I posted this one on FB and he got grief for not smiling.

We did take one with him smiling, but I didn't look as pretty in this one :)

Friday R had to work half a day so I relaxed until he got there. When he got home, his parents got there with J and we put up the tree and got out the Christmas stuff.

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and fed the cows and relaxed. I got the lights on the tree.
I thought these were so cute. They don't belong to R but I still loved the pic!!

Sunday we hung the lights on the house and ran a few more errands. We didn't go feed but we did go get some hay for the house. J and I played soccer and football in the yard for about an hour and a half AT LEAST. It was so fun! I love playing outside!! We had a great time together. It was some really great bonding time for us. It was such a nice day. I got a migraine not too long after that so I layed down for a bit. Then it was time to take J back to his mom's. I got a huge hug. It was great. I left to come home just a while later.

Monday was a parent meeting for scouts and Tuesday was a service unit meeting for scouts.

Tonight my sweet baby comes home!!!! I am beyond excited! We are going to get pedicures. Granny is going to go with us and then we will go eat. I want to read books with her (we have a ton of Christmas books to read this month). I also want to make a paper chain countdown and I need to get the advent calendar ready for when she comes home on Monday!! I can't wait for next week when everything goes back to normal!!!!!!! I have tried my best to be strong but I have had a few breakdowns. Especially when she tells me she is sad and missing me. It has really stunk being without her for so long. I have talked to her everyday, but it is not the same. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I can't wait to get that baby in my arms! 8 more hours!!!

Back to Crawford tomorrow! We took Friday off. Ready for another weekend of RELAXATION!!!!

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!


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