Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Presedential Election

Last week (11/06) we had our Presidential election. The tow candidates were the Barrack Obama (D, current president) and Mitt Romney (R). The state of this country under President Obama is scary. The national debt is ridiculous, Obama care is insane and unemployment in through the roof. I am not a racist person by any means and you can ask ANY of my friends and they will attest to that, but I do believe that the reason Obama is the President is because of race. Many people voted for him the first time in 2008 because of his color. He has done an awful job in the white house.

I am not ashamed to admit that I voted straight republican. I am a conservative and I am not afraid to admit that. That being said, I do believe in equal rights and women's rights, but the other things that the democratic party supports are too much for me.

Romney won the popular vote, but because of the electoral college and the swing votes, Obama was reelected. All I can do for the next 4 years is pray and keep my faith that He has a plan and everything happens for a reason. I have said this in my blog before that I would love to know the reason He does things, but that is not the way it works! So, please pray for our country these next 4 years that nothing too insane happens.

Kendall's class got in on the election action as well. Her teacher read them two books, "Duck for President" and "Otto for President". They made election buttons and signs and then got to vote for their favorite candidate. Duck one the election by one vote, but KJ voted for Otto. If only adult life was that simple. Here are some pics from her election!


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