Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012!

I love Halloween! It is such a fun holiday. I love scary movies and costumes. I think costumes are so fun. Somehow, I have only dressed up MAYBE 5 times in the last 18 years. I wish I had more, but I am not a very creative person so I can never think of anything cool to be. My costumes usually kind of suck. Kendall on he other hand, always has an awesome costume! I LOVE to dress her up and we go all out. Over the years she has been a pumpkin, a ladybug, a witch, Cinderella, a hippie chick, a devil queen, a zombie cheerleader and this year a pirate. I don't spare on her costumes. I get the accessories and paint her hair or face or whatever. It is more important for me to let her enjoy it then dress up myself.

WELLL, this year I kind of helped her decide what she was going to be. See, we are going on a cruise at the end of December that she knows nothing about. It is a Disney cruise and one night on the boat they have a pirate night. My dilemma was how to get a pirate costume bought without her knowing it. Well, just have her be a pirate for Halloween. It took much convincing, but after I agreed to be a pirate with her (I need a costume for the pirate night also), she was hooked. So, we were cute girly pirates this year.

She was able to wear her costume to school because they had storybook character day. I told her to tell everyone she was a pirate from Peter Pan lol. It worked. I wore mint to work because we had a costume contest there.

The contest at work was pretty awesome. I love to see people's creative ideas. Here are a few of my favorite...

After work I picked up KJ and we went home and had dinner before trick-or-treating. Her dad came over and we got on our way. We just went to the neighborhood behind my apartments. She only lasted a little over an hour and a half and was tired and ready to be done. She got tons of candy that I will probably have to throw away before Christmas to make room for that candy. Here are a few shots of KJ and I in our costumes!!

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